Monday, May 21, 2007


EARTH LOG MAY 2007 Celia Fenn19th May: Solar energy...and working with your "base" note... Well,the past few days have certainly been energetically challenging. WhenI checked on the Solar "weather", I see that a new sunspot has formed,with the potential for a solar flare and geomagnetic disturbances. Itfeels like we are already in the range of these powerfully chargedenergies, and many of us are dealing with emotional and physicalchallenges as we align with the Galactic pulse or Cosmic energies.The energies do seem to be having a powerful effect on the physicalbeing, with many people reporting exhaustion and the need to just bepeaceful. This is how it is affecting me, and I am spending lots oftime just resting on my bed. Fortunately, it is winter and has beenraining, so it is cosy and warm inside. But, other people report anincrease in the "chaos" factor in their lives, and feelings of depairand anxiety and stress as old emotional patterns tend to re-emerge again.Well, Archangel Michael calls this your "base note" energy. It is thevibratory state that is the "base note" of who you are in the oldenergy. As you have moved and aligned more closely with your innerlight and perfection, you have begun to see quite clearly all your oldpatterns of behavior, and you have been able to clear and release themand move into ways of being more aligned with the truth of who you are.But now, you are having to deal with that energy that is the"background" to your life in the world of illusion. Is your backgroundchaos, despair, anger, anxiety or fear? Well, whatever energies youare experiencing now will be an indication of what is the "base note"of your illusions, and what needs to be recalibrated and realigned inthis cycle of energy shifts.You can achieve this be focussing quite clearly into your heart andaligning with the pure light of Who You Are....with peace and love andtrust. The other energies are background "noise". As you align moreclearly with your Infinite and loving self, you will be empowered tovibrate more intensely with the truth of this energy pattern.I have just been doing some reading on all the activities that areplanned for May - meditations and rituals centered around May 22nd to29th. This is being called "The Breakthrough Period". I think this istrue...we are indeed poised to break through our old patterns and tobe empowered to create something that is really new. When I went tothe Netherlands, Archangel Michael kept talking about "seeding the newenergies" for the next cycle.Archangel Michael also speaks about the powerful new energies that arecoming through the Lion's Gate star portal this year, beginning withthe Triple Goddess Solstice this year on the 21/6/2007.....which is3/6/9....and then the powerful new energy that will come through theSirius/Earth stargate in late July and early August. The Earth iscertainly preparing herself for some powerful shifts and changes.Humanity is evolving and changing.......we are emerging into our newcrystalline beings as the energy intensifies and aligns with theGalactic center. There will be more information on these energies inthe energy report for June.So, all I can advise, right now, is to keep centered in your Heart andin Unconditional Love. Everything is changing. We are ending severalcycles now, and beginning several new ones. We are doing this as agroup, as a Collective, as representatives of the new species of HumanAngels. So, remember to walk in trust, and to know that you are beingsupported and loved no matter what you may be experiencing right now.These are powerful times!5th May: Wesak Blessings: Well, the enlightened energy of the Buddhais bringing light and peace to the planet at this time. After apowerful Full Moon on the 2nd, the energy now is peaceful and calm andbeautiful. It is the energy of the Divine Masculine at its most lovingand supportive and enlightened.In the Spirit of this golden energy, we have a new image of the planetfor this section. It was sent to me by a reader, Jack Jones, who addedin the golden light of the new crystalline grid system. Thank You!This image conveys the feeling of the Buddha energy in the 21stcentury, for me:buddha.jpg - 88005 BytesIt is a "multi-dimensional" image. It was taken into a shop window, ina street in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, when I was there last month.There is the image of the Buddha "floating" in the foreground. Then,the reflections of the buildings in the shop window, and if you lookvery closely, you can see me, taking the image, with my friend,Jeanne. There are layers of imagery creating a "holographic" image ofthe Buddha energy in a specific place and time.Here is another image that was sent to me by a friend in Zimbabwe,also taken last month. It is an image of a male priest of one of theindigenous christian religions, engaged in an Easter ritual.zim.jpg - 49190 BytesI think that Zimbabwe must be one of the most unhappy places on theplanet right now, after Iraq. Years of corruption and mismanagementhave destroyed the economy and the social fabric of the country.People are dying of aids and malnutrition on a daily basis. Thereseems little hope of things changing, as the population is largelyapathetic, and any opposition is savagely repressed. But........thisimage shows that even when things become really dark and hopeless,there are still those who remember the sacred ways and take time tocelebrate the sacred festivals and rituals that bring meaning to lifeon Earth.And so, in this spirit, may we all feel the light and love of theBuddha's enlightened energy on the planet at this time, as it mingleswith the enlightened Christ consciousness that was celebrated at Easter.The Divine Masculine energy fills the planet with Light!Click here for Earth Log January 2007. 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