Monday, May 7, 2007

Celestial Weather 5/7 - 5/13/07

Celestial Weather7 May 2007 - 13 May 2007The Week beginning May 7th, 2007Week as a Whole:Jupiter trine to Saturn is still in effect from yesterday andJupiter is moving on to perfect the square with Uranusthat's been working for many weeks. This comes twice inroughly fourteen years. Jupiter and Uranus are both"expanders" of awareness and philosophy. Jupiter expandsour point of view much like climbing to a mountaintop willdo. He brings a broader horizon and larger contextdeveloping in a natural progression. Uranus teleports us tothe time to get stretchingwarm-ups...Bang! We're there. Over recent weeks as Jupiterand Uranus have slowly moved into the angle, humanconsciousness of global climate change has spread like thefires in Georgia and the tornadoes in Kansas. Like thehistoric Uranus - Neptune reciprocity, this is another forceacting to unify humanity and render current politicalinstitutions obsolete.If you're in motion and open to change, Jupiter - Uranus canbe an exciting adventure opening doors in your life. If youfind change - "Future Shock" - frightening, the awarenessthat there's no one in charge may be uncomfortable. Tryletting go of old thought habits and expectations; each daycan really begin a new direction. Jupiter and Saturn remainconnected as described in last week's report and this is oneof those times when Saturn is a real ally. His link intoJupiter and Uranus grounds and steadies us; he will giveform to some of the flashy electric ideas and makes this atime for real change.Speaking of "real change", Venus has just opposed Plutoyesterday; she does this every year, and every year we findourselves fed up with some situation and change it.Something has been hanging on, nears its end stage, and nowwith Venus and Pluto near the end of their signs it's timeto close the chapter and book. Venus moves on into Canceron Tuesday. We should be moving on as well.Another regular connection made this week comes Monday whenMercury makes one of his two annual squares to Neptune.This is a "Blarney" aspect under which we feel the truthneeds a bit of polishing to make it interesting. Sometimesfor some people, there's more polish than truth. Greatenergy for creative imagination, music, drama, and celebrityworship. It's not so good for details.Writers will benefit from this Mercury contact and from theMercury Mars linkup that comes Tuesday when the Sun linkswith Uranus. Then Mercury links with Mars on Tuesday whenthe Sun links with Uranus. Actually the Sun is moving intoan extremely dynamic pattern with Jupiter, Saturn, andUranus. ( is tension, momentum, and opportunity in thisgrouping. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all represent variousaspects of our cultural and political lives. We have thedynamic expansion mentioned above tempered by theconservatism of the Sun moving into his square with Saturnon Wednesday. Hundreds of years or more will pass beforethis pattern repeats in any form; hundreds of thousands ofyears before it recurs in the same place.So expect everything to slow down on Wednesday as the Sunthis square angle with Saturn, and going slow with all thisstimulus is undoubtedly a good idea. Many of us will feelstressed to the max and exhausted at this time. Sun -Saturn squares are like cosmic exercise machines or runningin deep soft sand. Good for the muscles, but hard going,and the key is to continue, making even the smallest stepsas long as forward motion is maintained. Some of the effortmay become obvious as the result of excess baggage or anover-expanded sense of responsibility. Saturn helps usdefine boundaries and this square will help clarify that wecan't be responsible for what we don't control.For those of us who have felt themselves mentally stuck inlow gear, expect acceleration on Friday when Mercury comes"home" to Gemini.By Saturday the Sun has moved from square to Saturn tosquare to Neptune. The Sun has been in T-square patternwith both planets all week. We may feel caught in a powerstruggle over personal freedom and personal power. Therecent elections in France reflect this aspect as well:progressive socialism vs. strong leader conservatism. Youmay find yourself asking the question: Who does thegovernment serve? And who should it serve? And is therereally "room at the top" for all of us?The weekend has the potential for serious confusion andviolence with the Sun still in the T-square square onSaturday and Mars moving into a square to Pluto on Sunday.Mars - Pluto is excellent energy if you're tearing down ahouse or re-making your life. But so much explosive energycoming in contact usually manifests unpleasantly somewherein the world. The involvement of Uranus suggests continuedextreme weather events. And I expect a grim day for thesuffering people in Iraq, both theirs and ours.Daily Forecasts:Monday 7 May 2007The Capricorn Moon will keep the bull feathers down a bit asMercury squares Neptune. Go slow as it's easy to bemomentarily fascinated at this time. Plan happy plans inthe evening.Tuesday 8 May 2007The Moon is Void until 10:48am/1:48pm when she entersAquarius. Find a mental challenge to use the Mercury - Marsand Sun - Uranus energy well. Avoid confrontations asthey're liable to get personal and escalate very quicklyWednesday 9 May 2007Getting out of bed this AM may be tough. The Sun squaresSaturn early and the Moon squares them both late today.Nothing comes easy, but what comes has value. Avoid lookingto dynamite as a solution, however appealing the thought maybe.Thursday 10 May 2007We're all still exercising our inner radical until the Moongoes Void at 2:47pm/5:47pm. She enters Pisces at4:32pm/7:32pm. Expect periods of major confusion. Take thetime to step back and take a breath. We're mentally beingstretched, pulled, and shaken. From this evening throughtomorrow evening the Jupiter - Uranus bubble machine is inhigh gear.Friday 11 May 2007That steady humming sound you're hearing is the electricenergy of Uranus mixed with Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn.Watch some quality sci-fi tonight. Or even better read NealStephenson's "Snow Crash".Saturday 12 May 2007And now the hand off to Neptune; the Sun and Neptune aresquare this evening. A good night for a costume party. Becareful late in the day when the Moon goes Void square toPluto and aligned with Mars. Make love not war tonight.Sunday 13 May 2007Aftermath. The bumpy ride of these last few weeks is over.There may be lingering tremors this week, but the stress andenergy level is subsiding, and we can return to "normal"21st Century life.Long-Long Range Forecast:Nov 3, 2008 - Saturn makes an opposition to Uranus thatechoes the Saturn - Uranus/Pluto opposition of March 6,1966. Ex-hippies take note. On March 4th, John Lennon wasquoted as saying "We're more popular than Jesus now." Therevival of Sixties cultural themes begins now and buildsslowly toward the Uranus - Pluto squares beginning in 2012.April 14, 2009 - March 21, 2010 - Saturn makes a series ofsquares to Pluto newly in Capricorn. The end ofbusiness-as-usual politics. The nationalistic dinosaurswill enter their twilight times. The transition to organicregional government will not be smooth...the result may besome corporate feudal mixture.June 24, 2012 - April 17, 2015 - Uranus in Aries forms hisfirst major hard aspect to Pluto, a square angle, since theywere aligned in the second half of the 1960's. Hippiedreams may come true when the ecology and/or petroleum-basedeconomies fail. Plan to live where there is food and waterand you don't need a car. Plan to live where you'll knowyour neighbors...maybe even love them. What a thought! Wemay have to choose between eating grain on a commune orgrowing very thin in the city.Notices for Los Angeles area readers:Ongoing Classes:10:30am Class in Astrological Methods - Heroes and Villains.Using the charts of well-known people, good guys and badguys, the effects of progressions, transits, solar returns,and other techniques will be taught and explored. The classis open to people who know the basics of astrology. Call theNew Age Bible and Philosophy Center, 1139 Lincoln Boulevard,310-395-4346 or me, 818-316-0702, for details.Visit the Celestial Weather Web Site at http://www.celestialweather.comCopyright 2007 Rich Humbert