Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archangel Michael, Archangel Faith and Master Jesus

Archangel Michael, Archangel Faith and Master Jesus
Transcending Survival Mode to Abundance
Received by Malika July 31, 2011

We would like to make available a healing technique for the transcendence of survival mode. First ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith to surround you with the light of protection.

Envision the first two chakras as wheels of energy laying in a beautiful meadow. Use your intuition to notice what they look like. If they exuber a 'red' light then they are overworked and have been busy being in survival mode. They should exuber a lovely 'green' light, which allows the kundalini life force to flow uninhibited up the channel. This is not to be confused with the colors of the chakras themselves. The collective consciousness of existence has remained in survival mode. Obviously this is due to the dark's control which has been spread sporadically throughout the cosmos yet has affected the collective consciousness.

We, Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith, invite you to request a healing of these first two chakras, both internally for yourselves as well as for all of existence.

First, invoke the presence of the two of us, Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith. Next, ask to be surrounded with the light of protection.

Ask us to heal blockages that may reside in the first two chakras. When complete, ask us to restructure your first two chakras so that they will function optimally and without any old thought forms.

Next, ask us to assist with the integration of your healed chakras with your consciousness.

The new cosmic cycle that we have just entered in to within the past year is operating on the Solar Plexus level of the Cosmic Blueprint. To reach the culmination of this new cosmic cycle involves the healing and transcendence of the first two levels of consciousness. As the dark is gradually being shut down all are being called to transmute duality consciousness. This includes the cleansing and transmutation of the lower chakras. The new consciousness of the present cosmic cycle, that Source has officially named The Sacred Cross of Governance, is one of unity consciousness and Care for all beings which includes Creation in it's entirety.

This new wave of conscious awareness constitutes the breaking up of the old paradigm of survival mode. Source and the Cosmic Blueprint for evolution are love. The evolution of existence is an upward climb in vibration through the cosmic chakra system which involves the cosmic transcendence of duality so the dark would never rule again. The dark's reign promulgated survival consciousness to keep the masses in fear and submission. Their time is at an end and all dark souls who wish to continue their evolutionary lessons of duality will cease to exist in higher dimensions, and be moved in to quarantined zones.

The transcendence of duality and the accomplishment of unity consciousness both in physicality and non-physicality will serve as the foundation of all future cosmic cycles to come. It can not be overstated the importance of always employing one's free will and free choice to align oneself with the Light of creation. The yin-yang principle is actually the symbolism for the divine feminine and divine masculine. The true symbolic colors are exquisite luminescent green and gold, respectively. The goal of the cosmic cycle we have just completed, in critical mass, is the divine blissful union of the divine feminine and divine masculine both within and without. Duality consciousness is steeped in thinking one is separate from others. The caduceus is a symbol for unity consciousness.

Unity consciousness is the balancing of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies within oneself aligned with the Light of creation. The awakened divine feminine and the awakened divine masculine have consciously realized their unique divine roles in the cosmos. They are to love one another, nurture one another and protect one another. Unity consciousness realizes that everything - the planets - animals - each other, is interconnected. Unity consciousness does not wish to harm itself. It treats all of creation as it wishes to treat itself.

Evolution in unity consciousness will continue to unfold as all throughout the cosmos master caring for oneself and creation.

This will set the stage for the future cosmic cycle. The next evolutionary cycle will be the sacred heart of the cosmic blueprint. It will be about mastering sacred heart consciousness, and will be a glorious one indeed.

We are now learning to care for ourselves like never before in the history of creation. This involves learning to intervene wherever necessary to prevent illness or death, and to promote the highest state of well-being for all of creation. Free will and free choice will remain the means to conscious self-mastery. As the new energy of caring spreads throughout the cosmos each will begin to awaken at an exponential rate. This will be a glorious time of renewal and regeneration, where all will be loved and all will be healed.

The Master Jesus wishes to express an apology on behalf of the unawakened divine masculine for its disregard of creation. Master Jesus will be working with all of creation to expediate the caring of all creatures, species and planets. The vessel for the divine masculine, Master Jesus offers the restructuring of one's energy field to increase the ability for one to care for oneself and creation.

Master Jesus suggests that one request the healing of her/his own energy field. Master Jesus will respond with his healing hands of Light to all who ask.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith, Cosmic King and Queen and the most beloved off all the angelic hosts, will be offering to restructure the first two chakras, so that all of creation may finally rejoice in the heavenly love and abundance of Source. Many great changes are yet to come for Mother Earth, the animal kingdom and humanity. Please keep in mind and remember that there is nothing that can not be healed. Always remain and re-choose to align oneself with the Light of creation throughout your soul's journey and in healing the past. Infinite possibilities abide in the Light of creation, where all will be loved and all will be healed.


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