Thursday, August 4, 2011

Archangel Michael - Message for the Angelic Realms 2nd August

Archangel Michael - message for the angelic realms 2nd august
2 August 2011 - 1:11pm | onecalledk
Karen Doonan
I am Archangel Michael and I come with messages of love and peace from the angelic realms. Many of you are experiencing great fear surfacing as you begin to live from the heart and no longer the mind and we are here to show our support and love for ALL across the planet. For many of you the angelic realms are a fantasy, many call on us not quite believing in us but praying for help and support, we are here to guide you blessed ones that you do not have to believe in us for we have always believed in you.

Much is happening and changing for ALL at this time and we are here to support in all ways. Simply call on us when you are frightened or need protection or are grieving. You do not need to know the names of the angels nor follow any routines or rituals to connect to us, we hear your call clearly and the appropriate angel will respond to you. Many are now becoming more aware of our presence and can FEEL our energies around you. Know that your guardian angel never leaves your side beloved ones.

For many across the world at this time this is a time of deep chaos and the angelic realms are by your side holding you in our hearts. Reach out to us at times of distress for we always answer the call of every human. Do not worry that your words are not correct or that your pain too trivial for nothing is too trivial for us to help you with. Many of you worry that you are not worthy of our help and we guide that this is illusion. ALL are worthy of our angelic help and ALL are perfect. We see you as the perfect BEings of light that you were and are always. We do not see you as anything less than perfect. We ask that you accept our words of reassurance through our channel and that you absorb our words of comfort. WE ARE ALWAYS HERE for YOU, at ALL TIMES. We would not and never will abandon you. Many of you have closed your hearts and that makes it harder for you to FEEL our presence but know that as you stand weeping we wipe those tears from your eyes and pour love through you.

For many these past weeks and months have been especially hard as many are still clinging to that which must be released. We talk with regard to people, places and events. We guide you strongly blessed ones to allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely through your hearts. It is through opening your hearts and allowing this that you can cleanse the pain that many of you store within you. Call on me for my cloak of protection as you do this. Call on Azriel to help move the grief that you have stored in your hearts and watch all begin to change and unfold for you.

This is not our usual channel and we have come through her today to show UNITY, for the angelic realms stand ready to help and support humankind alongside all other realms. Know that you do not have to "only" connect to angels, we have stood alongside our channel today for a long, long time until she allowed the connection. That is important for you have to allow us to help you, each one of you has free will and we cannot step in unless asked. Many are unsure of what to expect when they call in angelic help and we guide you to allow it to go. There are no ways in which in angel cannot help. If you expect and put conditions on how we may help you this can slow down the help as you are concentrated on looking for the signs that you expect, this can lead you to ignore the signs we send that we have heard you.

We are here at this time as humankind go through the process of awakening. For many who begin to awaken the process can be painful and that can hinder the expansion of BEing. Know beloved ones that we can help you with any emotion that you are "stuck" with. In truth you are not "stuck" as energy is constantly flowing, you are holding on when you should allow flow. Nothing is too little or too much for us to help you with.

Know that when there are "world events" that we stand ready to help all who transition home, teams of angels move to help the souls of those who are involved in these "world events" to find their way home, to source, so that they can then rest before moving on to the next part of their souls journey. Know that once a human has transitioned there is no pain, there is nothing from the journey of the physical that is held onto. Know that "death" as you are taught it does not exist beloved ones. Know that all you have loved and are no longer in the physical are safely home. They watch over all of you, guiding and supporting you in the form that they now are, energy. Know that it is impossible to "lose" a loved one for that loved one is part of you and you are part of they for ALL ARE ONE.

Our message of UNITY comes at a time of major fluxes and change across the planet. We are here to support and guide at all times. We guide those who are ready to transition home and we hold the space for those who mourn the passing of the physical. We hold you in love until you can find the TRUTH in your hearts about those who have transitioned.

Know the angelic realms work with the dragon realms, the faerie realms, the star systems and ALL, ALL ARE ONE. We come to communicate with you to make you aware of the "off world" support that ALL humans have across the planet. NEVER believe that you are alone on this human life journey beloved ones for you are not. Illusion may seek to have you close down your hearts, close your eyes and ears to the LOVE that IS but that does not mean it does not exist. It is within you, it is around you , IT IS YOU.

We wish to send much love and blessings to each and everyone of you. Know that when you find times are hard and that life is teaching you the lessons that you are here to learn that that is all that they are. They are not punishments nor rewards, they are lessons to help your soul grow and expand. NOTHING is lost beloved ones, for there is nothing to lose. ALL ARE ONE.

We ask that you remember us, we ask that you talk to us, share your worries with us and open your hearts to us. We are here for you at this moment, we stand next to you in this journey of expansion. You are deeply loved and supported by all realms. Open your hearts and reveal the TRUTH of who YOU are to yourselves beloved ones. Have faith and trust in YOU. YOU are each beloved children of the universe, we love you and we are here with you. I am Archangel Michael and I communicate for all the angelic realms. We will send more messages of love and support through many channels until you remember, for many slumber, now is the time to awaken to your TRUTH and to the LOVE that IS.