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Freeing Yourself From The Worry Programs

Freeing Yourself From The Worry Programs
by Jill Renee
March 23, 2011

With so many natural disasters occurring more frequently, many are feeling energetically drained and empathically connected to the event, even when the turmoil is on another part of our planet. Below are some new perspectives and resources for finding your inner peace during all types of turmoil, finding your highest frequency response to all challenges that arise in your journey.

The energetic frequencies on Earth are rising, offering experiences of love, joy and inner peace like we have never had from inside the body. This dramatically shifting energy, for Gaia and for all of us here, is a magical opportunity for making changes, of all types. We are being pulled energetically towards alignment with our Higher Self and into alignment with these higher frequencies. Our souls know these frequencies, feeling more at home in them than ever before on Earth. For many of us, overcoming fear, worry and self-doubt is an area to be cleared, removing this block for these higher frequencies to be experienced and enjoyed in our lives. We allow our God-self to be fully present within us when we are in a state of joy, lightness, inner harmony, inner peace, trust for self and love for self. A lower frequency energy pattern such as worry and fear blocks that God frequency from coming through.

Worry, whether it be for Gaia, for ourselves or for other beings, offers an opportunity to transform this energetic frequency into a higher frequency vibration, of love, trust and knowing that Gaia is a conscious being, creating her own journey, just like we are. This higher heart form of love knows that all is well, all the time, despite what our third dimensional reality may be perceiving.

Worry is actually not a form of love. It is rooted in fear. Regardless of positive intentions, worry emits quite a low vibrational frequency. Worry is a signal from you (rooted in your mental body) broadcast energetically through the universe that you are holding space for a negative outcome, viewing this negative outcome as possible, probable or even inevitable. The law of attraction applies, often helping create the outcome you least want but nevertheless devoted your energy towards. Our thoughts are now even more potent with the intense higher frequencies on Earth at this time, speeding up the manifestation process.

We have so much assistance right now to finally attain leadership over worry and other lower frequency vibrations held in our mental body. We can provide a new role for the mental body as a support system to our inner God-self. Heart-centered living is achieved when the mental body is trained by you for its intended supporting role, with the director position being assigned to the inner God-self. Our heart is equipped with its own intellectual frequency. When this heart-based "thinking" is combined with the inner wisdom of who we are as a soul and what we came here to be, we develop a wonderfully-equipped director of our journey.

Training our minds is an inside job. Until properly trained, the mind can feel like a runaway train of oh no's, to-do's, maybe's, should've's, could've's and what if's.

Here are some specific techniques to get you started.

First, practice being present by breathing intentionally and by spending time in nature. Also, begin paying more attention to what is in your thoughts. Ask yourself if a certain thought is rooted in fear/worry or love/trust. This is an effective filter to train your mind to assist you in be-ing love, be-ing trust, be-ing your God-self.

Second, develop a meditation practice, helping you to experience a quiet mind, free of mental chatter. Find a method that works for you. I believe everyone can learn a form of meditation. I find those that say they can't meditate, need it the most, having given their mental body so much power that it convinces them it can't be quiet; ever. We all benefit from quieting the mind. If your desire is to experience your inner voice, your God-self, how are you going to do that with the mental body spewing out all that chatter and noise?

When you create or borrow the manifestation method that works for you, it offers moments of a still and quiet mind. The more you practice, the longer these moments. You may discover how beautifully pleasant it feels to be in your physical body with a quiet mind, choosing to "be" in that state of consciousness more often, perhaps in every moment of your be-ing. The result is a mental body that no longer owns your journey. It wasn't created for that supreme position.

Third, ask your spirit guides, angels, God-self to assist you. So often we forget to ask. Once you've asked for help with this specific area, be open to advice, answers and new ideas to come to you, sometimes from the most unlikely places. Your discernment will help you follow the trail the Universe will lay for you, lovingly guiding you to your stated goal.

Fourth, trust yourself enough that you are fully capable of de-programming any and all of your fear and worry, transforming them into love and trust. You are a Master Creator. Training your mind to work in support of your journey takes some effort but is well worth it. Even those of us who have let our minds control our life for decades can make this huge shift. You are an eternal soul; a unique aspect of God. You are so much bigger and more powerful than your physical mind or your thoughts. With some practice and these techniques to start your shifting, you can experience dramatic improvements in your journey.

These reminders are so important at this time. Peace within and our highest frequency love-based response to ourselves and our universe feels like a critical rescue plan component of any type of natural disaster, personal or planetary.

Love and blessings,

About Jill

I discovered my psychic/intuitive abilities as recently as February 2009 and have been sharing them and expanding them ever since. The intense energies on Earth at this time allow for very rapid expansion and somehow I feel like everything is right on schedule for me; waking up amidst the "New Energies"..

By May 2009, I began to access my gifts as a conscious channel, starting as communication with my spirit guides and higher self. Also, I soon began accessing wisdom and teachings from other high dimensional beings including Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, Gaia, Pleiadian and Arcuturian-based energies, and other higher dimensional beings including the Angelic realms. The shared information has a high level of relevance, insight and, of course love. I share their insights in articles, videos, group readings and speaking engagements as well as private sessions.

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