Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Symptoms Due to New Energies Integration

Symptoms Due to New Energies Integration
While keeping a good hygiene in life and a healthy and vegetarian food, and of course while doing a spiritual work, many people are showing an increase of their heart beat and arterial hypertension. Is this due to a vibrational level increase of the cells in their body in order to be transformed? What can one do to deal with these troubles?

They are telling me:

"There are two cases.

There are indeed people who keep a good hygiene in life and accomplish a spiritual work who meet nuisances in their body related to heart beat increase or hypertension.

There are also people who keep a good hygiene in life, who are on a spiritual path but who have the illusion de be on a spiritual path. They are at the border of the spiritual path, but they don't really put the spiritual work into practice, so they are more affected by these tremendous energies.

Be sure that at this present time there are really huge energies coming from the Universe, coming from all the spheres of your solar system which have already transited. These energies are showering planet Earth to help all life rise in its wonderful transition.

ALL of you will meet nuisances in your body. So you have to talk to your body. If you have hypertension, you must first make sure it doesn't come from a dysfunction or an inappropriate food. If you do your best and you have hypertension (or anything else) you must talk to your body and know what is disturbing it. Are they waves coming from your higher dimensionalities because you have suffered traumas, emotional shocks, or in your physical body?

Try to see if you have cleansed enough your past. If you think you have well cleansed your past, then accept, let these energies flow, become aware of their flowing inside you. Try to realize it is a rejuvenation bath. This rejuvenation bath may trigger some disorders because these energies are so powerful, they annihilate, absorb all your third dimension energies. These new energies are taking place. Step by step you will integrate, you are actually becoming to integrate energies from the fourth, fifth if not sixth dimension for some of you.

You who are in density and those among you who live in the third dimension, imagine that the energies from the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension begin to take space within you, and what "earthquakes" they can provoke in your physical body. This image of earthquake gives you an idea of what these energies can trigger within your body.

All of you have to expect moments of great tiredness, great dullness . At times, you will encounter, just like our canal at this moment, breathing difficulties, or, like her, you will feel like you have a pain at your heart level, as if your heart would want to expand more and more without being able to sustain it.

Be sure that this won't last very long. You just go through periods of discomfort, because you cannot hold in one shot all the great energy waves which are coming, which are trying to get into place. In between these waves there are periods of stillness. It is like the ocean where big waves are followed by much smaller ones.

It is necessary that you become aware that anything happening at this time is linked to your transition. You may experience pains, you may have headaches, and you may be willing to give up because you have the feeling this is too strong for you, that you will never make it.

You simply have to be in the acceptation. Tell yourself: "I accept everything which is happening within me with Love, with gratitude, with joy, with serenity." At that moment, your older energies are released, because you are not holding them back, and the new energies will take place gently, with Love in your body of matter and in your multidimensionalities. You become more and more filled with Light, from the top of your multidimensionalities down to your base (your physical body)

Don't worry too much if you feel difficulties in your body. Your substance is being reborn to a new dimension, to a vibration frequency much higher. Thus the matter undergoes tremendous pressure, huge energetic shocks. So all your cells must be transformed step by step, must accept this transformation, this new energy, must absorb it and everything must come into place.

We consider that this is an important question because all of you who are undergoing these difficulties in their body must be reassured."

They also tell me this:

"For those who are totally reluctant to integrate these energies, this resistance will create many difficulties, many disharmonies in their body, and for some of them it will lead to their departure due to the non acceptation of this deep transformation.

This is not at all important, because these people's task in the third dimension will be over. They will proceed then in rest zones before being reintegrated in third dimension worlds, but not in this galaxy, not in this universe which is going to be completely different. Other universes will host those souls who were not able to complete their study in the matter, for there are multitudes of classes being offered to souls for their evolution."

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