Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice Energies!

Summer Solstice Energies!2007 Summer Solstice Energies June 10/07 is a summary of the guidance I have received concerning the upcoming summer solstice (June 21st). The summer solstice energies always come in like a wave, rising, peaking, and then waning. This year they will begin to be felt on June 16th, they will increase and peak on June 20th, 21st, 22nd and then decrease and subside on June 26th. (Mark your calenders.)So what is coming our way? This summer solstice will be the most powerful, potent, and impacting spiritual influx we have experienced so far. It will carry some of the most demanding energies for change we have had to adjust to, in this life.The energies feel laser-like: they are very focused, sharp, and penetrating, down to the very core of our being. They will act like a sharp sword that cuts swift and deep. Analogies come to mind such as Archangel Michael's sword which cuts away all delusion. Or, the sword Excalibur in the Arthurian myth, that maintains self-sovereignty (personal freedom) by slicing away repression.The 2007 summer solstice energies appear to be designed to bust old paradigms.There is a "revolutionary" quality to this energy, where patterns of suppression will no longer be tolerated, whether they are societal or created by our ego-personality. The energies are about "tearing down walls." On an individual level, the energies will help clear our personality based beliefs that keep usboxed-in and closed-down. I also sense the solstice influx as much more than energy. It is a field of higher consciousness embodying the qualities of will,love and wisdom.. To quote The Chronicles of Narndia, "There is deep magic here."Being an expression of Spirit, the solstice wave embodies awareness. It has intelligence, direction, and purpose. With great force and clarity, this field of consciousness will "know" where to penetrate and clear delusion. Patterns of separation that exist on the collective, societal and individual level which promote limitation, power over others, and victimhood will be targeted by the solstice energy influx... It will be a time of greater alignment with Spirit and of the purification of the ego. How will the solstice energy effect us personally? If you hold onto a belief of being powerless (or on-the-other-hand, believe you have the right to dominate others), and you define "who you are" by this story, then this could be a turbulent time for you. You will perceive your personality under attack.This could result in an unconscious clinging to old beliefs, which in turn, will result in constriction and physical pain.We tend to carry trauma in our tissues, anchored into toxins held in the cells. I feel the summer solstice energies are powerful enough to reach down into the tissue and DNA and clear these patterns of separation. As the emotional patterns are cleared, the chemical toxins will also be released. So both emotional and chemical detoxification can be expected.I believe many of us will easily surf the solstice wave. Probably the worst that will happen is that we will find ourselves tired and taking a lot of naps.You may even experience long periods of joy and tranquility, for as the fear and conflict are cleared, peace remains. However, if you are emotionally uncomfortable or you are experiencing physical pain, here are some action steps. Nothing in this list is mandatory. As always, in all ways, follow your inner guidance.- If headaches arise you are not grounding these intense energies through your body very well. Take the time to sit on the Earth or lean against a tree. -Epsom salt baths are an effective way of detoxing. Chemical toxins are pulled out of the pores through osmotic pressure, thereby, helping to release the emotional charge anchored to them. Add 1 part Epsom salt, 1 part table salt, and 1 part baking soda to the warmest bath water that you can handle. If inclined, you can add essential oils, such as rosemary, to enhance the clearing process. Drink lots of water as you soak. -If anger is surfacing, consider a liver cleanse to flush toxins out of the liver. Google "liver cleanse" or "liver flush" for references and directions.-Before you take a nap or go to sleep, ask your spiritual support team (your spiritual guides, Masters, angels, etc.) to assist you in your healing process.-Drink more water than usual throughout the day. You can add flower essences like "Rescue Remedy" or herbal tinctures like red clover (which opens heart chakra) or burdock (which clears anger from the liver) to your water bottle. This will help smooth out the emotional bumps.-When you are experiencing troubling emotions, it is important not to repress or deny them. Allow yourself to fully feel them, honor them as your own creation, then choose to let them go. Ask assistance from your spiritual support team for their release. Imagine yourself as an empty tube. As you breathe, visualize directing the breath through you and the letting the negative emotions flow out.You can also set the intention that as you walk, that the old emotions flow down your legs and out of your feet with each step you take.-If you are experiencing physical pain, ask your inner awareness, "What issue of conflict am I holding onto?" Chances are good that it's some form of judgment; such as a judgment of yourself, a judgment against another, or a judgment about your existing circumstances. Judgment binds the negative emotions in your body and if held long enough creates physical pain or disease. The solution was given 2,000 yeas ago: forgiveness. Forgiveness is the release of the judgment, allowing the old negative emotions (poisons) to pass out of your system. You may feel we have every ethical right to hold onto to the judgment, but the pain you are feeling issaying otherwise. Of all the action steps in this list, the act of forgiveness holds the greatest power to heal your wounds for it releases you from self-bondage. So, forgive. Forgive yourself for choices made out of ignorance. Forgive yourself for lost opportunities. Forgive others who you feel have harmed you (remember, you invited them into your life drama to heal aspects of yourself). Forgive the personal lifem circumstances that disturb you (the truth is you created them). Forgive your parents. Forgive your "X"...If you do, the summer solstice energy will strongly support your release of the pain. The power of the summer solstice influx (pure white-gold light) will allow it to penetrate our cells and our emotional and mental bodies. It will sweep through our body on all levels and clear the lower frequencies of discord. It is a time of purging that which is no longer longer needed. And, if this clearing process is welcomed with gratitude, e.g. "Thank you for this chance to release and heal!," it will be a much smoother ride.The amplitude of the solstice wave will diminish after June 26th., however, its energy will remain with us, percolating through our being. A low-level clearing will continue long after the solstice has passed. You may discover the action steps still have application months from now. Suggestion: Choose to "let go" of any fears you may have around this, for it is fear that restricts your freedom to grow.Summary: I view the 2007 summer solstice as a high and holy initiation for every life form on the planet. The energy is non-discriminatory in terms of who receives it, it is available to all. It is the breath of Spirit upon the land. It will assist you in the release of your most painful wounds, if you allow it.The solstice influx carries mighty currents of change. In our darkest hours we have prayed for change and our prayers are being answered. The solstice energies can help you clear your issues of disconnection, lack, powerlessness, and bondage. Choose to use the solstice energies to heal blocks in your body. Choose to release your concerns. Ask and you shall receive.The solstice wave is also an auspicious time to energize you heart's desires. Visualize and feel your goals and intentions as fully manifested. Feel the joy of harmonious relationships, abundance, health, and the completion of chosen projects. As you do so, any unconscious resistance will surface and can be dissolved by the energy. There could not be a better time for you to visualize the new life you choose to experience. I would suggest you embrace the solstice wave. Become one with the wave. Let it flow through you. Surrender to it. That choice will increase its presence with you and its ability to assist you.Samuel May 28th, 2007 Minneapolis, Minn. USA.A Personal Note: I was "pressured" by my guidance to make this channeling available. The Spiritual Forces, working with the solstice energies, sincerely want this information to reach as many people as possible. Feel free, therefore, to pass this report onto any friend, relative, or colleague in your network you believe will benefit from this information. May it reach those it can serve. - S Love, Peace, & Light PB