Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Astrology Outlook Week Of 4/16/07

Monday April 16, 2007 HAPPY WILD MONDAY The moon in Aries is a pioneering sign, though the new moon is tomorrow AND many of you will truly feel the cycle beginning A DAY ahead...Today the urge to create or do something new is strong. I will not tell you NOT to do this, but dark of the moon (72 hours before a new moon) are wonderful time for working inwardly and NOT the best for new beginnings.• MIDNIGHT ideas flow strong and powerful• 2:34pm getting the job done gets easier with Saturn helping• 4:49pm Optimism works but this is not the day for launching new projects if you can delay, please do so until after 9:11am tomorrow• 8:03pm illusion, romance and wonderful dreams come as we enter the NEW MOON WINDOW… NEW MOONS IN ARIES are always like a NEW YEAR for us each year and tomorrow at 4:39am here in Seattle we get our ARIES NEW MOON Of the year.• Color today PURPLE for spiritual connection• Amethyst, Iolite, or Chrysoprase for the sameOil of Sandalwood, which is great antiseptic and spiritual oil• Kiss for today is Keep it simple and be proud of how far you have come on your path. NO looking at what is not done, instead look at what has been done and can be accomplished: COLLECT the information and think things trough today and make NO major decisions please if possible….USE RELEASE OIL ALSO TODAY if possible.. I seem to be bathing in this stuff the last few days and since we are at the last day of RELEASING TIME this month … use this tonight if you have it or order it today.. from asksharonbrigance@comcast.netAccording to Buddha "We forgive principally for our own sake, so that we may cease to bear the burden of rancour"TUESDAY APRIL 17th…new moon and did you know? . NEW MOONS ARE POWER DAYS: not the best time to make a purchase, or have surgery but the time to make intents, wishes Each month the new moon opens doorways to INCREASE and as the moon grows larger in the sky so do our lives. The new moon is a seeding time and an open doorway to some wonderful things. So get ready and make that wish today Tuesday the 17th 4:36am here in Seattle. NEW MOON IN ARIES IS A passionate and FIREY once a year NEW moon and really is the FIRST NEW moon of what the sky considers the New Year. YEP::: astrologically 2007 began when the sun entered the sign of ARIES the 20th of last month… SO this is truly a magical new moon .>THIS NEW MOON IS ABOUT YOU....the moon in ARIES asks us the question? WHAT DO I do for me? WHO AM I? Who do i care for most? AND IF the answer is not self, what do i truly have to give to anyone else?WOWOOOWOWOWOOW ok... are you making an intent for and about YOU RIGHT NOW? if not, then you better get busy and think what would enable you to do all that you wish in life, and also open doorways for spiritual, mental and physically you being more happy and healthy? THAT IS your gift of today, that DARK OF THE MOON energy today opens us up this evening to create a wish and intent for ourselves.HOW TO MANIFEST:::::::::: FIRST THINK it, believe that you can attain it, and then FEEL it as if you have it...., sense and know it is there, and what do you have to DO to make it come into manifestation? YEP::: there is always an action that creates the energy for an opening and sometimes just INTENT and the willingness to make it happen works, and sometimes we have to get out and change something don't we! The questions today that you ask of yourself truly can create a new world for not only you, but for others if you truly can tune into your own needs. ON my website and literature I have always had the Edith Whorton Saying """ OUR greatest task this lifetime is NOT attaining what we want, but in KNOWING what we want" ON my website under SPIRITUAL Articles there is one which has always been something I try to read each week "DESIRDERATA II" read it and see if it reverberates with the issues in your life now and maybe can give you some answers? http://www.carolbarbeau.comPS THE MAY OVERVIEW is also on the website and you may find that my writing is cleaned up a bit by the wonderful magical fantastic person who does my website ... I hear that I am a bit hard to follow...if you think reading me is hard, you need to come to a lecture or workshop... (AND I am not going to be in Issaquah the 3rd tuesday this month, some family stuff going on and I WILL BE THERE ON MAY 15th for SURE and hope to see you there. ) I am taking a REST and relaxation trip May 6th through the 14th and will be out of town so AM NOT doing Everett the 2nd TUESDAY IN May as usual. I will be instead doing IN EVERETT AT VISION QUEST TUESDAY MAY 22nd and we will be having in MAY EVENINGS for and about OPENING TO GUIDES and angels and INTUITION and how to do this with the magical energy going on right NOW In your chart... I am bringing some intuitive tools, cards, and stones and what not and we are going to have FORTUNE TELLING EVENINGS>>>AT BOTH ISSAQUAH AND EVERTT::: SO sign up right away and make those lists of questions for the cards and your guides as we are going to really have some fun in May and be aware::: WEDNESDAY MAY 2nd is a SCORPIO and TAURUS Full moon. We are advised to take Care not to hold on too tight to what you maybe have outgrown... We will be a powerful purging and letting go time, SO we will have room for the MANIFIESTING on the 16th.with the NEW moon.So ..From the 2nd through the 16th of May will be a 2 week period of truly connecting with inner self and letting GO, and the NEW MOON ON The 16th is a TAURUS ENERGY OF MANIFESTING..of bringing in and increase.and IN May we have a FULL BLUE MOON On the 31st. Look for LOTS more coming about that one soon on the website...NOW onwards with this GREAT NEW MOONNEW MOON TUESDAY APRIL 17th 4:36am here in seattle at 27 Degrees of ARIES: the Dane Rudhyar astrological Mandala says of this degree "THROUGH IMAGINATION A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED" The Keynote is that by us revising our attitudes and through inner revaluations we can discover that what we thought was a failure was in truth only an experience and through that apparent failure we succeeded in something...we are told in this degree that The development of UNDAUNTED FAITH in the pursuit of your ideas is NEVER a loss and there is never a failure as you keep to your path. THIS DEGREE asks that we suspend... " the I wish I had...i should have done...i could have been..."" and really be open and see how far we have come and what we have survived, overcome and achieved.. For me personally, I will be making a wish a day for the next 2 weeks for and about me. I am a Libra and this is VERY HARD but have begin today with a wish for Myself for divine and perfect attunment of my body to higher power and to align body and spirit in truth totally 100%.MEaning, that my task (MY JOB TO help make this happen) is not to over schedule myself, to take time off, to laugh more often, to visit with those i love, to just PLOP at times and be ok with doing nothing, to eat right, and to sleep enough. At least this is what my guides say will get me my wish...So for me, rather than say, "I WANT TO not be sick anymore, or get over the pneumonia stuff" I am saying that by LISTENING TO what I KNOW I should do i can attain not only health but a better spiritual connection...>THINK of what you want and then turn it like this and see that your personal wish will also ultimately benefit OTHERS won't it...AND IF I apply the Astrological Mandala to this I can see how far I have traveled just by NOW KNOWING these things..and instead of beating myself up about what I have not done. I can create a door to what I CAN DO....and by sharing this with you i hope to not bore you silly, because some of you already know this, but to open a window in your life of something you perhaps are struggling with and make you smile because we are NEVER alone on this journey of growth are we?Tuesday April 17, 2007 HAPPY NEW MOON and welcome in a time of increase & growthIF you have an astrology calendar you will notice yesterday and the last 2 weeks, was colored BLUE for releasing and today is GREEN for increase as well as the next 2 weeks.... AND you can do this on a regular calendar also. IT will keep your attention focused to a shift in energy when it happens. So for the rest of this month you would COLOR GREEN FOR GROWTH:AND BOY is that what today is about. The moon touches the NEW MOON degree at 4:36am and as the moon in Aries and the SUN in Aries touch we create a new cycle and our first opening for SELF this year. At 7:26 am the moon moves v/c or times out after making a great aspect with PLUTO the planet of transformation and change. NOT an easy day perhaps but if you are open and LISTEN you can hear some strong answers for yourself.At 9:11am the moon moves to stable and security conscious TAURUS and the urge to hunker in and be comfortable is strong. Taurus is FIXED EARTH and this day creates energy of us all wanting to MAKE IT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW::BEING aware that the positive side of ARIES is that POWER IN THE BELLY and full charge ahead, and the negative is frustration, anger and a bit of warrior energy. SO create war with apathy, and depression, and make LOVE with this new moon with what fuels your passion, makes you happy and GO FOR IT:• Color today Green for healing & GROWTH• Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect you to your path• Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues and is called theSECURITY OF SELF stone OR orange carnelian for passion in your life• Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and physical energy• Kiss for today is BELIEVE and let it happen…remember this works both ways?IF we BELIEVE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE it can happen…. so control the mind and then you begin to control your life Lets all of us use this day to manifest, believe, wish, dream, hope and MAKE IT happen with the passion of this ARIES NEW MOON AND OUR BELIEF AND KNOWLEDGE THAT WE CAN TRULY have what we desire mostBEST USES FOR ARIES MOON be frank, direct, positive, articulate, objective, outgoing, fearless and bold in your truthLESS helpful ways to use Aries Temper, rigid, extremist, rash, impulsive and ManipulatingBEST USES For TAURUS MOON is to be solid, practical, straight forward, loyal, affectionate, usually a good time for SURGERY, contracts and efforts which you wish to go slowly and steadily forward towards growthLESS helpful ways to use Taurus Violence, aggressive, stubborn, rigid,Wednesday April 18th , 2007 SLOW down and process today, no rash actions pleaseToday Regeneration and connection to nature works wonderfully with that Moon in Sensual and slow to act Taurus. So, please take some time for yourself, connect with the outdoors and think things through before making major decisions..At 7:29pm tonight the moon will move v/c or timed out until 8:51am tomorrow morning and this v/c may not be the best time to make logical decisions. The planet NEPTUNE Is alive and well tonight weaving her magical mystical veil of illusion, dreams, visions and seeing clearly is not her strongest ability but BOY can she take you on a wonderfully illuminating and fanciful trip into the land of maybe the last place you thought you were going to go.....• 12:06pm an aspect between the moon and Uranus the planet of change creates some long lasting shifts, and maybe some surprises• 1:52pm The moon squares Saturn and the feeling of something that MUST BE DONE now could be strong• 7:29pm as the moon moves v/c it Squares Neptune. I often show a square as an aspect where you cannot see properly from where you are sitting. Squares always require that you shift your perspective and turn around to see what is happening. Since Neptune is at best the illusionary fog or veil? This v/c is fraught with wonderful dreams, visions, and illusionary psychic energy and truly not great for linear tasks. DRIVING the next 24 hours should be done with BOTH EYES ON THE ROAD>turn OFF the cell phone..>TUNE INTO YOUR GUIDES and listen to them…and PAY ATTENTION to all around you and you will be fine. WHITE light and prayer always work well also.. This is nothing to fear, rather a shift in consciousness that allows you to feel, and SEE inner stuff more clearly…softening and hazing over reality… NO CONTRACTS after 7;29pm today pleaseKISS FOR TODAY IS STAY LIGHT ON YOUR FEET; it will all change within an hour anyway:• Color today white for purity of thoughts and actions• Use pearls and lapis lazuli for the same tune in• Oil of Idaho Tansy to fight cold and infections, strengthens the heart, kidneys, joints and digestive system• AND another kiss might be to go slowly and realize that all you see is JUST WHAT you are seeing right now and more will be revealed down the road and what you are seeing with Neptune often is REALLY not there at all.BEST USES OF MOON IN GEMINI being versatile, lively, happy, imaginative, affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, thoughtful, adaptable, clever and logicalLess great uses are to be scattered, egocentric, restless, unscrupulous, dishonest, self interested, pessimistic, sullen and irritableThursday April 19th 2007 SATURN DIRECT TODAY Today with the Moon in Stable and sensual Taurus this morning (v/c) or timed out…we should be a bit more slowed down than yesterday. The moon (emotions and feelings) into more active and curious Gemini at 8:51am creates an urge to mix, mingle and connect with others and takes away that Neptune fog from yesterday. Today as Saturn moves direct realize that where 18 degrees of Leo lies in your chart takes off with a BANG• TODAY IS A GOOD DAY, if somewhat busy• 12:34am a trine between the sun in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius brings truth and honest to your dreams tonight• 8:51am the moon slides into GEMINI and things lighten up• 2:26pm Saturn the planet of obligations, duty, responsibility and connection to our pathMoves direct at 18 degrees of Leo for the last time in 29 years. We are now finishing up the SATURN IN Leo experience and getting ready for Saturn in Virgo after September 2, 2007 so use this fire and passion and energetically charged energy of Saturn in LEO TO fire yourself towards whatever you have been hesitating on doing (IF IT IS holistically SAFE and WITH HARM TO NONE)• Color Peach for love and passion• Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work well todayThese are stones of passion mixed with Faith and spiritual connection• Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology for all you manifest• Kiss if you work hard, you get great results todayTHOUGHTS FROM MY GOOGLE SCREENSAVER::The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech,Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness,Right Concentration.We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real? - Ray BradburyThe enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on. - Joseph HellerKnowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it. - Samuel JohnsonLove doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". Franklin Jones__________________________EVENTS WITH CAROL ...ignore if you are not interested ____________________________PS WE STILL HAVE A SPOT OR 2 in the new BEGINNING ASTROLOGY CLASS IN LYNNWOOD BEGINNING Every other Thursday ... April 19th 6;30pm is our first class . ONLY $75 for 7 classes. WITH our own and others within the class astrology charts we will be learning planets, signs, houses, and how to put this all together to better understand ourselves and others. Your Karmic destiny is set within your chart, and what is going on in the sky creates new openings for us to advance further in this task. 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