Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abraham: As you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in.

As you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in"

GUEST: If you're trying to create a situation, or you are creating a
situation, and you're shooting Energy to that vortex, and let's say
there's a certain thing that you have to have -- it's money. Okay, I
hate to say it, but it's money! -- and if you say, well okay I'm going
to create this, but you have to put a time limit on it because you...

ABRAHAM: You need it.

GUEST: Yeah, right, something you can't have unless you have it. Is
that shooting yourself in the foot?

ABRAHAM: Usually. Now, here is the thing. A lot of people that are
teaching goal setting will say to you, "set your goal," and by that,
they mean, "decide what you want and when you want it." Well, the
advantage of that is it makes it feel more real. If you can say, one
month from now, or, one year from now, it gives you a more tangible
feeling place. The disadvantage of it is that if you've never done it,
in all of your 29 years, and now you're saying, "I'm going to do it in
two months or one month or six months," you defeat your purpose
because you cast doubt on it. In other words, you vibrationally ask
for something you don't believe, so every time you think about it it
the negative belief rears its ugly head.

So what you want to do is just pay attention to the way you feel, and
if you say, "I want to have it" or "I've got to have it and I've got
to have it fast," and you feel that discomfort, then know that
whatever you're doing, right there, isn't working for you. And then,
as you start talking about why you want it and you start pretending
that it has happened, or you start envisioning that it's has happened,
and you feel that discomfort sort of ease up, and you feel yourself
starting to feel a little lighter about it, now you know the Energy's
flowing. And so, then next time you think about it, you might have to
go through the same process again of feeling uncomfortable and then
bringing yourself to a place of ease. But it doesn't take too many
times of transmuting that Energy -- from a place of a knot in your
stomach to feeling better -- before you've transmuted your basic point
of attraction relative to that subject. And it doesn't take too much
of that before something starts to break loose. In other words, the
Universe gives you the break that your Energy now deserves. And we
don't mean that in a judging term.

Somebody said, "There is no justice." And we say, "there is utter
justice." You all get exactly what you deserve. Meaning, you're all
getting exactly what you're vibrationally offering! So just play with
it. Think and feel, think and feel, think and feel.

If there's something that you really want, like, when you said
"money"; in other words, you're almost embarrassed to even talk about
it, because you can feel how negative it makes you feel even to think
about it. Let us give you some sort of practical, fast approaches to
this. Every time you spend money for anything, appreciate the fact
that you had it to spend. Even if you think you're spending it
unwisely, even if you shouldn't be spending it for this and should be
saving it for something else, even if, when you spend it, it will
deplete your checking account to a place that is uncomfortably low,
even under those conditions -- appreciate the fact that you had it to

"I am so happy to spend this money."

Now, let's talk about that subject of "tithing" for just a moment. A
lot of people ask about tithing, because they have been told that
there is benefit in it. And they're usually told that by those who
will receive the benefit from their tithing. In other words, "tithing
is a good thing, give your money to me and your life will be better,"
is the general picture of tithing. The reason that tithing is
beneficial is because, if you feel abundant enough that you have
excess that you don't have to have...the excess is a vibration of Well-
being. In other words, "I've not only got enough money for what I
need, I have extra money," and so, it's that vibration of Well-being
that allows more dollars to flow. So we encourage that you "tithe"
your clothing account, that you "tithe" your vacation account, that
you "tithe" your eating-at-a-special- restaurant account. In other
words, you don't have to tithe a church or a guru. Tithe yourself, but
get into the attitude of excess. In other words, "not only can I meet
my basic requirements, but I have excess that I can do other things
with," because it's that vibration of abundance, that vibration of

So, something that you can do that gets you in that flow, right away,
is looking around at your personal possessions and noticing how many
things you have that cost money. I've got ... (add up how much your
stuff is really worth). In other words, I spent money on (...) add up
how many meals you've eaten, how much money you've blown on food that
you no longer have to call assets. You see what we're getting at? As
you start thinking in terms of all of the money that's passed through
your hands you get a sense of the abundance of dollars, in and out, in
and out, in and out, in and out.

Now, what makes many of you feel lackful of money is that you don't
have a big pile of it sitting around somewhere. And we say, no
problem. You don't have a big pile of air sitting around, either. You
don't have a big pile of Energy sitting around. It's not what it's
for! It's the utilization of it that is the power of it; in and out,
in and out, in and out, in and out. So rather than feeling lackful
because there isn't excess money or extra money, just enjoy the money
that is there: in and out, in and out, in and out and you get this
sense of...the money is just like the Energy, it is just the oxygen,
it is always there. There is as much there as is ever needed -- and
you can start identifying what you will do with it: "If I had an extra
$100, I would do that."

Now, a process that we have seen work incredibly well is to put an
extra $100 in your pocket. Find it from somewhere, carry it in your
pocket and note how many things that please you you could do with it
if you really wanted to. Somebody said, "Abraham, you obviously
haven't been around lately, because $100 won't go very far!" And we
say, if you spend it 1,000 times today, mentally, that's $100,000 that
you have projected. In other words, "I would buy that, I could buy
that. We could eat there. We could do this! We could stay there. It is
a down payment on this!" You see what we're getting at? And as you
mentally project that...and something about actually having it, makes
it feel real. It's not a fantasy anymore. In other words, "I've got
it!" You can even take it out and look at it. You could see something
in a window and say, "You know, if I really wanted that, if I wanted
that more than the feeling of Well-being that this $100 offers me, I
could just exchange it right now." But if you keep the $100 in your
pocket and mentally spend it again and again and again and again, what
happens is, that vortex opens. In other words, as you mentally expend
it, you mentally bring it in, as you mentally expend it, you mentally
bring it in, as you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in until
soon it is physically coming to you. Soon it is physically coming in
and physically going out, physically coming in and physically going
out -- but, you have to start with the mental projection of it first!
And then, before you know it, you have more money than you know what
to do with. Truly, we're not kidding you! It becomes, then, a new
process of determining what you're going to do with it. In other
words, managing your money, letting it flow, having the fun of it,
taking it to the bank, you see.


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