Monday, March 26, 2007

NorthPoint Astrology Journal for March 26 to April 1, 2007

NorthPoint Astrology Journal for March 26 to April 1, 2007Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly NorthPoint Journal basedon planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights toassist you in making the best use of current energies. The informationcontained in the Journal is not intended as prediction. Your ownexperience will be more specifically defined by transits to yourpersonal chart. If you have comments or questions about this Journal, or areinterested in a personal astrology reading, e-mail Pam or call 425-445-3775.Highlighted Aspects This Week: Monday: Neptune semisquare Sun;Thursday: Pluto sesquisquare Venus, Chiron square Venus; Friday:Uranus conjunct North Node; Saturday: Uranus sextile Venus, Plutostations Retrograde, Mars semisquare Sun; Sunday: Mercury conjunctNorth Node, Uranus conjunct MercuryWe can continue to make great strides forward this week. Pluto andUranus, two of the "transpersonal planets," are working to shift usinto higher vibrational gear. Resistance to the process of change, aswe've come to realize, is not only futile, but undercuts the higherpurpose for which we have incarnated. We are in the process of aligning our actions and interactions morecompletely with the intentions of our spirits, and anything less,while perhaps familiar, will feel more and more uncomfortable. Ittakes both courage and trust to embrace change. We tend to stay withthe status quo because it is at least a known quantity. But with Plutoslowing to a standstill this week, and Uranus aligning with the NorthNode, we are likely to find that it takes more effort to stem the tidethan to flow with it. I am reminded of a saying, quoted in Isha Lerner's Inner Child Cards:And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.Certainly this is true for us now, as we are pushed by inner and outercircumstances finally to risk coming into full bloom.The influence of both Pluto and Uranus has been emphasized throughoutthis month, driven by the force of the Lunar Eclipse on March 3 (whichopposed Uranus) and the Solar Eclipse on March 18 (which squaredPluto). These two planets are the ones most associated withtransformational change, and we've definitely been feeling their energies.This year, Pluto is on the final leg of his journey throughSagittarius, which began in 1995-1996. This means that he isespecially focused on his task of clearing and cleaning, so that we'reready for him to move into Capricorn in January 2008. Pluto's work ashe travels through Sagittarius to uproot and discard old laws, beliefsand judgments. This is the foundation for the endings and thebeginnings that are occurring now.As Pluto slows in preparation for turning retrograde (backwards) onSaturday, we are encouraged and assisted in purging from our lives theattitudes and beliefs that have delayed our blossoming. The Sabiansymbol for the degree at which Pluto stations is:A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street.This symbolic image represents that which we are actively purging fromour lives at this time: the unhealthy attitudes that we have becomecomfortable with, and the protections we have placed around ourselves,that have been driving our everyday activities. These beliefs and mindsets may have come into being as a way tomaintain appearances or to help us feel that we are not "to blame" --and yet in holding onto these attitudes and beliefs, we have alsolimited our personal growth and spiritual expansion. It is time to letgo of these negative responses to life events, and to move morecompletely into the perspective of the higher self.The conjunction of Uranus and the North Node supplies another piece ofthe puzzle. The North Node points to our higher path, showing us howto move more fully into our own alignment with Spirit. As the NorthNode and Uranus come together in Pisces, we have major opportunitiesto liberate ourselves from those personality traits that seeminglyhave been holding us hostage.Astrologer Jan Spiller has written an insightful book on the NorthNode, entitled Astrology for the Soul (which I highly recommend forthose who are interested in more information about their spiritualpath). In the chapter on "North Node in Pisces," she offers this listof "tendencies to leave behind": over-critical reactions,overanalysis, obsessive worry, excessive anxiety over making mistakes,inflexibility and exaggerating the importance of details. These are the default modes that we are now being pushed to movebeyond -- and that will tend to cause more and more discomfort if wedo not leave them behind. The good news is that Uranus reigns supremein breaking us free from old ways of being. In his current alignmentwith the North Node, he is opening doors that previously may have feltblocked.To take the place of these negative tendencies, Spiller offers a listof "attributes to develop": being nonjudgmental and compassionate,surrendering anxiety to a Higher Power, freeing the mind throughmeditation and self-reflection, focusing on spiritual solutions,trusting in positive outcomes and welcoming change. The more we candevelop these traits, and learn to make them our default modes, themore fully we can take advantage of the incredible waves of energy nowworking with us.The fact that Mercury is also conjunct the North Node and Uranus nextweekend is a very good omen. Mercury represents our rational thinking,and the workings of the mind in general. While this planetary line-upmay not be the best for those who want life always to go as planned,it is the perfect combination for breaking attachments to old ways ofprocessing information.We are moving away from making decisions based only on fact, andstepping more fully into a world where we are guided more powerfullyby intuition and that unexplained "inner knowing." This change is nota comfortable one for most of us -- after all, it is a physical world,and we have learned to assess our condition based on what we canperceive using our physical senses. Even those of us who already tryto live intuitively usually feel a little unnerved when realitydoesn't play by "the rules."But this kind of uncertainty is exactly what is needed to move us intothose "attributes to develop." When we cannot focus on the details,even just for a day or an hour, we have two choices: we can revert tofear and anxiety, endeavoring to regain control of an uncontrollablesituation, or we can relax, move into a higher perspective, and trustin the as-yet-unseen outcome.We've all have opportunities in the past to play with both types ofreaction, and we know which option feels the best. It does takecourage to allow, but the rewards are many -- and it does get easierwith practice.Blessings to you in these times of change,Pam