Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Confusion Within the Illusion - Part Two

The Confusion Within the Illusion - Part TwoGreetings, dear readers! We welcome you to our energies, and ourlove. To say that you are all beloved is a weak expression of the truedepth of the Love we carry for you. So we offer you once againinformation on your shifting human bodies, to give you understanding,tools and hope that you can gracefully weather any changes in yourlives. Yes, our favorite saying is, "Blessed are the flexible, forthey shall never be bent out of shape!" (Chuckles.) In this secondsection on the current "confusion within the illusion" we would liketo focus for a moment on one segment of your population. (Part Oneappeared in the April 2007 issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence!)The current geriatric generation is living much longer than theirparents did. Their children, the "baby boomer generation" born betweenthe 1940's and the 1960's (after WWII and before Vietnam), have a bitmore to deal with. They were the first generation born after thediscovery of DDT, the first modern pesticide. It was developed earlyin WWII to help rid malaria-stricken areas of mosquitoes, and usedextensively throughout the world in the 1940s to 1960s. By then,environmental evidence began piling up to demonstrate that DDT waskilling fish and birds, and endangering the entire food chain,including you at the top! DDT was also found to leach through mother'smilk. The Baby Boomer generation was the first to be weaned on thefirst global chemical pollutant released on earth. It was banned inmany countries in the 1970s - 1980s, after having been sprayed allover the world for thirty years.Still today, people are being affected by biological and chemicalpollutants that they are not even aware of. Man-made toxins clog upyour bodies and speed up aging. They can damage the lungs and suppressyour immune system, raising the risk of cancer. Dear ones, think ofall the preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorants and other chemicalsnow routinely added to commercially-prepared foods, the artificialscents, cleaning solvents and "body or beauty products" that fill yourenvironment. Some countries are feeding their unsuspecting populationsgenetically-altered grains, yes, causing a sharp rise in allergies tomany common foods. Think of all the late-onset or unexpected allergiesnow surfacing in the Baby Boomer generation, their children andgrandchildren. Do you see how all the advances you have made in thelast fifty years have also rendered your bodies and environment to betoxic? The human immune system was meant to filter out naturalcompounds found in nature, with similar cellular components. Throwenough artificial, unnatural, toxic products into that system year inand year out, and what happens? Your body eventually gets overloadedwith toxins that the body cannot recognize, process or release. If youin add air pollution and water pollution from toxic dumps leachinginto your water tables, your bodies are being exposed to more toxinsthan at any other time in history.We do not mean to scare you with this information, rather we askyou to see the overview that we do - how the human body grows,evolves, or devolves, as the case may be. What you can do now is bemore aware of what you put into, on and around your body. Listenbetter to what your body is communicating to you. Remember, only yourmental layer speaks English, your other layers send you "feelings" asmessages. You have labeled this your "intuition", but it is reallyyour auric layers communicating with you. As you grow into your auras,dear ones, you will be expanding into communion with your entireelectromagnetic structure. And you will find much house-cleaning to do!Many people have found great relief in natural detoxifyingprocesses. If you have suddenly developed allergies or asthma (whichis also an allergic reaction of the body, whether to an outside agentor from internal stress), you may benefit from a general immunecleanse, or more specific gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, orintestinal cleanse. Most people are getting a confusing range ofphysical symptoms that seem to have no cause. Some are getting badmigraines and don't know why. You could be reacting to monosodiumglutamate (MSG) or nuts! Some people are getting occasionally bloated,gassy and then a headache, which is symptomatic of lactoseintolerance. Yet, even lactose intolerance can be confusing; somepeople can eat yogurt and ice cream without reaction, yet can't eatpizza or lasagna without getting sick. Start keeping track of whereyou were and what you ate each time you get sick. You may find theculprit to be easily remedied by honoring your body's signals andchanging your diet.There are many different herbal treatments available today thatyou can investigate, but please do so with the guidance of a trainedholistic or nutritional counselor. What works for some people does notwork for others. If you are taking prescription medications, it isparticularly important to check for contraindications. For example,steady use of Tylenol will affect your liver's glutathione levels. Youcan look to replacing that with a Glutathione supplement, or choose toboost your liver health through diet. Yes, vitamins A, C and E arevital for good liver function, which supports your whole immunesystem. Orange-colored fruits and dark, leafy vegetables are a goodsource of A and C. Nuts are a good source of vitamin E, and protein,too! Vitamin supplements can be very beneficial, especially now whenyour bodies are so sorely taxed by the shifting process.So much can be done through diet, dear children! Sugar intakedepresses your immune system, yes, take responsibility for what youput in your bodies. The most toxic part of your system is theintestinal tract, which you can also bring to a better balance throughdiet. Yogurt or other fermented foods help keep healthy bacteriathriving in your intestines, and those bacteria help your body breakdown toxins so they can be released. Fiber-laden foods such asvegetables, fruits and whole grains are also very good to supportintestinal health. Another food that promotes immune health is garlic,a natural antibiotic that limits the growth of bacteria, fungus andyeast in the body. You can take garlic supplements, or choose to cookwith more garlic, onions and scallions. Garlic also helps heart healthby thinning the blood and lowering blood pressure. Since garlic mayconflict with current heart medications that also thin the blood,please check with your doctor for contraindications if you arecurrently taking any form of heart medications.You have no doubt already heard much of this information, but haveyou applied it? So now we will ask you a question - what is the bestimmune cleanser in the world? (Yes, this is a trick question,chuckles, we can already hear you groaning.) Something you probablyhave in easy reach...something you use many times a day...yes, it's water!Your best internal cleansing comes from eight glasses of water perday!What are other easy things you can do to promote your health andthat of your family? Especially if you have asthma, keep the houseclean! The asthmatic may fare better in a bedroom without carpeting,and with special allergenic mattress and pillow covers. Do not allowsmoking in the house, because second-hand smoke greatly aggravatesasthma (and isn't good for anyone else.) Ask people to take theirshoes off when they enter your home, so they don't track in pollutantsand toxins from outside. Yes, this dirt piles up in your carpets,invisible yet present. Wet-washing your carpets once a year is a goodpreventative habit to adopt. Mold (or mildew from fungi in thepresence of dampness or decay) is another environmental trigger forallergic reactions such as asthma, eczema, joint pain, headaches andfatigue. You can discourage mold growth by keeping your home'sinternal humidity under 50%, and making sure that your attic and/orbasement are well-ventilated. And of course, don't eat moldy food!The most common allergens fall into two categories, food andairborne allergies. Tree and grass pollen, mold spores, animal danderand dust mites are the most common airborne irritants. Plant allergensare mainly seasonal, while animal dander and dust mites are easy toavoid if you know they are the culprit. Food allergies are easier tocope with once you have figured out what you are allergic to! Thebasic allergen foods are eggs, dairy products, fish and shellfish,fruits, nuts and cereals. An allergic reaction can be mild to severe,from itching to hives to the throat swelling shut. For people who aretruly allergic to something, it is advisable to carry a dose ofepinephrine with you (commonly called an Epi-Pin) in case you areexposed and have an anaphylactic reaction (trouble breathing.) Mostpeople with late-onset allergies are being told they are not allergic,but rather "intolerant" of certain foods. Doctors will help you definethe type and severity of your adverse reactions to specific things.But if you are only "intolerant", the doctor will tell you to justavoid all those foods on your list that make you sick!N.A.E.T. is a holistic modality that is very effective inreleasing intolerances or allergies from your body (see Itspecifically targets the nervous system and restructures your reactionback to one of balance. Better yet, it is completely non-invasive. Youcan investigate offshoots of this method, such as N.E.T. Thesepractices work very well in tandem with the Bio-Cleanse &trademark; orIon Cleanse &trademark; , the type of foot or hand bath where alow-voltage electric current runs through the water, causing your feet(or hands) to release toxins. The water turns different colors,depending on what toxins the person is releasing. Guess what thatfootbath does, dear ones? It opens your feet chakras and causes themeridians to release, yes, just like in the Circle of Grace! Next timeyou do a foot bath of this nature, try keeping your jaw joints open,and you will feel your meridians clearing!A new alternative to these foot baths are herbal pine-sap patchesthat you can put on your feet, or an affected area, and they willleach toxins from those areas while you sleep. In the morning, thosepads are a yucky brown! These are all holistic, non-invasive ways thatyou can boost your own meridian clearing and also clear yourintolerances or allergies. We will point out, though, that most of thenew allergies cropping up are also partially due to Global Warming.Yes, when it is warm and wet until January instead of being cold andsnowy by October-November, that gives fleas, mosquitoes and otherinsects an extra few months to keep reproducing. Nature, too, isbecoming confused, with both mold and flowers blooming when theyshould not. This is causing asthma and other allergic-type reactionsin the wrong season, further confusing and taxing your body.We say again, as our messages in the past to you, clear, clear,clear and balance your body. All of your emotional, mental andspiritual processing and growth, the balancing of all the layers, canonly be accomplished if the inner core is cleared and able to functionwithout excess internal pressure. All etheric blockages are layered intogether, tightly packed as the years go by, until the aura can nolonger carry its heavy burden and illness invades the physical core.In your society, you have been trained to look for somebody else orsomething else to "fix" you. Pills only numb your pain and causesymptoms to subside, while the aura must condense even morelow-frequency density as pain and stress are suppressed by themedications instead of being released.What keeps people in illness? Why is it so difficult to healyourself? The first and foremost problem is that when you first startclearing, or you develop an illness and then start clearingenergetically, you may not have the energy or strength to pullyourself into a "healing groove." Yes, healing requires energy! Thatis why you lightworker practitioners will be so valuable through theShift and beyond, to help people release the bigger blockages so thateach person can then be in charge of their own PEMS maintenance.Whether you choose massage, acupuncture, or energetic modalities, itis important to seek appropriate help when you begin to feel "off" or"uneasy", instead of waiting for a physical condition to blossom firstbefore seeking help.The second big barrier to healing is your old, ingrained, faultybelief systems. Yes, your biology follows your beliefs: I have aterminal disease, I will die. I am broken, I will never fully heal. Iam sad, poor, old, lonely, etc. If you walk around instead feeling joyand gratitude for all that you do have, you won't be dwelling on allthe "bad things". Remember, you create what you focus on! Your totalbeing vibrates at the level of your thoughts and feelings abouteverything. Unconditional Love is the highest level of energeticemotion you can feel, and Fear in all its faces comprises the lowerhalf of the vibratory emotional scale. Since you are still linear, weask you - where on that scale of one to a hundred do you choose tolive? Fear, anger, doubt all cause damage to and aging of the body.Love heals, energizes and keeps the body young.Do you see that you have this choice, at any and all times?Get help, yes, use all the tools available to you for body, mindand spirit, but don't look for miracles outside of yourself - the truemiracle lies within you, your Divine Flame which outlasts any earthlystrife. Don't look to doctors to fix you, or expect holistic healersto heal you; they are meant to help and support, to ease andfacilitate. Don't give away your power! When you feel like a victimand look to others to heal you, it's easy to point at them and say -you failed! You failed to heal me, and it's your fault I'm still sick.Take responsibility for where you are, gather as much information asyou can about your symptoms, and then search for the medical andholistic tools you are comfortable with.Did you ever get a guarantee from a doctor? Ever walk into adoctor's office and have him/her say, "Sure, I can fix this and you'llbe a 100% better soon"? No, dear one, they say, let's try this first,this seems like the best medication/therapy/diet, etc... If it doesn'twork, we'll try this other thing next. If we run out of options, ohwell, you'll probably need to write a will. And so it goes, you stayin victim mode and give away your personal power until you takeresponsibility for the situation that created the illness, and takecharge of clearing yourself. That is why we have offered the Circle ofGrace exercise, to usher in true Self-Mastery for every human being onthis planet.Take advantage of the "spiritual help" that we offer, dear one,and believe in your own power to create your reality as you desire andrequire it to be! Did you know, before we began communicating withyou, that you can control your own nervous system? That you cancommand it to release stress and pain, and take in new fuel for thebody? What a crazy concept! This is similar to being able to controlthe pace of your heart beat, which you will learn to do (through yourbreathing) in this process, as well - just to calm yourself down. Yes,you are all becoming gurus! You have the power to control yourthinking, and therefore the power to affect and command your biology!You also have the power to make peace with your limitations, andfind joy in each little moment, even if you live in a wheel chair. Itis a question of mind over matter, and once you have found peace ofmind, nothing else will truly matter! (Chuckles.) We do not mean tominimize your pain, nor laugh at it, please do not think that way. Allthat causes you emotional pain in your life is what needs to bechanged first. All that causes you physical pain can then be clearedfully. We honor all that you have lived through, and say that the painis a learning, the experience is lesson, and that you will come Hometo us fully healed, fully perfect in your spiritual form, with manylessons resolved in this one hard life. We love you so dearly!AS ABOVE, SO BELOWHumans are the "bridge" between Spirit and Matter, between Earthand Divine energies, and must encapsulate both in balance. Yes, nowthat your senses are opening up, you are becoming more "sensitized" toall levels of your body's functioning! Understand that the human bodyis capable of being that bridge because it is composed of the PEMSlevels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. What we see asyour "human body" is your entire electromagnetic Be-ing, layer uponlayer, wrapped around and through your physical core. You are used toseeing that physical core in the mirror each morning and believingthat it is all of you!Every person who is on the ascension path will find this samehurdle to leap - going from a "below the belt" physical existence(from the lower three chakras) to living from the heart as fulcrum forintegrating all seven chakras and beyond. We have said that joy is thehighest level of human emotion that reaches up to the vibration ofGod. Here we say, orgasm is the highest level of Divine Energy thatthe human body can contain without damage - that will give you a newperspective on how intense God's vibration truly is! Now do youunderstand when we say that the clearer your body is, the higher avibration you can hold?Again, it is all a matter of perspective - your perspective. Whichdo you choose? That body will not go away, dear one, it is yourvehicle for this life. Now that you are expanding to your true size inyour awareness, you will come to see that the best, indeed the onlyway to truly function is with all of your layers doing everything allin balance, all the time. Then you will be fully in Now time! Intruth, you will know when you're fully balanced and will not need toask us! Once you have locked in that "higher state of mind" weguarantee that you will be aware of it! Please understand that whenyou do the Circle of Grace work, you are first clearing currentpressure, then below that chronic pressure, then below that theetheric damage of past-life patterns. This process is not just a handytool to clear a headache - this work is a commitment to clearinglifetimes of low-density pressure pockets that keep you from becomingthe "lighter being" that is your soul's goal.Even if you enjoy full health, your energetic framework must becleared and balanced at a new, higher level to match the incomingenergies. You can always activate the Circle of Grace as you go tosleep at night, and your nightly clearing will be greatly enhanced.You will also wake up refreshed and energized! For those who are inillness or in pain, it can take months to reach down past the currentstress to the clearing of chronic pain, and take a few years to drainout pressure from your entire Be-ing. You will find that differentpockets will rise up as they were layered in, not necessarily whereyou expect your damage to be. All of your chakras need clearing andbalancing, not just individual areas of illness. But the more youclear now, the easier your life will be, as the planetary energiesrise in the next six years. And if you do not change your life NOW, torelease the situations that cause you stress, you will be constantlyclearing the current "stuff" and be merely doing superficialmaintenance. Here is the key: Clearing the body can only succeed ifthe life around you does not add more stress to your system on a dailybasis.Do you follow this?Oh, God, we hope you do!It is so vital to your progress!The intensity of life, of drama, and of time are all increasing.The confusion you feel is transitional, like the static between radiostations. It can be muted by focusing on other things. Do somethingthat you enjoy once in a while. Step out into the sunshine, run a fewerrands, find a better balance between work and play, between worryand fun.Remember - you create what you focus on.Stop worrying so much, and have more fun!Since manifestation is occurring more quickly now, staying joyfulwill help you enormously in your transitional process. And we say, youare doing quite well! Be patient, this is merely another step. Eachtime you reach a level you bump your head on the level above, you see,and there are many more above that one. And yet, if you werecatapulted to Source at this very moment, you would not survive thetrip in the current state of your physical body. We ask you to takethe steps and stages one by one, so that no harm will befall you. TheDivine Plan evolves with the progress that each of you make as aDivine being, re-discovering who you are. You are Eternal, you areeach and every one beloved by Spirit. As you are God, and we are God,we are all One!We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.���� Copyright 2007 by Edna G. Frankel