Friday, March 16, 2007

What's Up On Planet Earth - 3/15/07

March 15 brought in another surge of new energies as we continue to prepare and to integrate the New World and the New Reality. What a wild ride of high vibrational energy we have been on! And it continues still.

These higher energies which have been bombarding the planet of late, are creating some interesting manifestations for us physically, emotionally, and in our own unique worlds of reality.

Because these higher vibrating energies are creating hightened states of being, and even hightened states of reality, we can feel as though we are flying higher than ever before. Because we are at a new level, then, anything not at this level can feel downright awful. The gap between the new and higher vibrating energies and the old lower vibrating states of being and living is then much greater. Because of this, we can feel absolutely wonderful one moment and absolutely terrible the next. Our energy can seem to drop in one brief second.

The gap is just too big now, so it is easy then to crash very quickly when we visit or find ourselves experiencing the lower vibrating and denser energies. Like a yo-yo embodying different energy, we can be up and flying one moment, and down and angry…almost raging, the next. Similar to having a near death experience and not wanting to return to our human lives before, having to “go back” can feel dreadful indeed. And the more we begin to embody higher vibrating energies, the more we can become angry as these energies are releasing denser energies on top of everything else. Yet another reason for anger to manifest, as denser energies can easily create anger when they leave us.

The arrival of higher vibrating energies can also create states of not wanting to do anything. The higher realms holds the energy of basking, laughing, enjoying, playing, only doing what we want to when we want to, and simply just being. Anything less no longer fits where we are now residing. Going to a job now, for instance, can take a lot of discipline. It simply does not fit in with a higher realms reality, as does anything requiring discipline. In the higher realms, action stems from inspiration and joy, and not from discipline!

These energies can make us very emotional as well. We can seemingly cry at the drop of a hat. Higher realms reality brings a magnification to everything. We feel much more, and we feel much more deeply. We may find ourselves crying at the sound of a bird singing, at the sight of a sunset, or at the sound of beautiful music. And as these energies are so light filled and magical, and creating beautiful scenarios in our lives, we may find ourselves in continual states of gratitude as well. And gratitude vibrates at the same level as love, as well as creating more and more things to be grateful for as it has a snowball effect.

Experiencing the higher energies always reminds me of the last week of pregnancy when emotions are out of control and we feel as though we are on a roller coaster ride. Maintaining a state of equilibrium can seem to be a challenge. Feeling dazed, out of body, shell shocked, or even having a difficult time focusing or concentrating are common symptoms as well. Exhaustion, feeling drained with a dead battery, and just not quite ourselves comes from integrating these energies within us.

During these times, what we focus on becomes more magnified than ever before, and what we believe and choose to see becomes very real for us. We get more and more of the energies of what we are surrounding ourselves with (in regard to thought and focus)…more and more and more. This is where our power of choice comes into play. Yes, the energies are so very intense now. Wow!

Another interesting manifestation is occurring for some. If you are one who has recently experienced a sudden shock in the form of having to dish out an unusual and unexpected expenditure, you are not alone. Say that you were expecting to pay a fee or bill, but it was considerably more than you were used to, or perhaps seemed to be a lot of money for a particular service and not in your usual arena of price levels. You were just going along, as usual, and suddenly, wham! Here comes a huge bill or charge…much higher than you have normally paid or one that you would not have expected at all. A total surprise and making you feel that your financial situation is getting out of your control…that you do not really fit this situation you have suddenly arrived in….after all, you did not plan to spend this much money, right?

Here is the reason some of us are having this experience: We are at the very, very tail end of existing in an old reality of just making enough money, or manifesting enough to get by. Up until now in our lives, we have been receiving what we may have thought was quite enough, or perhaps maybe what we thought was not nearly enough. Either way, that old reality is about to end. We have been manifesting at a certain level with certain beliefs and limitations, and this way of being is nearly done.

What is on the very near horizon is a state of being where we easily and effortlessly receive all that we need, whenever we need it. There is no stretch. These large expenditures that have recently arrived and seem to be out of our usual bounds of spending habits, are simply here because they will soon be very much in alignment with our new and more vast arena of expenditures. We will easily be able to handle them. We are just not quite in alignment with them yet, but we will be very soon…otherwise, they would not have even appeared in our arena. There are here because we are a match at some level, and this level will be arriving very soon.

March 18th brings in a solar eclipse followed by the equinox on the 21st. These are huge influences in regard to ushering in the new. Yesterday I was out on an ancient site as we were examining a large stone circular calendar in preparation for the equinox alignments. There was an opening in a surrounding wall which the setting sun was in perfect alignment with, along with a portal in the far off mountains. Feeling the energy that poured through this particular spot and opening was extremely powerful, and it wasn’t even the equinox yet. And this is what will occur during our equinox that is soon to arrive.

Powerful energy pouring through an opening and allowing for even more of the higher energies to arrive on the planet. This is the time when we will rapidly move forward…this is the time when we will be basking in an extreme amount of light. All the smaller surges that have arrived in March so far were very instrumental in preparing us to receive these new energies that will propel us forward still.

If you are not particularly feeling any or all of the above, you are most certainly not alone. I have found that it is usually best to just go along, have a life, do what I enjoy, and in this way, I am usually right where I need to be. Some friends and I were having a discussion the other day about the archaeological sites. We were remarking that when individuals are seriously “looking” for artifacts and ancient treasures, they rarely find them. “Looking” for anything, and trying to continually place higher meaning on things only serves to take us out of the space where we are. Yes, higher meaning can at times validate and bring us comfort that all is well, but it is usually best to be residing where we can see the best…which brings us into alignment then with where we currently are.

It seems that when we are simply going along, enjoying ourselves and life, that everything falls into our laps! In this way, we are in alignment with ourselves and this is perfection. So if at times you do not feel that you are fitting in with where others are, it is because you are not supposed to. You are fitting in with where you are, and that is all that matters.

We don’t really need to know what is happening on the planet energetically, or where we are even headed. It can be wonderful just to be where we are now, as we cannot go anywhere until we are where we are! No one is ever missing the boat, because the only boat there is, is the one that each of us is on.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.