Monday, April 2, 2007

Message from Archangel Michael 4/07

Message from Archangel MichaelApril 2007 * LM-4-2007"REMEMBER, YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY IN THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS ASWELL AS ON THE EARTHLY PLANE"Transmitted Through Ronna Herman*Beloved masters, as the old world order gradually slips away into the pastand is slowly being relegated to your "past lives" memory bank, a new day isdawning. At the Omniversal and universal levels, the Supreme Creator issending down the radiance of Itself via the many Great Central Suns and, inturn, it is now being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of LivingFlame of Life via the Sun of your solar system. In the months to come, youwill hear more and more about the extreme and erratic activity coming fromthe heart center of the Milky Way galaxy, and of the increased sunspot andsolar flare activity emanating from the sun of your solar system, all as aresult of a momentous acceleration in the evolutionary process taking placein all manifested worlds. No one can hide or deny that something monumentalis taking place on Earth, and if you have even a slight interest in what ishappening in your solar system and galaxy, you are aware that dramatic andEarth-changing events are occurring throughout the cosmos as well.**The Divine Plan is unfolding perfectly as all the major players graduallyassume their preordained roles. Yes, those of you who read and take heed ofthe wisdom teachings and instructions that proliferate the Earth at thistime are among the vanguard of enlightened ones, and you have an importantrole to play in the "Shifting of the Ages" drama. We have gradually andpatiently given you guidelines and instructions over the years in order toprepare you for these times of great change, and in these critical yearsahead, you will be thankful that you paid heed and took the necessary stepsin order to move forward with a semblance of ease and grace.**While steeped in your third/fourth-dimensional reality, your ego-mind andego-desire emotional body processed information through the filters of thesubconscious mind which functions from a "polarized" reality of duality anda finite existence. When you open the Sacred Heart/Mind centers, yourreality quickly transforms into a sense of "Oneness" with the many facets ofyour "Beingness," our Mother/Father God and all Creation, whereby you onceagain gain the ability to tap into the Infinite possibilities of theOmniverse, or the River of Life/Love containing the Adamantine Particles ofCreation.**There are many facets of the Creation process merging at this time and manyof the teachings of the masters/avatars of past Ages are also comingtogether to create the new Divine Blueprint of the future. Teachings andtechniques of the past are being updated, refined and unified, and all thegreat masters and Beings of Light from the past have powerful facets oftheir God-Selves stationed in the various Cities of Light in order toradiate their Divine Essence out into the Cosmos.**We have told you that the beloved Jeshua laid the foundation and seeded theEarth with the Divine Blueprint of the future (the future that is nowunfolding). His main purpose was to prepare the way for the resurrection andascension of humanity. The return spiral pathway that humanity is to followwas created and empowered by our Mother God and is now fully anchored andactivated. In order for the New Earth to reflect the full glory of theDivine Goddess, it was critical that the Sacred Heart Center within Earth'sCrystal Grid System be infused with the higher-dimensional frequencies ofOneness: a perfect balance of the Divine masculine and feminine qualities,the attributes and virtues of our Mother and Father God. **We, of the realms of Light, are making available to you everything that isrequired to make this pivotal transition into the Age of en-LIGHTEN-ment. Weare not bystanders, but co-partners and activate participants in thesecritical times of change. It is a great fallacy that our Father/Mother God,the Lords/Ladies of Light, and the vast angelic realms only interacted withand spoke to humanity some two thousand years ago. Why is it that manypeople can accept the fact that, in the past, angels interacted and appearedbefore human beings regularly, and God spoke to various historic leaders,but no longer do so? It is time to awaken to the fact that you and the worldare rapidly changing and a new reality is emerging which will demystify manyof the old teachings, myths, and supposedly, infallible truths. OurMother/Father God and the multitudes of Light Beings are activelyparticipating in this evolutionary process, for all levels of Creation areevolving and are being affected by the radiance of the Supreme Creator. Youmust understand that the changes we are speaking of are taking place inevery area of this universal experience.**First, you must gain control of your physical, mental and emotional bodiesvia a soul merge with your Higher Self. Thus begins the process of aligningyour will with the Will of our Mother/Father God and the Creator, therebysetting aside the agenda of the ego and reaffirming your intention tofulfill your Divine Mission. As the Adamantine Particles begin to flowfreely into and from your Sacred Heart, an alchemical, transformationalaction begins whereby we can truly become co-partners with you. Theawakening and integration of your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind will changeyour world beyond your wildest imaginings.**If you have followed our instructions, you have created your Pyramid ofLight/Power in the fifth dimension, and you are a regular visitor to thePyramid of Light which contains a holographic replica of the Earth. Many ofyou have also joined in creating group pyramids for specific purposes, andyou have also created various pyramids for special projects in order to drawforth the "Essence of Creation" needed to bring your visions to fruition.Know this: In each one of these pyramids you have left an etheric replica ofyourself which is constantly integrating the specific geometric patterns ofLight needed to create your new reality on Earth and also to lay thegroundwork for your new existence in higher, more refined realms. Yes, youare not only active in the physical world, but you also have many facets ofyour God-self in the higher realms with whom you are interacting. Have wenot told you that you are becoming "multidimensional Beings?"**We gave you specific instructions and step-by-step techniques for accessingthe frequencies from the City of Light in your area via your personalPyramid of Light. By practicing the Infinity Breath you fill your ethericreplicas and physical vessel with Adamantine Particles / God Particles ofLight. We will now refine and add more components to the process. **Have you wondered why, several years ago, we instructed you to "Breathe inLight and breathe out Love" when you go into the world pyramid with theintention of radiating Love/Light to humanity and the world? WHEN YOUBREATHE IN LIGHT, YOU ARE BREATHING ADAMANTINE PARTICLES INTO YOUR SACREDHEART. WHEN YOU BREATHE OUT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, THE ADAMANTINE PARTICLES OFPURE GOD ESSENCE ARE EMPOWERED OR IGNITED BY YOUR LOVING INTENTION SO THATTHEY CAN BE USED FOR THE GREATEST GOOD. YOU ARE THE RECEPTACLE FOR THESE GODPARTICLES AND YOUR LOVE IS THE ACTIVATOR. **Envision this: During meditation or your quiet time, preferably at leasttwice a day, morning and evening, take twelve full infinity breaths, andafter the twelfth one, pull in your abdomen and hold your breath for amoment or two. Now, as you take the next (or thirteenth) breath, see itflowing forth from your Solar Power Center (Sacred Heart Core) in the frontof your body. The infinity pattern is now in a horizontal configurationinstead of vertical. On the in-breath, the first flat loop extends outwardin front of your body, and on the out-breath, the second loop extends fromthe back of your body, completing the infinity sign. Breathe in and out sixinfinity signs, and as you do, they will automatically create a pattern oftwelve loops that completely surround you like the petals of a flower. Asyou breathe out the last loop, again, hold your breath for a moment beforereturning to normal breathing. Then, breathe in and out consciously as youenvision the Essence of Creation flowing forth from you out into the world.Also, envision spirals of Light connecting you to the world pyramid and themultiple pyramids that you have created in the higher dimensions, thereby,sharing your Particles of Love/Light with the world, as well as fueling yourvisions with the Life Force substance of all Creation.**Take a few moments to complete this reverent process by focusing on yourSacred Heart Center so that you may feel the fullness there and theoverwhelming love that pours throughout your body, for you are now connectedto the River of Life which contains an inexhaustible supply of AdamantineParticles. It is tangible, beloveds. It is real and it is the most wondrous,blissful feeling you will ever experience while in the earthly vessel, foryou are experiencing the pure loving Essence of the Creator. **We have taught you how to pray without words by radiating unconditionallove to humanity, the world and all creation, and when you add to thatthoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings that have beenbestowed upon you, you are praying in the most effective way possible. Asyour Sacred Heart comes to life again, it will become more sensitized to theAdamantine particles flowing into and from your heart center. **You cannot know or feel our Father/Mother God or the Creator through anidea or a nebulous thought or theory. It isn't enough to just know or thinkabout God, you must feel the Essence, the overwhelming love of the Creatorwithin your Sacred Heart Center. Then there is no doubt within your mindthat you have reconnected with your God-Self and the Oneness of allCreation. The mind can be a competent servant, but without its connection tothe Sacred Heart, it can be a controlling and destructive master. That iswhy it is imperative that you activate and empower both the Sacred Heart andthe Sacred Mind**The etheric shield that protects your Sacred Heart, or the Three-fold Flameas it was called in the ancient teachings, contains the qualities, virtuesand attributes of the three God Rays of this universe. As you fully ignitethe Diamond Core God Cell within your Sacred Heart Center, these three GodRays will begin to radiate forth and empower you with the attributes andqualities of Divine Will and Power, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.Gradually, the full spectrum, or the entire range of wavelengths ofelectromagnetic radiation, of the Twelve Rays of God-consciousness willblaze forth as you incorporate and utilize more and more of your DivineBirthright. That is when you will truly become a Master of Light once more.**Beloveds, do not fear the future, for when your heart and intentions arepure, you are sheltered within the radiance and protection of Creator Light.We will not tell you that there will not be stressful times ahead, for youmust traverse the path of polarity and duality in order to reach the plateauof peace and harmony. There will always be challenges, lessons andopportunities to expand your consciousness as you integrate more of yourDivinity. Know that the situations or problems that come your way forresolution cannot be solved at the level in which they were created. Youmust rise above the conflicts of the ego-self and view each situationthrough a filter of love, and from the vantage point of a self-master.Envision within your mind's eye a wholeness that has never been distorted, aworld that has no imperfections, and a radiant, perfected YOU residing inthis paradise. It is not a time for the faint of heart, for indecision ordenial, for your world is radically changing whether you believe it or not.Isn't it time to accept the gifts we are offering so that you may movegracefully and joyously into the future? It is our greatest joy and honor toassist and serve you, and never forget, you are loved unconditionally. I AMArchangel Michael and I bring you these truths.**I AM Archangel Michael.*