Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Celestial Weather

Celestial Weather
9 April 2007 – 29 April 2007
Three Weeks beginning April 9th, 2007
The period as a Whole:

I’ll be on vacation for the next two weeks and will resume regular weekly reporting for the week beginning April 30th. This report will cover the major celestial activity until then. Throughout this period Jupiter and Saturn remain connected – four signs apart – and Saturn ends his retrograde period while in this connection on April 19th. You’ll remember Jupiter changed direction last week. This is an unusual period of opportunity for political change, growth, and new vision. On the 21st, Mercury in Aries makes a fire triangle with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo and this changing vision may find a voice or voices to articulate it. At this time words can inspire – catch fire if you will – as well as begin the process of organizing new efforts, treaties, and alliances. With so much fire energy, the potential for escalation and inflation is high until the end of the month.

There is a New Moon on April 17th that makes another fiery connection, this one to Pluto and signals an even more profound opportunity for change. For some this will mark a loss in power and the termination of the status quo, for others a new beginning. The symbol for this New Moon’s degree is “a large disappointed audience.” This suggests expectations are not met and need to be revised. There are many “disappointed audiences” in the world today and this New Moon may mark a turn toward recognizing this fact. This, coupled with the Saturn station still linked with Jupiter, holds the potential for real political change in attitude and direction. One hopes with minimal gloating and minimal kicking and screaming. Expect the New Moon seeds to bear visible fruit in two weeks at the Full Moon on May 2nd.

Each of us can use this energy to re-organize or career goals and expectations. We can envision a new direction and these conditions support new ideas and changes. Hope and courage flow to the bold. We can awaken our inner warrior on this New Moon and set out toward a brighter future. We may have failed to meet prior expectations, but we’ve learned and become wiser and more realistic.

April 19th is a day of change when the Sun aligns exactly with Pluto and Saturn “stands still.” Heavy weight is in motion. Political power is changing hands. And for us, now is time to act on our new understanding. Expect to find clarity in the days following the New Moon especially around the 20th and 21st when Mercury links with Saturn and Jupiter. Venus, who is visible high in the western sky at sunset, will be square to Mars the weekend of the 21st. It’s possible to say too much in situations where words are almost superfluous. Be understanding with those who talk nervously around emotionally charged issues. And be alert for a wide-spread but brief bout with passive-aggressive neuroses.

Venus then moves on over the next few days to make a square angle with Uranus on the 26th, and Mars moves into alignment with Uranus on the 28th. Interpersonal and diplomatic affairs can explode at this time. We are quick to react to unwarranted restraint, and prone to radical choices. Mars and Uranus together often signal a period of violence both political and disastrous. People who feel oppressed will push the button.

Here we can better use this energy as individuals than as societies. We can shiver and shake ourselves awake to see our patterns of behavior in a new perspective. We can outgrow certain persons and situations. We can remake others. We can break with a clinging past and embrace a challenging future. Mostly we just need to resist the urge to blow up everything that annoys us while examining our social life with detachment. This wild itch will pass by Sunday the 29th.

Long Range Forecast:

July 28th – September 9th 2007 - Venus is in her semi-annual retrograde phase. People contemplating marriage or other long-term contracts should plan around this time. Our reactions and feelings about the people in our lives become complicated by introspection. Our gut reactions are slightly suspect.

Long-Long Range Forecast:

Nov 3, 2008 – Saturn makes an opposition to Uranus that echoes the Saturn – Uranus/Pluto opposition of March 6, 1966. Ex-hippies take note. On March 4th, John Lennon was quoted as saying "We're more popular than Jesus now." The revival of Sixties cultural themes begins now and builds slowly toward the Uranus – Pluto squares beginning in 2012.

April 14, 2009 – March 21, 2010 - Saturn makes a series of squares to Pluto newly in Capricorn. The end of business-as-usual politics. The nationalistic dinosaurs will enter their twilight times. The transition to organic regional government will not be smooth…the result may be some corporate feudal mixture.

June 24, 2012 – April 17, 2015 - Uranus in Aries forms his first major hard aspect to Pluto, a square angle, since they were aligned in the second half of the 1960’s. Hippie dreams may come true when the ecology and/or petroleum-based economies fail. Plan to live where there is food and water and you don’t need a car. Plan to live where you’ll know your neighbors…maybe even love them. What a thought! We may have to choose between eating grain on a commune or growing very thin in the city.