Thursday, June 28, 2007

Astrology Forcast 6/28 - 7/5/07

IF you enjoy what you read, please feel free to pass this newsletter along to others. Please let them know if they wish to read free articles JULY OVERVIEW and much well as sign up to get these free reports themselves, they can just go to my website and sign up on the first page. Have a great week, keep safe and enjoy Mercury retrograde.and...... IF you get too many e mails and wish to be deleted go to the end of this document and you will find the option to remove yourself.kiss is keep it simple sweetiev/c is the time when the moon makes no aspects and things often do not turn out as we plan and that can be a very good thing sometimescolors, stones and oils are my suggestions to go with the daily energy, as always please use what suits you and works for you personally and you will be ON TRACK... I hope to see you in July for an appointment or update and hope that you are enjoying the summer and slowing down a bit to do what you enjoy? Have fun and know that"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abe LincolnI drew the Louise Hay card for this week which says “I do not try to heal my friend; I do my own mental work and heal myself. This is the best thing I can do for others” WOW, isn’t that neat. You would love this deck, it is called. LOUISE HayWisdom cards… thank you Sharon…I love these…Thursday June 28, 2007 Moon in Sagittarius and LOTS going on.This is a change a minute day full of interesting things and lots of opportunities. The moon in Sagittarius pushes us forward as it touches Jupiter (overdoing, faith, trust, and abundance) planet at 5:09am. Another care driving to work am… but we should always do that, right?• 11:40am great communication as the sun (the light) touches Mercury going backwardsIn the sign of Cancer. Feelings and emotions are strong so be kind• 5:36pm WOW:: Uranus the bringer of change and the moon duke it out…SO…just remember that others are sensitive today and whatever you are feeling will want to bubble up and OUT onto them … LOVE THOUGHTS would be nice??• "We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us." Saint Bernard of Clairvaux• GREAT aspects with romance, love and kindness after 9:18pm tonight, how about planning a romantic Surprise earlier and Use Uranus to bring wonderful changes to your life and the lives of those you love?• Kiss for today, integration of ideas, thoughts and feelings work best• Color today a spiritual purple and use amethyst• Oil of Spruce to clear the senses and open you to higher consciousness and happinessOr rose for love, or lavender for remembering and calmingSPIRITUAL Enlightenment through the use of beauty is a joy…and it is Free, use nature, stones, animalsSunsets, trees, and all of humankind to increase your joy and appreciation of how beautiful the world and humankind is. AND YES: Most of all how beautiful you are… YOUR soul shines more each day doesn’t it? And isn’t that what counts!PS DAYS BEFORE THE FULL MOON ARE HIGH ENERGY, higher frequency, people are touchier and emotions closer to the surface… ALL FULL Moons heighten tensionsFriday June 29, 2007 "The more you judge, the less you love". Honore de BalzacWith the moon in Sagittarius we are again in that Magic window until October I have talked so much about. JUPITER (abundance) Pluto (Transformation) and Vesta (sacred commitment) are in Sagittarius (Retrograde) allowing us to reconnect to these things...and with the moon also in Sagittarius (moon is emotions) you know….this day carries a magical truth if you are open to all points of view and NO Judgment please: Sagittarius is MUTABLE fire and about our truth...• 10:07am the moon touches Pluto at exactly 27 degrees of Sagittarius and times out orGoes v/c … This will either be a great v/c or a not so good one, depending on how ready we are for the changes that need to be made and to see our own truth.(The temptation today will be to SHARE our truth) PLEASE DO NOT::: sometimes people are right on the verge of “getting it” and then someone fusses at them, and they lose it totally just going in the opposite direction because they do not want to be pushed. Be open to transformation (SELF TRANSFORMATION) and you will have a wonderful day.• 3:05pm the moon shifts gears and moves into more practical and goal oriented Capricorn.This Cardinal earth sign wants to get things done and an aspect tonight with Mars and the earlier aspect with Pluto make this a very FULL THROTTLE ahead day for us all.• Kiss for today is TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS and realize that kindness is muchNeeded on this eve of the FULL moon tomorrow at 6:49am. Full moons are always the most emotional times so B R E A T H E D E E P L Y and wait 24 hours (AT LEAST) before doing, writing, or saying anything which might hurt someone’s feelings. Even if your own are hurt: be kind please...• Impatience in the auto tonight could be a part of this for some, so slow down, allow others in front of you to go ahead and breathe deeply. Put on some nice music and getting home a bit later, but safe and secure is worth a few minutes longer commute isn’t it? Mars and the moon are the major aspect of today as they connect around 10:17pm tonight• Color today Gray for neither black nor white• Oil of Lavender for healing body, mind and spirit & to calm you down• Stone for the day? JUST whatever pleases and calms you down works for meA full moon thought ..How about getting ready to release and let go of all which keeps you from whatever you most desire:"Whatever you are waiting for–peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of Simple Abundance–it will surely come, but only when you are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart."– Sarah Ban BreathnachI always love the ZEN saying. IT is not a good thing, it is not a bad thing, it is JUST a thing. Look at events around you as just the tip of the iceberg and you do not know where they are leading you yet. Make no judgement and see what happensI always think of my client who was run over by a car, only to meet her SOUL MATE doctor in the ER...and lost her job she hated and then got a job she loved...and lived SEMI HAPPILY ever after, it is 2007 you know.....Saturday June 30, 2007 FULL MOON RISING 6:49 am todayThe sun in Cancer asking us to search for connection to home, family and whatever makes us feel loved and secure makes an opposition to the Moon in Capricorn. Mix this with some aspects with Pluto (transformation), Mars (action) , Uranus (change) and much more and wow…an interesting astrological day is here…But the aspects do look good if you can use an opposition as it should be used..Oppositions are 2 planets wanting something very different. Contrary to what I often say …me working on being positive. I always say. BALANCE, balance, balance. Truly ...Oppositions do not work right if ANYONE wins, and you know we all have our idea of what is right. RIGHT?Well, today every planet involved in the sky makes an opposition to each other.... SO… might is NOT right, and Right is not right today. WE win by smiling and finding the middle ground in some way and realizing that is truly winning when we all win..• The Full moon at 6;49am asked how far you are willing to go to achieve (Capricorn)What makes you feel safe and secure (Cancer)… The question is compounded at 1:53am as Mercury going backwards (in the emotionally strong sign of Cancer) opposes the moon and thoughts and dreams are a bit muddled.• And after the 6:49am full moon we have Venus the planet which represents what weWant, like and LOVE, in the sign Leo (fire and passion) Opposing Neptune in Aquarius (air, fixed, and innovative) .Clear heads are not likely tonight as we deal with a desire to escape reality (Neptune) and a need for fun.. Romance. And adventure (LEO) and toss in Venus for love. What a wild night. IF you go out AND mix and mingle realize this is a night when even your friendly astrologer finds it impossible to predict for you. So have fun and keep safe please....• For the next 2 weeks we are in a time of RELEASING and letting go with this full Moon and we need toEvict the less than desirable ideas and thoughts in our minds to make room for a more profound level of connection and joy to knowing what we want and need in our lives...… So part of tonight may be house cleaning of emotions, people and ideas. Do this only with kindness and a desire to hurt none please.• Color today blue for truth and clarity• Sapphire for the same• Oil of Pine, spruce or any outdoorsy oil for clarity alsoKiss for today: GET READY to let go of sadness, be open to joy and let it come to you, and maybe even? YOU GO out and search for…What gives you joy, it is now time to make time and space for it… and I will repeat this saying below because it speaks so strongly to me personally…"Before you agree to do anything that might add even the smallest amount of stress to your life, ask yourself: What is my truest intention? Give yourself time to let a yes resound within you. When it's right, I guarantee that your entire body will feel it.” --Oprah WinfreyTHE JULY OVERVIEW with dates and events and much more is on the website if you choose to go there…http://www.carolbarbeau.comSunday July 01, 2007 HAPPY Canada DayWith the moon in Capricorn until 1:45am that energy of last night seems to flow into the early am hours and many may have a bit of trouble sleeping. Today at 1:45am the moon moves v/c after making a wonderful aspect with URANUS the planet of change in visually stimulating and mind blowing Pisces. WOW::: what a v/c this will be today.7:38am the planet of Love and beauty Venus in the power packed sign of Leo touches Saturn in Leo for an opening number in the song of love and life....which will happen with Venus retrograde....VENUS (what we like) RETROGRADE (going backwards and allowing us to reprocess these things, people, whatever)::: on July 27th Venus moves backwards. Venus (turns retrograde at 2 Degrees of Virgo, then backs into Leo again August 8th ….and touches this spot again on August 21st as it moves backwards. September 25th Venus again touches this spot as it moves forward after having moved direct on September 8th…… What does this mean? IT means that where LEO IS in your chart is HOT for the next 3 months. Saturn the planet of accountability leaves the sign of Leo On September 2nd and Enters Virgo and we will not see this again for another 29 years. So in the meanwhile we get a real up close and personal look at our loves and what we do not love also.For us personally we will be looking at Leo issues in our lives. Passion, fun, adventure, creativity, children, risks, what we like and this planetary transit asks are we HAVING FUN YET: and if not, are not willing to do so…and if not, what Saturn has in store for us could be quite an interesting trip down appreciation lane. (I will get an article written on this soon)So, today is a powerful day which sets up something that is not done in your life until Late September so use care what you begin or Start today.• 12:08pm a great aspect with Mercury retrograde assists us to reconnect more deeply toHow we think we feel and how that affects what we think and how we feel. Confused, well this is going to really connect the dots for many of us over the next month…YOU truly will be Doing as this says…I thought this was so much better than anything I could write“"We spend most of our time and energy in a kind of horizontal thinking. We move along the surface of things ... [but] there are times when we stop. We sit still. We lose ourselves in a pile of leaves or its memory. We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper."– James Carroll, novelist (this is mercury rx. In cancer to me, Carol)• 10:24pm the moon shifts into Aquarius and we detach a bit emotionally and are moreAble perhaps to get a bit of distance and settle our feet on the ground of rational thought.• The kiss is KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE• Color today pink for love of all things• Use agates or amber to ground you and center you into that budget• Oil of cinnamon to cheer you &WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LET GO of in order TO MANIFEST YOUR FULL MOON WISH? Everything requires space and time doesn’t it? And yes…we do get to make wishes each and every day. BUT I do notice the ones I repeat seem to come true faster than the one wish an hour method of wish making.“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (this is a very AQUARIUS type of saying)Monday July 02, Shake rattle and roll into changes todayThe moon in innovative and inventive Aquarius makes a rough aspect at 8:28am with Mars the planet of action, creating an interesting drive to work for some. Leave early today and please remember the planet Mars is in Taurus.NOW I love this sign (my moon is in Taurus) but…and….it is the most stubborn of the signs. So, expecting the other guy to get over today or make way for you is truly not going to happen. Realize and Expect that they are expecting the Same from you..• 7:29pm a nice aspect with Jupiter (faith) calms the day and begins to settle us as we sense something big on the horizon. What we are feeling and sensing is all the major things happening tomorrow.So, Get caught up today if possible tomorrow shall really be the aftershocks of whatever happened today for many of us. AND that could be wonderful if we are making necessary changes and letting go of outdated ideas couldn’t it?• Color today pink for love• Use rose quartz and amethyst and pearls• Oil of Release, which creates a sense of harmony and balance between the mind and body, and allows us to easily and gently release memory trauma and anger. (My favorite)Where is the temple of God? In our heart. Therefore that's where we have to go and meet Him (her). - Swami ChidvilasanandaUntil you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have."– Doris MortmanTuesday July 03, 2007 WILD and innovative day with CONTROL issuesHow to call today? The moon in Aquarius would like us to all be free, and open and imaginative and as it touches Intuition at 1:07pm we could be living strongly within that energy…and then….• 2:52pm the moon opposes Saturn and tempers flare and ….well, you are either out thereTaking risks, opening to adventure, or hiding in the corner. This one is an interesting aspect which seems to ask some of us to fly forward into adventure and some of us to really seek out safety. Judgment is TOTALLY OFF today so use care, no contracts and hang loose.• 5:21pm the moon opposes Venus and again we are in the theme of safety, security,Or risks and adventure, you get to choose, isn’t that neat? FREE WILL day..With poor judgment. I have to laugh, if this day doesn’t get you out of a rut I am not sure what will• 11:02pm the moon makes a wonderful aspect with Pluto, transformation and then moves v/c until 3:52am when it will enter Pisces. WILD dreams and some interesting feelings about today. I keep hearing “WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN?” like many of us Will use this day to stir the pot of adventure and maybe have more questions at the end of the day than we did at the beginning….and it is the eve of July 4th which is always a bit loud if nothing else. USE CARE PLEASE:This day has the potential of being a real Powder keg. So, please…NO arguments, discussions or talking politics tonight please.• Color of this day, green for healing• Use aventurine and Today I will use Amethyst to keep energy clear, flowing and help release any negativity• Oil of Ylang-Ylang to bring about relaxation and balances equilibrium and restores confidence and self-love.• Kiss, slow down and take care today, there are fun things happening but they areNot inclined to have people behaving very predicatively. Which can be fun also.INSPIRATION is strong the next 2 days as well as dreams and illusion. Use this energy to create thoughts about what you WANT to happen. WORRY is nothing but you thinking of what you do not want to happen. So how about Lets get creative this 4th and 5th of July and use this energy to rethink, reinvasion and replan our ideal lives, health, relationships, and what not. REALIZING that it all has to be about you….it comes from you first…so work on YOU first then worry about the other guy..Wednesday July 4, 2007 HAPPY 4th of JulyA moon in Pisces day with some nice aspects. Our psychic awareness is increased tremendously today as well as a sense of feelings being quite strong about things.Avoid conflicts if possible and realize that the difference in being happy or sad sometimes canBe all about thoughts. Henry David Thoreau said: “Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be” And that is surely true today as 10:11am Mercury makes a wonderful aspect with the moon and 4:34pm Mars the planet of action does the same. There are some great astrological aspects today if we take care.• Color today black for grounding and centering• Agates, black tourmaline and jet for the same• Oil of Pine to dilate the bronchial track, rids the house of fleas, and stimulates the adrenal gland and your circulatory system. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS OIL TOPICALLY if you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE• Kiss is (KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE) be open to new beliefs today as well as being psychically upgraded and becoming more psychically sensitiveJohn P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight: Every single person has capabilities, abilities and gifts. Living a good life depends on whether those capabilities can be used, abilities expressed and gifts given. If they are, the person will be valued, feel powerful and well-connected to the people around them. And the community around the person will be more powerful because of the contribution the person is making…..So how about we begin to think of how to Do our thing and make the world a better place on this 4th of July 2007BONNIE STRELOW has a new THETA and healers group, contact her at if you wish to join the group in order to connect with other healers, there are some fun events she has planned. I truly LOVE Bonnie and believe she is a very gifted lady who has lots to offer others...AND i know you do also, so how about joining now? OR contact me for an invite to the LIGHT HEALERS group and i will send you an invite. carolastro@carolbarbeau.comThursday July 05, 2007 How did those dreams go last night?Today with the Moon still in Pisces we are working on understanding what is real and what is feelings, thoughts and emotions. Enjoy mercury Rx. And let it work for you to reconfigure your ideas of all of the above.• 12:01am the moon made a rough aspect with Jupiter, if you were out and about the tendency to over do was strong. Dreams would be highlighted all tonight and then at• 2:36am a trine to the sun and maybe making an intention before bed to dream your ideal life and how to make it happen might be a great idea… I dream answers when I set up the questions before bed. Try it tonight as we have strong visual and dream energy now.• 12:231pm what is the last thing you thought could happen (THINK OF SOMETHING GREAT) it could happen today as the moon touches Uranus the planet of change and we are asked to live spiritually. Which to me is being happy, harming none and making the world a better place by being the best I can be.• Kiss: Beliefs are broad and feelings the same today so use care…• Color today white for purity of mind, body and spirit• Stone smoky quartz, and obsidian, for removing negativity• Oil of Patchouli or use the incense of the same for getting rid of toxic energy. Helps with depression and fluid retention, get some oil today…IT IS GREAT and I use the incense in the auto and at home all the timeTeach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. – Buddha"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved." Victor HugoAnd if we can do the kind speech, and a generous heart, I PROMISE you will be loved. CarolI have a client who is working on something wonderful::: you may e mail her about the PEACE WAVE at if you want to join or connect further with her:::here is her e mail to me “Dear Carol The Peace Wave all started when everything around me was in great turmoil. People, places and things were just all in a negative bombardment. I Thought how do I step out of this, how do I get off the merry go round with these people, places and things?Restructure, Restructure, Restructure, and reconnect.What, when, where and how do I find that place that is the most peacefully?It was like magic, a wave of peace came over me as I thought about the universal peace dances I attend. A smile found my face from the inside as I remembered dancing. This, this is peace.Peace Wave Children of all ages! Create a picture of what peace looks like to you. This can be with paint, crayons, words, music, memory, etc. What has happened with the ‘Peace Wave” is taking on its’ own life.ASK yourself and answer: What does peace look like to you?What creates an ocean of peace to flow over, around and thought you?Look at peace, for yourself, is it something you have done in your past, a smell, a picture, a vacation. Find it, painted, color it, hold it, touch it, feel it with your mind.And in the future when all other things are bombarding you with negativity;Step into your peace; use your peace wave to nurture your very soul when all other things fail. You to, can do this, you deserve The Peace Wave! Talk about this with friends, family, work place, were ever you are, start your “Peace Wave” Valerie************************Carol Barbeaucarolastro@carolbarbeau.com206-542-7641