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Integrating and Igniting the Diamond Ray Flame

Integrating and Igniting the Diamond Ray FlameArchangel Michael through Ronna Herman=========================================Beloved masters, humanity is being nudged and inspired in every way possible to move forward into the next level of en-lighten-ment. It is imperative that you strive to incorporate, activate and project the maximum amount of Creator light available to you. As it was in the beginning times on Earth, those of you who are in the process of returning to the originally blueprinted way of balanced and harmonious existence will gradually have access to the dynamic power and magnificence of the Supreme Creator's essence.The Earth and humanity are becoming multidimensional bearers of light as the radiance from the Supreme Creator and our Mother/Father God permeates the solar system and the Earth via the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. The crystalline grid system bears the encodings and the divine schematic for your return to multidimensionality, as well as the divine blueprint for the future of the Earth and humanity. However, it is up to each of you to connect with this grid system via the great cities of light and to begin to decipher the encodings that pertain to you, your mission and the specific area you inhabit.During these swiftly changing times, you will find the energy patterns of your new multidimensional nature fluctuating at a wide range of frequencies, for the crystalline grid system is programmed with the highest vibrational patterns that people in each area can incorporateand anchor to the Earth and themselves. It is a two-fold process: The grid system will affect humanity through its advanced encodings for the future, and humanity will affect the grid system as each person anchors the living light from the celestial cities of light.Energy filled with the unmanifested potential from the All That Is and All There Ever Will Be comes forth from the Omniversal Mind called theSupreme Creator. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. Energy cannot be lost or destroyed: It transforms-evolves or devolves-according to the intent, desire or action of the co-creator. It manifests into new forms of specific frequency/vibrational patterns drawn forth from the primal life-force substance sent forth upon the river of life/love from the Creator and our Mother/Father God.The problem is that most of you have forgotten how to tap into the river of life/light; however, if you adhere to the universal laws of manifestation, you have the ability to bring your visions, dreams and desires into physical manifestation. You have always been co-creatorson the physical plane - either of joy, peace and plenty or of poverty, suffering and limitation._______________________________________________Move Beyond the Collective Consciousness Belief Structure_______________________________________________You must move beyond the collective consciousness belief structure and actively strive for an "attitude adjustment," whereby you consciouslybecome aware and claim that you are a co-creator who is entitled to all the beauty, bounty and abundance of the universe. Your first prioritymust be to study and integrate the wisdom of the universal laws and how to work in harmony with the elements of the universe. This is an integral step toward becoming proficient in what you seek as a co-creator in harmony with your divine mission. Manifestation of form is constantly taking place regardless of what you do or don't do; that is simply what happens by natural law. Hence, by consciously working in harmony with this process, it will accelerate your progress. Or you may ignore the law, and your life will be filled with unconscious, ineffectual desires with random, and often chaotic, results.As you expand your awareness, reclaim your self-mastery and reconnect with the multiple facets of your divine self, you are remembering the "science" of spirituality and the immutable laws that govern humanity and the omniverse, instead of focusing only on the "emotional nature" of spirituality. The greatest gift you can give those around you is to be a positive example. You must perfect your skills as co-creators and manifest within yourselves and your environment all the beauty, abundance, tranquillity and joy you can envision, and then share your knowledge and gifts with those around you and, ultimately, the world.The beloved Jeshua (through his blessed messenger Glenda Green) has named the first light of creation "adamantine particles." **1. He teaches, "These particles are the light of consciousness and the building blocks of physical existence. They give flesh to spirit, as well andnourishment and healing to life. Adamantine particles respond to magnetic attraction, and it is by the pure love within your sacred heart that you command them. Adamantine particles are commanded by love and only by love."The unmanifested, formless energy of creation is malleable and ready to be shaped into anything you can envision with your minds. This ultimate source of all abundance that is now being called adamantine particles or pure primal energy from the heart/mind of the SupremeCreator via our Father/Mother God. The earthly experience for humanity was to be a wondrous adventure in co-creation, mandated by ourFather/Mother God. Before you descended into the world of form, you were promised access to the Source of infinite supply; however, youhave forgotten the rules and the formula necessary to access the storehouse of divine original substance.The Supreme Creator via the river of love/life is sending forth the diamond ray/diamond flame that consists of the fundamental, subatomicparticles to be known as adamantine particles throughout all manifested creation. The "stream of cosmic consciousness," the "elixir of life," "diamond core essence" and "Christed energy" are all descriptive terms for adamantine particles.__________________________________________________________Continue to Clear, Refine and Expand Your Subconscious/Conscious Mind__________________________________________________________You are composed of love; however, you have restricted yourselves from projecting the love that you truly are, the love that you are capableof, the love that is intrinsic to your divine nature. Through the information that is now coming forth, vistas beyond anything you could previously imagine are opening before you as the Creator's plan unfolds in its perfection. You are becoming aware of the magnificence of what is occurring, and we see you are beginning to believe much of what you have been told over these past years as you integrate the wisdom within your sacred heart/sacred mind and claim it as your own truth. The process of eliminating the preconditioning of ages past is complex, but necessary, as you strive to clear, refine and expand your subconscious and conscious minds in order to incorporate the higher truths from your superconscious mind/higher self.Remember, we are now emphasizing the sacred mind/macromind as well as the sacred heart. Your history, all that you have ever experienced, the wisdom that you have claimed as your own, your lineage, your divine mission, and your future are stored within the upper-dimensional levels of the brain, above the ascension chakra (which is located at the base of the skull, the medulla oblongata). Stored there, as well, is the unlimited potential you may choose from, the options and the wealth of choices that you have available to you. Have you ever wondered how, in the beginning, you actually formed your physical vessel? You drew to you those divine diamond particles oflight from the river of love/life that run through all manifested creation from the heart/mind of the Supreme Creator and through our Mother/ Father God of this universe, and with the encoded template of the perfect Adam/Eve Kadmon body and your co-creative abilities, you created your physical vessel, as well as a wondrous variety of other material plane manifestations.Are you ready to make this declaration? "Yes, I am ready to move forward. I will claim and use this energy for the greatest good of all. I will be a bearer of the diamond flame particles of life. I will open my sacred heart and allow myself to be vulnerable, for I know I am protected. I will accept all of the diamond flame energy that can be safely integrated within me at this time. I will stay focused within my sacred heart center so that I may project the highest level of pure love out into the world around me."Beloveds, you cannot gift the diamond flame particles to anyone else before you have gifted them to yourselves. Again we say, you must fillyourselves to overflowing before you gift others with this divine elixir of life. Then you can radiate this essence out into the world in an infinity breath pattern, which we will be teaching you as your next step toward self-mastery.You can only be the love that you claim, and you can only project from you the love that you are. Therefore, this transformational process must begin within your sacred heart and your sacred mind, they are inexorably connected, one affects the other. The sacred heart is the power source, the engine and the fuel that feed the sacred mind so that the membranes of light that guard your higher consciousness can be dissolved, thereby giving you access to the cosmic library of knowledge stored therein.The old teachings are so damaging because you have been taught that you are unworthy and to give away your power, subjecting yourselves, or being subservient, to others who you thought were more worthy and wiser and had more gifts and abilities than you. You have given away or rejected the intrinsic God-given power that you were endowed with when you came forth into the physical expression. Won't you reclaim that gift now and begin to use it to the best of your ability for the greatest good?__________________________________________________________Live in Harmony with the Universal Laws to Claim the Abundance in All Things__________________________________________________________"Every person on Earth was made in the Creator's image." What do you think that means? It has nothing to do with your physical vessel, your race, color or religion. It means that you are a spark of the I Am presence, a facet of divine expression, and each and every person on this Earth has that spark of divinity within...for without it, she (or he) would not be alive. And every person has that macrocosmic potential within her (or him), for each person is a microcosm of the Creator's love/light. And why do you think that diamond core God cell was placed within your sacred heart? It contains all the virtues, attributes, qualities and aspects of the Creator!And yet for these many past ages, those blessed gifts have been radiating forth very dimly from the vast majority of humanity. However, you may now fire up your generator of God potential, fueled by love via the integration and projection of the diamond ray/flame of adamantine particles. As we have stated in the past, knowledge/wisdom overlaid with love/compassion and focused intent/action create the power that holds the keys to the universal storehouse of unmanifested potential-energy from the heart core of the Creator that is just waiting for you to mold and manifest anything you can envision on the physical plane.In order to claim abundance in all things, first you must begin to live in harmony with the universal laws, as mandated by the Creator of all. Universal/earthly abundance is available to everyone. This is your divine birthright; all you have to do is claim it. The invisible supply is inexhaustible. Everything on Earth is made from original primal life-force substance, out of which the great variety of physical matter and form evolves. The beauty and the bounty of the Earth can be replenished and expanded with right thought, right action and conservation. Right thought, right intention and proper action harness the power to produce tangible riches from formless substance. The seeming "void" of space is actually teeming with particles of love and life and unmanifested potential.The love and light force from the Supreme Creator and our Mother/Father God is refracted into prisms of light, rainbow colors containing all the virtues, qualities, aspects and potential of creation. As co-creators, it is through our thoughts/intention/actions that these are molded and manifested into form.How will you use this gift that is beyond compare? What are your greatest desires? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world?Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with spirit.I Am Archangel Michael ** 1. Adamantine particles were first mentioned by Jesus in Love Without End, by Glenda Green; however, the word adamantine has beenaround for thousands of years. There is a Sanskrit word for adamantine and also for adamantine sphere. In English, the word adamantine means "something extremely hard or unyielding," or it could be used to describe something that is as "hard and brilliant as a diamond."TRANSMITTED THROUGH RONNA HERMAN * STAR*QUEST* 6005 CLEAR CREEK DRIVE, RENO, NV 89502 USA * Phone/fax: 775-856-3654 * Email: * I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of AA Michael * Copy freely and share * For Archangel Michael's books, tapes and information on courses given through this Channel please visit: *