Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Assist in Balancing the Earth Changes

How to Assist in Balancing the Earth Changes
by Joe Weaver
August 28, 2011

Hello all,

We had another wave of energy come through within the last few days. Personally I see these waves could be described like waves of the Ocean hitting the shore of a beach. They are coming in from the Central Sun and are growing in frequency with each wave. The time period between these waves are getting shorter and shorter also. This is one of the main reasons why peoples perception of time is changing. The frequency of our consciousness creates time, and when this frequency is changed or is evolved so does the view of time.

As more energy comes into our solar system from the Central Sun, the lower frequency energy that exists on the Earth has to be released. The earthquake here on the East Coast of the U.S. a few days ago is a good example of this. After the release was made, more energy could be grounded within the region. The same principle applies to our physical bodies. Once we clear the space for higher frequency energy/consciousness to come in, it flows in without resistance. As the saying goes, clear your vessel and you will be filled. This same principle is the basis of the Shamballa MDH workshops. To assist with clearing the space for more of your own conscious energy to be brought in, activated and then grounded. This process is repeated over and over during the span of the workshop. This is the natural progression of how conscious energy evolves. Higher frequency energy/consciousness cannot be grounded within matter/physical form unless the space exists. Things have to be cleared, in order for expanded consciousness/frequency to come in and be "experienced." There is also a big difference between having an "experience" and a "belief." Beliefs are called illusions because they don't expand your physical frequency and connection with the expanded levels of your own Self. They instead limit these energetic connections. Oneness is something that is felt, experienced and lived in order to become the frequency of it. For example the knowledge and energy of your I AM Self, Unity Consciousness or love with-out conditions. When you live it, you become the frequency of it. No beliefs are needed.

When Source Light or conscious energy comes in, it is distributed in "harmony and balance" by the levels of our expanded consciousness. When this energy comes in to our personal bodies or on a planetary level, it brings another batch of the lower frequency energy to the surface to be dissolved and cleared. Sort of like the outer layer of an onion. There is always another layer to clear, balance and experience. These patterns that are at the outer layer to be released could be personally experienced as emotional attachments, fears, or Self dis-empowering thought processes. The list of lower frequency thought forms such as these are endless. Collectively we could experience the dissolving of these patterns as changes within societies, governments, and how we work together collectively as a whole. We are currently experiencing a lot of this on Earth right now. There will always be something to learn, experience and then let go of. The Earth is a learning ground for soul evolution. Nothing has to be looked at as being good, bad or evil, it is all just an experience. When the higher frequency energy/consciousness grounds and stabilizes, more energy can be brought in, dispersed, integrated and then experienced.

The period of history/time we are in now is on a course of accelerated change. With the grounding of higher frequency consciousness means higher vibrational frequencies. With higher frequency consciousness comes increased intelligence. For example look at the time period of the last 100 years. Look at the quantum leaps and advancements in technology and communications we have made within this short period of time. This shift has been in motion for a long time. It doesn't have to do with something ending in 2012, it has to do with what is beginning in 2012.

We are creating a new time cycle and collective experience. To assist with the current transformation into the next cycle. The New Earth/144,000 grid(s) (or in other words the collective conscious grid of Unity Consciousness) is in place to assist in balancing, distributing and grounding the energies around the Earth as all moves forward. These grids are nothing less than a reflection of the people living the love on Earth.

The Earthquakes, hurricanes and other changes are simply Mother Earths way of distributing energy. These Earth changes release and smooth out the frequencies of energies that exist. Yes, certain shifts will continue to occur but the "degree" of the energy associated with these shifts of the Earth changes are a direct reflection of the Collective conscious frequency of the people that exist on the Earth. The consciousness of the people and the Earth are One, they are tied together. So by doing our part in raising our individual frequencies we assist in stabilizing and balancing the energetic changes taking place on Earth. We assist Mother Earth and all that exist on her in transitioning from one energetic frequency into another. This is the reason why the call has gone out to everyone about waking up, and being the love that you are. It's time to release all the lower frequency patterns, illusions, and fears that exist within us and integrate the higher frequency love of our expanded Self. The statement I continue to use and I see encompasses all of this is, "through our own expansion of love we assist all." This is a literal statement, that by releasing what no longer serves us and expanding our hearts and grounding the higher vibrational frequencies of love within us, we are assisting all. We are assisting all simply by the presence of love that we are. By doing this it changes the geometries and frequencies of our physical presence, which directly reflects into the region on Earth for which we exist. To look at this in another way, you could view our physical bodies as grounding rods for frequency to come through. The question is what energetic frequency are you creating and allowing to flow through?

So as all continues to transform and the Galactic waves wash upon the Earth, exposing more of the lower frequency energetic patterns within ourselves and the collective. Take the time to breath and align with the balancing frequency of love with-out conditions. All energy originates from One Source. The darkness is only another aspect of our own selves. Stay centered in the eternal Light of your own love and I AM Selves. Open your heart, expand, and embrace the darkness and move beyond duality consciousness. Breath and release! Use the transforming energy of the Silver-Violet Flame to assist you in releasing and transmuting all that no longer serves you. Stay focused on expanding your heart when you are faced with challenging times and assist others as they transform and release also. Do your own research and expand your awareness with-out fear regarding the changes that are taking place. Empower your Self instead of giving your power away to others to tell you the truth. Open your heart and experience the truth for yourself!

Every soul that is currently on Earth has worked their way here to be a part of this transforming time. We are collectively Creating a new existence. It is our collective choices, talents and willingness to share and expand our love which is programing the new conscious computer of the New Earth. Release what was known, to what exists in the present. Mother Earth is not sick and dying. All is only transforming!

We are each catalysts for collective change and the bringing forth of Unity Consciousness. Lets live it! All is One and all is Love. Step up and let your Light shine! Radiate..radiate...radiate...

Love and Shamballa On to all that wish it.....
Sent to you by Joe Weaver of thedivinebalance.com *