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Ascension Insights: If We're At The End of the Road,

Ascension Insights: If We're At The End of the Road,
I Think I Made a Wrong Turn
by Jennifer Hoffman
March 9, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Many teachers, including me, have been saying that we are at the end of what has been a very long road and are at a time when we can begin to breathe again, start living in joy and stop the constant learning. But as I've heard from different clients and readers, the learning is not quite over yet and while we are at the end of the road, we still have some work to do and decisions to make.

I experienced that on Monday when I had a situation come up that threw me back into the past in a very challenging way. The day started out like any other day, I got ready, did some work and left on time for yoga. Halfway to the studio I had an uneasy feeling that I had left a stove burner on (I'm not kidding) so I turned around and went back home. Of course, the burner was off and I rushed back to the studio. But I felt that something was off because I don't normally do things like that. There was something else going on and I had a feeling this was not going to be an ordinary yoga practice. As it turned out, I was right.

So I arrived at yoga just a few minutes before starting time, grabbed my supplies and looked for a place to put my mat. The back wall was full so I had to take a spot in the front corner, away from everyone. Now this is a hard class and I'm one of the novices. Even though some of the poses are challenging I usually manage to keep up. But this time the class moved fast, I had trouble keeping up and there was one pose I just couldn't do. While we normally do poses once, the teacher had us repeat this one a dozen times. My body would not cooperate and the harder I tried the more frustrated I got, especially since I looked around and everyone was doing it but me (we're not supposed to do that but I did).

And in a flash I was back in time, when I was seven years old, watching everyone else doing something I couldn't do. If you don't know my story, I was paralyzed as a child, starting at age 5 and although I could walk with braces and crutches at age 7, my activities were quite limited. At that time there were no special facilities for the handicapped, no Disabilities Act or accessibility. When it was time for recess, I sat in my wheelchair and watched the other kids play. No one played with me or tried to include me.

And there in yoga class, more than 40 years later, I was that 7 year old who was left out of everything.

I didn't want to cry in class so I just breathed into the experience, trying to be detached and observe what was happening. I could feel the sadness and frustration, the anger and isolation. I started to wonder why 'everyone can do it and not me' and then I understood that this was just a review, a chance to release this on another level and it was time for me to take this through to the end of the road.

That's when I saw the Universe's plot because if I had not returned home I would have arrived earlier, taken a spot on the back wall and someone else would have had the lonely front corner. But that was my spot because I needed to experience what happened.

Someone asked me why we go back and forth with our energy, when we're up one day and lower than low the next. Our journey is not linear and never happens in a straight line. That what we want to believe so we can move onward and upward and just keep going. But it doesn't happen that way. Instead, we learn new things and then return to visit our old habits and beliefs for an internal check. Are we ready to let them go? Have we really incorporated the learning? Are there still any residual beliefs, thoughts or feelings left over that we need to address?

This is 'tricky sticky' energy and it will nail us every time. Just when we think we are finished with something, we get to revisit the past. And wherever we have this strong 'tricky sticky' energy, we will get hooked. We haven't made a wrong turn or aren't being punished, we are just getting an opportunity to clear, release and finally heal something when we are at a level where we can choose to be the observer instead of connecting with the energy of our past. The question for us is what we do next. Do we fall into old habits that no longer serve our growth but have strong emotional connections to or do we take a different path? It's always our choice because life is the result of choices and we make them every moment of every day.

We are at the end of a long and challenging road, I'll be the first to admit that these last few years have been really hard but while we can rest a little we still have to pay attention. There will be many opportunities to go over old scenery, revisit the past, choose to stay in old emotions or shift our lives in other directions. Whatever you choose is right for you, fits within your learning commitment, holds the understanding and healing you have to do and when you are ready, another opportunity will come up so you can revisit your 'tricky sticky' energy and decide whether you are ready for a change.

Become the observer in your life as you stay focused on your path in this moment.

Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.

As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time remember to:

Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.

Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you. Remember that God hears you the first time you ask.

Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.

Where is the present moment? It is the moment in which you are breathing.

Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,
Jennifer Hoffman

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