Thursday, August 4, 2011

I AM Speaks: Go And Express; Enjoy The Playground; Unite; Remember Me

I AM Speaks: Go And Express; Enjoy The Playground; Unite; Remember Me
Received by Laura Goldman Weinberg

Go And Express

Go and express My Love to the world. In every moment-in every way. Go out into the world and be My Love. Be My Love, My Peace, My Joy, My Truth, and My Light. Show the way to others by being Me-expressing Me. Do not be afraid. Trust Me. I will guide you. Know the Truth within you and I will tell you what you need to do with your life.

Be loving to those around you. Be kind and helpful and compassionate. Speak sweetly. You do not need to tell others what to think or do or say. Do not judge or guide their lives for them. That is My Job. I guide all people and all things. Do not try to run someone else's life. You do not know what is best for them. I do. Only I do.

So go and express what I have taught you. Be kind, loving, considerate, and forgiving. Others will learn by your example. If there is more for you to do, I will tell you within your own heart. Everyone has a different path and expresses My Love in different ways. So listen to Me and follow My Guidance for your life.

Remember to take time for Me. Listen to Me within. Then go and express Me in the ways I have guided you. Express My Love and My Joy. Be alive. Be happy. I AM there. You need not fear. Go and express My Love-simply and humbly. Go and enjoy.

Enjoy The Playground

Go forth and enjoy the playground of Our Creation. From the littlest insect to the tallest mountain, from the youngest child to the oldest person-all are rich in My Glory and Love. Rejoice and be happy! Play! Have fun in My World. I gave it to you, My Beloved. I gave it to everyone.

Glorify My Name by rejoicing in Our World-Our Playground of beauty and love. Be in love and thanksgiving-in delight in every moment-filled with wonder and joy.

So play and have fun. I gave it all to you. Enjoy!


You must unite in My Love. Oneness. One. That's all there is. You must unite. Everyone. Together. In harmony. Unite.

Unite with your families. Unite with your towns. Unite with your country. And unite with the world. One world in My Name. One universe of Love. Unite. Together. Expressions of My Oneness. Be One with Me and One with all. Unite. Everyone together.

Unite in My Name and glorify the kingdom of Our Creation. Unite and spread My Love everywhere-to everyone. Unite and sing My Praises. Unite and shine My Glory. Shine forth. Unite and Be One.

Remember Me

Always remember Me. Do not forget the Source from whence you came. Remember the love We expressed in creating the universe. Remember the care We took in forming all of life together.

Remember Me within yourself. Remember to be still and listen. Be still and know Me in you. Be still and listen to My Voice. Be still and feel My Love flowing through you. Feel Me and see Me all around you. Know Me as you. Walk in My Oneness and bring joy and harmony to all.

Remember to let Me guide you. Let Me lead you to your work on earth. Let Me heal you of any ailments. Allow Me to remove any suffering. For your true nature is perfect health. Your true nature is immortality. Your true nature is to be One with Me. So turn to Me to guide you, to heal you, to send you My Blessings of Love and Joy.
Be prosperous. My Abundance is yours. My Love overflows for you-for everyone. There is enough for all. You deserve the best. Ask and you shall receive.

And remember to enjoy! Enjoy the playground of Our Creation. Sing My Praises through your Being. Express Me in all you do. Speak of Me. Hear Me. Listen to Me. Feel Me. Be Me. Remember Me in all ways. For We are One.

Remember Me and know that I AM. I AM all there is. I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM Truth. I AM Abundance. I AM Silence. I AM Sound. I AM Stillness and I AM Motion. I AM Joy and I AM Bliss. I AM all things.

So know Me. Remember Me. Remember that I AM. And all things good will come to you. And together We will heal the world. Together We will create joy and beauty, light and love, peace and harmony. So remember Me and know that I AM.

I love you, My Dearest, Beloved Child. Let Me love you. Remember Me within yourself and know that I truly AM. I AM. I AM all that there is.

I AM, I was, and I ever will be-forever with you throughout all of eternity.

So remember Me and know that I love you. Know that I AM.

From "The I AM Speaks" * Copyright © 2011, Laura Goldman Weinberg *

Laura Goldman Weinberg is multi-talented and multi-creative. She is a poet, songwriter, artist, writer, lover of dance, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Her art, songs, and writings are universal, recognizing the oneness everywhere. She has won poetry awards, a songwriter contest, published a song with Unity Church, and has shown and sold her art. Laura is continually creating in order to inspire and uplift the world. Through her many works, she expresses the joys of life and prays for the peace and unity of all.

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