Sunday, April 1, 2007

Singing the Song of Your Molecules

Singing the Song of Your MoleculesBy Gillian MacBeth-Louthan===============================The energies that you are going through are considered to be an adjustment frequency as you expand into the inner promptings, the inner soundings. The song of your souls, the song of your molecules. Balance our presence through the breath, through the feet, through the tailbone, the root chakras. We come to sing you, we come to sing to you, and we come to hold you into the experience and the music of your essence. The music comes to the fountain, to the center. It comes through the night cries of the birds. It comes through your yawns, it comes through your breath, and it comes through your heartbeat. It is in the very quanta that are humming to you in your inner ear. All things of Earth sing their essences. Listen! Listen inwardly.We are the beings that are known as the Hathors. The bowls of crystal open portals within self. They open dimensional doorways and interim-dimensional doorways. They open the path of the future through your physical presence. You will be listening to more sounds that do such things. The sounds that comfort you, the sounds that heal you, the same as with the smells; they all are gaining entrance into your existence, into your beingness, into your memories. They are the keys that unlock you. The you that has been closeted away from the human self. The you that has been sequestered away from the personality, from the brain, and even from the soul. You have locked yourself up and bound yourself up as a treasure that has been buried and lost in time. in your humanness you are afraid to open that box. You are afraid to open the doorways of the unknown. For what if you lose control? What if the sound that you make is not sweet But as sounds as of a monster growling in the very pit of the stomach of Earth. What if the sounds that you hear and the sounds that you see are of monsters that you still fear within yourself?We come as the very giants that you have oft times feared. The very giants that have slain through time. We come at the height of your fears and help you dive into the depths of your soul. There is nothing to fear in yourself that is not of divine origin. Roar as a lion that has made a kill. Cry as the Eagle that sees and flies above all. Give your call in victory, in annihilation of all so-called fears that you wore as war paint. Scrap the barnacles from the bottom of the treasure chest of you and sit still in balance on the see saw of your life. Let it not teeter and totter as you walk through the courtyards of so-called imbalance and fear. Hide from no -thing. Meet it, embrace it, and befriend it. It is but a far off face of the very you that you seek to know.We come to you to speak about these fears because we cannot gain entrance into the sound of the soul, until all fences of thorns, of limitations are eliminated. When you trust your sound then you will trust your life. Then you will trust your humanness that has had a gag order issued by all that has come against it thru time.You all have Down syndrome. You allow everything outside of you to put you down, to take you down, get you down. Placing you in a cowering position, hissing at your life, striking at it like a cobra trying to become more poisonous than that which attacked it. The energies that came to you from the doorway of creation, the Chalice of All That Is; are but a taste of this banquet of light that you will dine upon.Look into our eyes now. Each of you will see a different scenario. Some will see the eyes of a whale. Some will see the eyes of a dragon. Others will see the eyes of the Ancient Ones. Look into us. It is in our eyes that your future dwells. It is in our eyes that we hold your hearts. Our eyes are in the form of the sacred symbol vesica pisces,. A place where two cells, two points of roundness, two circles of oneness over-lap. We are the portal in-between. When you look into our almond-shaped eyes, you look into the original point of creation where two cells, two worlds, two heartbeats, met and joined. Everything you have taken for granted, Everything you see as structure, as immovable, as limitations bore through it. from the original point of Creation, is a spring of possibilities. You have been initiated with the task of creating yourself anew. This Grand Responsibility has been underwritten by the Hathors, ourselves, for those such as yourself. Your two original cells have a sound, have music. It is music that is not seen, is not heard, is not written down, is not sang. This will come through trillions upon trillions of avenues of expression within your essence. Whether it is the sound of water flowing, of humans laughing, of humans crying, of a bird singing, of a cat purring, or just your heart beating. When a sound is drawn to your attention, we ask you to go into that sound, to become it, to gain entrance into its truth, its gift, and its essence. THINK CLEARLY! You are leaving this impression energetically upon your planet.Gillian MacBeth-Louthan PO box 217 Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 Spiritual Tools for Accelerated Transformation