Monday, March 28, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder: Be Patient and Know that All is Well

Thoughts to Ponder: Be Patient and Know that All is Well
by Jean Warner
March 25, 2011

The prelude to a new age is unfolding now, as prophesied both by the ancients and by awakened prophets of our time. Understand that prophecies are based on probabilities at the time or on happenings in the past. They are not carved in stone. They are simply given as a warning of possible conclusions. Mankind has always, by Divine Decree, been given choices which can effect change. And it is through choices and intent that one's future evolves.

Do not focus on an Armageddon predicted in the past, even though there are those who desire to spread fear among the population by broadcasting gloom and doom. God gave you free will, which can be used in negative or positive ways. The more positive vibrations you can spread among the masses the less negative vibes can take hold. Which do you want to manifest? Positive words, thoughts, and intentions will produce positive results. Which way do you want the mass consciousness to go? Focusing on tragedy can produce negative vibrations. Just remember that loves breeds love, and love conquers all!

The truth is that there is good in everything that happens. Instead of being fearful and negative about what is taking place, look for the good in it. See the positive results that can emerge from tragedy, for instance, the gathering together in oneness that is emerging where tragic situations have developed. Cannot you see the love, compassion, and determination spreading over the lands where people had previously seen themselves as impotent victims. Everywhere on Earth people are awakening to new perspectives and insight.

This change in attitudes has been growing exponentially for the past few decades. It is this growth in human consciousness on Planet Earth that has allowed the Higher Forces to take notice. You are now receiving a great deal of help and support from the Universe. Light is flooding your planet from above, and you are projecting the light within you. The darkness that has ruled your world is being replaced by the Light of God: the Light from above, as well as the light from within you, is decreasing the darkness each day.

You must realize that many thousands of people in your population agreed to come to Earth at this time to jolt the sleeping public into awakening. Thousands contracted to come to this planet for the purpose of giving up their lives en mass to help bring about this awakening. It was a choice each one made of his or her own volition, knowing that this sacrifice would provide the impetus for reform in a world headed for destruction. Know that those whose Earthly lives were sacrificed are thriving in a beautiful world of light and love, and that they will soon be able to communicate again with loved ones left behind. Know too that these heroic spirits will be watching over you, ready to greet you in the new world of light on Earth.

No doubt you who were left behind were in on these decisions and were willing to play your part in giving up the ones you love. The loss will be for but a short time, for in this new world to come there is no time; there is only the Now. Eventually you will remember those vows of service to mankind.

So face your fears and realize that they hide opportunities. Let your focus be on creating a world of love and joy. Manifest this by maintaining a positive attitude. Visualize the beautiful world you want to be in. Know that God, in his vast wisdom, has a plan and is molding it into a wondrous pattern of abundance, beauty, perfect health, joy, and love for all of his children.

Your Father/Mother God has not deserted you. There had to be certain changes on the surface of the Earth in order for the new Earth to follow its proper path. Also, the negativity that has penetrated deep within Earth's depth has to be released before the planet's frequencies can be balanced. The Earth has to be cleansed from the blanket of darkness that pervades her surface through wars, anger, hatred, etc., in order for her to be able to adjust to her new position in a higher realm. This is being accomplished through fire, water, wind, and volcanic eruptions. Like you, the Earth is releasing old patterns of negative energy to allow for brighter more spiritual responses to develop. Mother Earth is releasing all that does not serve her. Together you and she are preparing to enter a new way of living, thinking, and being, in a new age of oneness and love.

You will be amazed at how quickly that time will come. All memories of the trials and tribulations of life on Earth will gradually fade away, and you will all settle into the bliss of a new and eternal lifetime, in a place you will recognize as your true home.

So hold your heads high and pat yourself on the back for having met and overcome challenges that you hadn't realized were for your benefit. Know that everything is in Divine order and moving in accordance with God's plan. Rejoice, for you are well on your way to a new and glorious life!

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