Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Darkness Before the Light

Darkness Before the Light
March 23, 2011

Dearest Beloved Ones,

At the present time there is a strong covering of darkness on the Earth which is preventing the visibility of the new light that is being born. This energetic cloud affects primarily the mind and emotions, although it also can affect the body much like a cloudy day which prevents the experience of sunlight, although it does not truly cover the sun.

These energies can create confusion, doubt, fear and anxiety, and can disrupt one's inner experience of light, so that it may feel as though the light has disappeared. This is not the case, but the experience of being unable to feel the light can create a great deal of suffering.

It is important during times like this to avoid making major decisions that are based on the fear, anxiety or despair energies that are passing through. These energies are especially strong for those who are playing an active role in bringing light to the Earth, and so spiritual nourishment and support is essential.

Another useful support during this time is a regular schedule of prayer or meditation, preferably done in a group that can raise the vibration sufficiently so that the participants can have a more direct experience of the new light that is present. The weekly One World Meditations are one such venue; however a daily practice will be even more helpful at the present time.

It is also important to have a sacred place to share one's inner experiences, thoughts and feelings during this time. Families and friends can gather around the home altar each evening to pray and meditate and share together, bringing God into daily life. Much more is now possible in relationships, with greater love and depth of communication now available for all those who wish it.

The rapidly changing energies on the Earth are creating not only the large scale changes that you are seeing, but also changes to the body, to emotions, and to relationships. New supports are needed to create pathways of light through these challenges, and so it will be helpful to remain open to new ideas, new possibilities and new solutions that perhaps you had not considered previously.

Beloved ones, during these times of crisis on the Earth, your light is greatly needed to assist in the stabilization of light on the Earth. Do all that you can to remain in love, light and trust during this time. Do all that you can to release yourself from burdens of the past, and from old pain, resentments and hurts.

Enter the present moment fresh and new, welcoming the new beginnings that are arriving in the midst of great challenge and difficulty. There are profound treasures yet to be revealed, that are waiting to manifest that will nourish and restore all souls and all those who are in pain. With all love and blessings, Amen.


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