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Archangel Metatron’s Soul Rules - a 111 discourse|

Archangel Metatron’s Soul Rules - a 111 discourse|

The Archangel Metatron discourses upon this topic:

Hyper-Quantum Mathematics of the Soul: The Exponential Equation of
Formulas which create Balance, Abundance and Bliss

The Ancients Come

What you deny, subtracts
What you enjoy, adds
What you horde, divides,
What you share, multiplies

What you fear, you enforce.
What you love, you empower.

What you believe, you become.
What you know, you enlighten.

What is rote, is lifeless
What is experienced is enlivening.

What you hide from, erodes your Foundation.
What you examine, strengthens your Cornerstone.

What you seek in lack, is found without.
What you seek in abundance, is found within

What you reject is returned
What you embrace is expanded

What you hold on to is limited
What you let go of is limitless

What you mistrust is lacking
What you entrust is infinite

When you follow others you become lost
When you follow your own soul you are found

What you think, draws you to an outer reality.
What you feel, aligns you with the Sacred Path of the Heart.

The greatest of all Truths is this:
When you Love, you become One with the Divine,
Blessed by the Divine,
Blessed Be the Divine.


Master Kuthumi now presides to complete the teaching

We begin wit;h the definition of Cornerstone:

1. the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or
developed or calculated or explained
2. a stone in the exterior of a large and important building; usually
carved with a date and laid with appropriate ceremonies
3. a stone at the outer corner of two intersecting masonry walls

Our Beloveds, what you are all creating now, is a New Now. What is the
Cornerstone of the New Now? Only Love. The First Balance Formula:

New Now – Only Love

Numerology of New now Only Love

555 565 6537 3645

Total Word #70

Vowels 35
Consonants 35

What the Ascended Masters have been teaching you all along is the
formula for the Ascension Lifetime of Humanity. You have received it
in segments and now begin to see the Whole. If you had been given the
whole at the start, it would have been overwhelming and
incomprehensible. You have been led through the parts in such a way
that Now, if you look at them with your hearts open and the way clear
to the New Now, you see the score of the entire symphony.

Lifetime after lifetime, you have specialized in one instrument or
another and you have played a single part. Who is the Conductor? It is
you. Who is the Composer? It is God. And since God is within, you are
both conductor and composer. You are no longer limited to one
instrument, and one line of music on the page of your experience. You
are the conductor and the composer in an improvisation of great
beauty. You are all standing on the podium with the baton in your
hand. Before you is the orchestra that will follow your lead. Who is
in the orchestra? It is not the people you see on the outside of your
life. It is not the jobs you have held or the places you have been. It
is not your thoughts or your things.

The orchestra is composed of All-One Beings. It is the compendium of
each of your past lives and the continuum experience of this one life
you are in Now. Each is part of the Whole and holds the parts. This is
what it means to be in Unity Consciousness: everything that has ever
been, that is evolving and will be, is in the symphony of your soul.
There is but One Soul, One Heart, One God. And you are both part of
this and you are the whole of the eternal mystery of creation. In the
New Now, the mystery is becoming enlightened.

Now, you have all been raised in limited consciousness. The
accelerations of the month of July-August 2009 have been so powerful
for you all because the limitations are beginning to truly fall away
into the illusion of separation. These are some of the things you have
been taught about the symphony:

* To begin with, many of you believe you do not have talent for
* Those of you who were given the opportunity to learn an
instrument were told: First of all, you must choose one instrument and
stick with it.
* You must be instructed by a master
* You must practice until it is perfect.
* You must rehearse until the performance.
* You must tune your instrument to A440
* You must wait for the downbeat before you begin.
* You must play what’s on the page
* You must follow the conductor.
* There is a beginning and an end.
* And for the audience, you must not clap in the middle.

Well, you ask, what if we all just “did our own thing” and paid no
attention to the whole? Would there not be just a cacophony of sound?
Would there not be chaos? Would the exquisite harmonies not be lost?
Would we not be out of tune with each other and out of synch? If we
don’t practice and perfect, how do we create the masterpiece of life?

This is what we have to say about these very important questions: you
have been practicing lifetime after lifetime already! You have already
learned every instrument by being and doing an infinite compilation of
incarnate persons. You are already in tune with the whole at the A440
frequency of Universal Consciousness. There is no beginning and no end
and you may clap (celebrate) whenever you choose. The only One to
follow is the God Within, and it is all the same within each one of us
(All-One Beings). There is no more rehearsal! This is it! This is the
performance, now and in every New Now. For the formula of Harmony is
this: express what is in your heart and you are attuned to Source. You
are already a Master, and you need no further instruction. All you
need do is to follow your heart, to Love and to Celebrate the greatest
symphony ever heard in all of Creation: this Ascension Lifetime for
all who choose to say “Yes”.

In turn, the Ascended Masters will all contribute to this remembering
by sharing the formulas for Balance, Abundance and Bliss. This is your
Ascension Lifetime. You already know this. We simply assist you in
remembering the lessons you have already learned, the truths you have
already uncovered and the Way of your soul back to the Heart of God-
Creation Vortex of Goddess, meaning All-One Beings.

Alleluia form the Lodestar, the Cornerstone and the Principium of the
Eternal Lightness of Being.

WE are blessed by the Divine. We are blessed Divine Light Beings
The calibration of this Phrase is the Starting Point for this series
of Wisdom

© Ronna Prince 2009