Friday, June 22, 2007


7/7/7Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:42 pm (PST)Randa in Washington , DCelrashidi@aol.comYou are on the edge of a grand planetary awakening, propelled by your inner transformations. As you open your hearts to the love that birthed you, you will shift into a frequency of now-ness where the All resides. Time will shift into an eternal now, where peace and stillness will be at the centre of your hearts. All life will be in peace and balance; harmony and cooperation, working toward realizing their true empowerment and full potential. It will be a new era of self and universal discovery unparallel to anything seen in your previous eras. You will all live and embrace the human dream.The spheres of transformation coming into alignment, centering at the midpoint on your July 7th, 2007, will bring a resonating harmonic shift into your perceptual fields of awareness. We ask that you join us in this celebration of human spirit to issue forth and lay down a new foundation; a new program. All you need is to choose to shift your focus from fear to love, from war to peace, hatred to harmony, greed to sharing. This will reset the planetary grids and morphogenetic fields and ignite your souls/cells.As Earth's biological circuitry is adjusted and re- calibrated in readiness and healing for the new expanded awareness and consciousness entering, so too is the circuitry of your biological embodiment. While the shifts and adjustments occur, you may at times find yourself disoriented and your energy levels surging and then fluctuating before coming into balance and resonance. As the tectonic plates shift into harmonic alignment, so do your blood platelets shift into crystal resonance and alignment. The electrons of your atoms do not move about an orbit as you have been taught. The movement perceived is an illusion, for there is no movement but only vibration, pulsing in and out of matter; in and out of the seen and unseen. In coming to understand this, you will realize how powerful you truly are. For all that is required is a shift in thought and focus powered by pure love and intent, and what you now define as miracles will come to be the norm and mainstream. You will be the chrystal in chryst.You will come to access new forms of limitless energy and pure anti-gravity when your Earth's biocrystal core has been recalibrated and re-aligned with the universal streams of light and love which you are now coming into resonance with, as it was before. It is then your pyramids of crystal design will be unearthed, re- discovered and re-activated, for they were designed and placed upon your Earth prior the fall and forgetting. The dark night of the soul is now coming into the daylight of spirit. When the alignment is complete, you will begin to access new codes of higher density and new technological advances will come into fruition which are aligned with love and spirit.The All-That-Is flows and expresses through you. This is the purpose of design and creation. Please understand: you are not the consciousness of spirit contained therein and residing in a biological spacesuit. Rather your biological spacesuit exists within the spirit of consciousness--the All-That-Is. You do not flow and express into the All-That-Is, rather the All-That-Is flows into and through you. As the allowance of the expression of love comes into alignment and spirit reaches critical mass, igniting the neural-net grid of a new Earth and consciousness, the spirit of your eternal awareness will re-enter completely into the soul family called humanity.You know it's going to happen. You can feel it getting near, and soon you will be returning to the centre, the source of your being. Your coming crop circle season will magnificently, like no other ever before, reflect this new program, new message; new harmony. This will be your marker, your message of confirmation to yourselves.The leaf or flower will be the symbol of 777. It will resemble the letting go and the release of your burdens. It will resemble the flowing tears from your hearts, with the floodgates opening and allowing pure unconditional love to pour and surge through every fiber of your being. We ask that you, for one hour in your time, be next to a tree. Hug a tree and release your heart and burdens unto us. For those unable to hug a tree, we ask that you take one leaf from a tree or take a flower, and as you do, give love and gratitude to mother Earth. Wear this leaf or flower over your heart or in your shirt pocket, or simply hold it in your hand-- whichever you are most comfortable with.You can choose to be an instrument of love, peace and harmony, and you will know no limits and no lack of abundance, as you will be fulfilled. You can choose to focus and be centered in your heart with a clear vision. With love, you embrace and bridge all polarities. Nothing is to be ignored or repressed, but instead openly embraced, to be touched with the flames of your love, to be welcomed and accepted. All your words, all your actions, all your thoughts, all your feelings and emotions. Release your burdens and your fears. Release your worries and concerns. Release your anger and hatred. In releasing you will allow the All-That-Is to flow unrestricted, thereby allowing all potentials to be expressed. Let go without expectation of outcomes.You who are reading this message in this "now" are here for a reason and purpose to help others make this transition. As the waves of transformation reach the shores of your Mother Earth, the spirits of human lightworkers have been and are now ever more beginning to line up, coming together to sing as one global voice. Share this message far and wide in preparation for this moment of ignition. Become a beacon unto humanity, to those who are looking for the light for the way and guidance. All we ask is that you as co-creators join us, meet us half-way, for the Harmonic Shift 777.When you speak the unspoken, speak with hope and promise.When you embrace the unembraced, embrace with love.When you hear the unheard, listen with an open heart.When you move the unmoved, move with and in joy, for joy marks the path of least resistance.Here is where love flows unimpeded.Here is the key to transformation.The choice has been and is always yours!