Sunday, November 14, 2010

Archangel Michael: Spiral Reflections

Archangel Michael: Spiral Reflections
Transmitted Through Elanthra

Greetings Masters and Divine Sparks of Light ~

It is I, Archangel Michael here and now, come to you today on this Divine Day of Light, a day after your Sacred Unified Global Joining of Minds. Together as a 'Unity Consciousness of Higher Minds' You All have successfully Co-created and Adjoined as Wayshowers, Pioneers and Vessels of Light, that has in turn further accelerated the ascension of the New Crystalline Earth. Today we commend you on your efforts, and we know and appreciate that you have walked through challenging times.

You have arrived. for many of you, You Have Arrived. Today is the Dawning of a New Day. And though we know that there are many that are at different levels and aspects of their Spiritual Journey and Ascension, I'd like to reiterate that Today, Indeed, Is The Dawning Of A New Day!

As many of you have intuited, in the last week or so, there has been a Whirling and a Swirling of many a Grand Energy. There has been a massive release of many types of energies that have come to be Realized, Embraced and Acknowledged. Part of BE-coming and BE-ing a Master is to accept and incorporate the Lower Self or 'Shadow Self' into the Higher Self. In order for one to get to the light, one must pass through the dark. In the last few days your Shadow Selves have come out for your SEE-ing, for your transmuting. When the Shadow Self dances in, many facets will vie for your attention like looking glasses echoing across the Universe. Oftentimes there are sides of us that we do not want to see, that we have submerged, that we are ashamed of, or have disowned. The Shadow contains many emotions that are unpleasant, but it is advisable that they be experienced nonetheless so that one can proceed with their Masterhood. Our favorite nemeses or ones who 'push our buttons' often hold the key to aspects of our shadow sides, some of which may include: coldness, selfishness, excessive unbalanced carnal desires, uncompassionateness, greed, guilt, shame, fear, addiction, and hate. What does your shadow contain? What side of you can you not bare to look at this day?

Well, today the Universe through the 'Universal Mind of Masters of One,' has opened the doorway and co-created an opportune time for SEE-ing And Transmuting And Melding One's Higher and Lower Selves. When the Lower Self is loved and accepted and transmuted, One has then mastered themselves, for One cannot be a Master unless they have mastered and balanced all aspects of themselves, afterall. And today the shadow aspects of yourselves, like the unlit side of a Crescent Moon, will dance into the light, like shadows in the wind. I'd also like to advise that your shadow sides may try to contact you through your dreams or subconscious minds.

Today I invite you that are ready to join with your All that Is or Higher Selves, and confirm firstly that you are All That Is. I AM That I AM. Then, if you feel drawn to, I would like you to call on myself, Archangel Michael. I would like to accompany you today on a Unique Journey of sorts to 'The Temple of the Dawning.'

In the Temple of the Dawning, this Higher Dimensional Temple, One and All will have the opportunity to receive Divine Sacred Revelations that are specific to yourself in regards to all your 'Lost and Shadow Selves.' One may come here as often as you feel drawn to, or not at all. It is all up to you, and will be at your will.

Journey to The Temple of the Dawning:

So, let us begin the journey.

I would like for you to ground and visualize a huge 'Radiant Crystalline Tube' with an 'Anchor' attached to it's end. On the end of the Anchor is a 'Crystalline Rose.' Feel this Crystalline Tube anchoring you into the ground, and move it's roots deep down into Mother Gaia.

Next, call on your Highest Self and myself, Archangel Michael. Ask that I accompany you to The Temple of the Dawning.

You will now see or feel 'The Eye of the Universal Crystalline Child.' Know that this is the 'Spirit of the Crystalline Rose Child' of Today and Tomorrow, and that it carries an 'Universal Umbilical Cord,' for The Crystalline New Earth. With the recent Hour Glass-like Opening, this Portal or Stargate has begun to dispense the latest Ascension energies. Through the Gateway I ask you to come, and to sit and gather by the 'Spiraled Crystalline Waters.'

You may now notice that 'Golden Spirals' manifest and request your attention. Can you feel how the Golden Spirals now turn into Mirrors ~ Whirling Crystalline Mirrors? Crystalline Mirrors on the North, South, West and East spiral in and land and anchor down. Know that these Sacred Mirrors serve as 'Reflections Of Your Soul' or 'Mirrored Echoes Unto Self.'

I ask you now to breathe. When you are ready, allow an image of a lost part of yourself to come to you from one of the Looking Glasses. Look at this part of you. You may look at it from afar if this is more comfortable to you. Spend a little time with it. Can you accept it, love it, forgive it, transmute it, and accept it as part of yourself? As you sit by the Flowing Crystalline Waters, know that you will See or Experience different aspects of yourself that will dance in to get your attention. What dormant issues befriend you today, and await your attention? Acknowledge them. By all means, enjoy the process.

Now, shake out your toes. Kick off your shoes. The Sparkling 'Crystalline Spiraled Waters of Reflection' beckon. Contained within the Crystalline Waters of Reflection is The 'Hall of Truth and Reflection.' This is underwater, and is guarded a flute-playing Guardian, an Ancient Spirit of All-Time. Now, you may swim beneath the waters, or just sit playfully and allow the images or feelings, in whatever way you receive them, to come to you. Perhaps they will be experienced as mirrored reflections upon the waters. These will be Unique Revelations About Yourself.

The Phoenix flies in now from 'The Forest of Omni,' symbolizing the Rise And Evolution Of One And All to higher heights. One and All has Soared To Higher Heights of Evolution ~ of Revolution ~ of Ascension. And know that It Is Now Time To Come Full Circle.

Next, the 'Crystalline Rose Children' soar through and greet you, emanating from the sky, on Pastel Pink and Violet Waves, blowing trumpets, atop White-winged Horses or Pegasuses. The Crystalline Rose Children are a more refined version of Crystalline ~ a New Wave of Crystalline per se, and they have come to Pave the Way For The Future. And know that this will be a future that is paved in Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Higher Vibrational, Unconditional Love. And know that Unconditional Love Will Rise Up and Be The Way To The New Future and Ascension.

And so, in this moment, as we are gathered here together today, I Archangel Michael will ask these questions of One and All:


2. If you accept that YOU ARE A DIVINE SPARK OF GOD, A HUMAN ANGEL, when will your mission begin?

3. Do you love and accept all aspects of yourself?

4. Are you a Master?

5. Are you a Leader or Teacher, and if so, what type of Leader or Teacher are you? How will you lead? What will your method of Leadership be?

6. What is your definition of Spirituality? What does it mean to you to be 'Spiritual' in this day and age?

7. Are you ready to Rise Into Love?

As the Heavenly Orchestra plays for you now, I ask you to begin to make your leave. As you ground back into your bodies and your present reality, I will leave you with these thoughts. Please also call on St. Germain and The Violet Flame of Transmutation and help to anchor it around the New Crystalline Earth.

Know dear children that it is time for you to step into the roles that you were born to be, and that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish if you will it. You are empowered more that you know. Together - As One - You Will Change This World - With Your Divine Thoughts And By Opening And Allowing The Golden Flow Through the Portal And Sanctuary That Is Your Heart. Today let us create the 'One Heart' ~ 'The One Heart of Love.'

Call on me whenever you like, and I will be with you every step of the way. Re-member, my heart goes out to yours, and you are loved immensely, as always.

Today is the dawning and rising of a new day, and May All Your Dawnings Be Golden.

Blessed be. So it is, and so it has been accepted. Namaste.

Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish, adonai tsebayoth (3 times) (which translates as Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts in Hebrew).

I AM, Archangel Michael

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