Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder: We Are On Our Way

Thoughts to Ponder: We Are On Our Way
by Jean Warner
April 17, 2011

We are going deeper and deeper into the ozone layer. Can you picture a path ahead of you with signs along the way displaying The Fifth Dimension with an arrow pointing straight ahead? You don't have to walk, run, or drive to follow this road. Mother Earth herself has chosen to take you there. She is well on her way, and in the distance you might see another sign announcing The Golden Age. It is not an illusion. It is indeed for real. You look around, and you see countless thousands stepping onto the path, people of all colors, race, or cultures. You look at them and see loving faces filled with joyful anticipation.

You look again and see a golden light around each individual. And suddenly, you feel unsure. You think, these are very special people. They are Godly people. I don't belong with them and you hesitate. Suddenly you notice a crossroad in front of you that curves back toward where you started. You stop and face the other road. A voice within you says, "These people are not ahead of you; you are all equal." You throw your shoulders back and continue forward. There is something calling you, and you know you must follow.

In the meantime, the Earth is spiraling onward, the path widening in front of her and beckoning you, and you realize that she is following the same path that you are on. You are not going to some unknown place. Your planet is still beneath your feet, so you have nothing to fear.

You start to wonder about the people you have known, your loved ones, and those whom you are barely aware of. Are they among the thousands moving with you? And you find yourself judging them, trying to decide which ones are on the path you are on and which ones should be left behind. Immediately that crossroad winding back again appears before you. And the little voice within tells you, "They have free choice; they can choose to stay in the third dimension or move forward. All are the sons and daughters of the One God, and all are loved."

You squelch your negative thoughts and the crossroad disappears. You think about things and decide that those who are not on the path, the dark ones, are fearful. They are afraid they will be punished for the mistakes they have made in their life. They don't know what to expect if they lose control of those they have dominated or hurt. They feel their only recourse is to continue their pattern of domination and control. And then the thought hits you, they do not feel loved. They don't know how to love because, in their view, they have never been loved. You feel compassion for them, and decide that they should not be left behind; they should be filled with love. And you wonder how you can help them change their consciousness so they will realize that they are the sons and daughters of the Most High, which they truly are.

You decide to talk this over with others on the path to the Fifth Dimension. You are right, they say. We must do all that we can to get them on the road to a higher consciousness. We must send them love and light. Only love can save them from the darkness of their own making, for we too, through the ages, have walked their path. Their ego selves have manipulated them to the point that they themselves are dominated, and, as Jesus said, they know not what they do.

As you continue on your path, now with compassion and greater understanding, you wonder how you can help raise the consciousness of those who are in great conflict on the battlefield, and you wonder why God is allowing this to continue. The little voice inside says, "They have the gift of free will, as do you. Sometimes it takes a strong jolt to for one to change his thought patterns." You realize that you were judging again.

"Send them light and love," the small voice whispers. "Know that all is in divine order. Your Father/Mother God wants every living being on Earth to move up. Just ask that God's will, not man's, will prevail. You are not privy to the information that the forces of Heaven acquire as they follow mankind's mistaken conclusions. Trust and know that all is well. The goal is not to destroy the forces of darkness but to bring them into the Light. Consider that every man, woman, and child, may have already chosen to go into a higher dimension, and let it play out accordingly.

"Know, too, that millions of Earth's inhabitants have volunteered to give up their lives in order to aid in bringing about this miracle. Most contracted within their life plan, before incarnating, to offer their lives. Others, after birth, made the same offer when they became aware of this magnificent goal. Still others were the way showers, bringing the lambs into the fold. And the forces of Heaven are helping in ways that you know not of.

"All the dark energies within the land, waters, atmosphere, and within mankind, are being cleansed in preparation for evolution. Those who have died in major tragedies have done what they agreed to do and are highly esteemed in the universe. They know that they helped to give the impetus to bring about changes that will recreate the structures of countries around the globe.

"Most of you have not awakened enough to remember your life contract. But it is in your subconscious mind and will emerge when the time is right. Just be assured that all is progressing in accordance with God's plan and that he loves you and wants to bring you home. Listen to the quiet voice within and follow its direction. You may not be aware of it, but it is guiding you just the same. You are greatly loved."

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