Thursday, June 25, 2009


by Troika Celeste Saint Germain, Copyright 2009

This June (2009), an incredible amount of new higher frequency
energies will be flooding the planet. We have these boosts of energy
to raise the frequency of our planet and all life forms living on it.
This can cause some physical discomfort and mental and emotional
imbalance, as our bodies are not accustomed to sustaining these
frequencies. We are experiencing and feeling things that are new to
us. Our third dimensional brain does not understand them or know how
to process fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional energies.

There are steps we can take to help our brain and physical body go
through these changes with more ease and comfort. The only thing we
really need to do is raise our frequency and vibration to match these
new energies. How do we do this you may ask? The most powerful,
easiest and most effective way is using the Violet Flame. It will
raise your frequency and vibration and help smooth out the transition,
preparing you for what we call the Ascension. In my previous articles,
I've spoken primarily of the Violet Flame and ways to use it. You may
find these articles on this website.

There are now amazing products that the Higher Realm has brought
through some people which are to help with these transitions. I have
been blessed to produce products for Ascended Master St. Germain for
this exact purpose. One is his Elixir of Life, which is a vibrational
essence created from the herbal elixir that he drank during his last
embodiment. He lived for 300 years, never ageing in appearance and
health past the age of 40 to 45. He used this elixir daily to maintain
his body and his vibrational frequency. Now he has given it to us so
we may do the same. TransformEssenceĆ¢, a skin cream, also has the
ability to raise frequency and vibration, and reverse the appearance
of aging. Other people have likewise brought through wonderful
creations. For instance: the Tachyon technology from Japan is very
helpful; purple plates based on Tesla technology; and various other
items that, with "intention", discernment and an open eye, you will

On a physical level, getting enough sleep is very important right now.
There will be times when the energy gets so intense that all you want
to do is sleep. This is because your body needs the downtime for the
cells to realign themselves and readjust. It takes a lot of physical
energy for the body to mutate into the new frequencies. Your body is
basically turning from a carbon base to a crystalline base. It's like
coal becoming a diamond. If you think of what a lump of coal must have
to endure in the center of the Earth, the pressure and the heat, the
trauma and drama, to turn itself into a diamond, you can imagine what
your physical body is going through in this process. That's why
supporting your physical body with very good-quality food (organic
fruits and vegetables) and water, Himalayan salt and trace minerals,
supplements such as CoQ10, selenium, amino acids (which are the
building blocks of the body and are probably more important than
vitamins and minerals), and good quality vitamin E, C, D, magnesium,
calcium and zinc will also help the body. Take strong antioxidants to
detoxify, as your body will be throwing off lots of toxins, some of
which are byproducts of the body turning from carbon to crystalline.
You need plenty of water to flush them out of your system. Doing
breathing exercises, rhythmic, very deep breathing will refresh the
body, and give it more oxygen and also release toxins. Activities like
yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, acupuncture, chiropractic care and
massage will support the body as well. If you should feel symptoms of
cold or flu at various times, generally speaking, this is a detox. I
would suggest herbal remedies or homeopathic medicine for this;
however if you feel there is something seriously wrong, do see a
doctor. "The FDA requires me to say this."

On a mental level, think only positive thoughts. Focus on the glass
being half full. Create a sense of willingness to face new changes and
to experience new things. Both the mental and emotional body must
release all fear. Replace fear, anger, frustration, and other negative
thoughts and emotions with love, appreciation and gratitude. Pay
absolutely no attention to the fear-based doomsday predictions and
other terror stories, be they from political or "New Age" sources. In
fact, stop watching television. In addition to having to endure the
slanted news media, unbelievable stupid programs and over-hyped
commercials, TV is purposely hypnotic, saps your energy and exposes
you to heavy electrical waves.

Spiritually, practice such things as: prayer, invocations, meditation,
breathing exercises, chanting, rituals and, most important, pure
INTENTION and WILL. Set a very strong intention that you ARE a Divine
Being, WILL yourself to embody your Divinity, and live your life as
such. Seeing the divine in all situations and all people is paramount.
One of the greatest ways to raise your frequency and vibration is to
consciously and intentionally, feel that every thing that you do, no
matter how mundane or how simple, such as opening a door for somebody,
is a reflection of your love and respect of all living things. To live
your life with the intention of being God-like in everything you do,
to see God in everyone, and respect everyone as such. Living your life
with an intention of always being in integrity and honesty with
yourself and others. To always look for a win-win situation, and
cooperation with all of life, including animals, birds, trees, rivers,
lakes, the ocean, etc., knowing that we live on a divine planet.

Many people talk of power points and sacred sites. Mt. Shasta being
one, however in true reality, every speck of dirt on this planet is
sacred. You can tap into the divine energies anywhere you are, if that
is your intention and your determination. Having said that, it is
still a wonderful thing to make pilgrimages to places known for being
sacred sites or spiritual vortex such as Mt. Shasta, Glastonbury, and
the Pyramids of Egypt. The reason why a pilgrimage is important is
because there are certain places where the veils are thinner, which
creates a portal or an easier connection point to the higher realms.
Pilgrimage also shows an intention for those experiences. The
pilgrimage itself is a ritual of seeking for more divinity in your
life. Throughout my life I have made many pilgrimages to sacred and
ancient sites. I have received great benefit from them and always
received a boost in my spiritual growth and understanding. Many places
have "spoken" to me, revealing knowledge and memory of a past life.
This is why I do recommend them from my personal experience. Each
sacred site is unique and has a different gift to offer.

Also very beneficial is to work with crystals, color and sound. All
frequencies are represented within the various colors and tones we
encounter. Color and sound is pure energy, or light frequency made
physical. Learn which colors and sounds have the higher vibrations,
and surround yourself with them.

The event we call Ascension has been known by ancient civilizations
for tens of thousands of years. People speak of the Mayan calendar
ending on December 21, 2012, and there are all kinds of speculation as
to what that means -- from the far extremes of death, doom and
annihilation of the planet and all on it, to the actual physical
ascension of the planet and all its life forms. 2012 is not going to
be the end of life on this planet. It marks a shift into another
dimensional frequency. That is why the influx of high frequency energy
is bombarding the earth. The Atlantians also knew about this shift and
through their superior mental and spiritual capabilities embedded 13
powerful crystals in strategic sites around the world. They are to be
activated in a specific sequence during an exact moment in time for
the ascension of our planet and us. These moments of activation are
called gateways, and one of these gateways is coming up on September
9, 2009, which is called the 999. There are several crystals that will
be activated on that date, located in Arkansas, Lake Titicaca, and Mt.
Shasta. I am very honored to have been given the assignment to lead a
group event to activate the Mt. Shasta crystal. This magnificent clear
crystal shines with violet, silver and gold. It projects the frequency
of the Platinum Ray, the Violet Ray, the Diamond Ray and the Christ
Consciousness Gold Ray. It is the perfect balance of female and male
energy. It holds the codes of Ascension, Divine Balance, and Universal
Law & Truth. It also enables multidimensional travel and warping of
time and space.

This crystal is essential for personal and planetary ascension. As it
activates, the people and other life forces that are attuned to it,
and wish to align with the crystal, will receive an activation to help
their own crystalline light body activate. I have been instructed to
have a four-day event, Sept 7-10, for this activation that will
involve a powerful array of presenters, music and movement, crystal
bowl concert and other crystal work, inner-active meditations,
rituals, visualizations and exercises to raise everyone attending
frequency while activating our light body and DNA for ascension. After
our preparations, we will go to a special inter-dimensional portal on
Mt. Shasta the afternoon of the 9th to activate the crystal. Should
you feel drawn to attend this profoundly transformational event, don't
hesitate to contact me at the email or phone number below.

To sum up raising your frequency and vibration; remember to address
all parts of yourself, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual,
supporting each one of those bodies in the ways mentioned. Surround
yourself with high-vibrational colors, sounds and beauty in all forms.
Know deep inside of your core that you are God/Goddess incarnate and
live your life as such. Express love, praise, appreciation and
gratitude for all things and all beings, at all times. From a
heartfelt desire, do whatever you can to help the earth, fellow
humans, the animals and all of nature. Many blessings to you on your
spiritual journey.

Please read VIBRATION IS EVERYTHING! for more information on this

First published in The Spirit Mountain Chronicle, Mt. Shasta, CA,
Summer 2009 issue.

Copyright © 2009 Troika Celeste Saint Germain.