Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spiritual Expansion into Divine Frequencies

Spiritual Expansion into Divine Frequencies
Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Hello, we are the Galactic Frequency Council. We come to you from a
dimension not yet discovered by your scientists, a place deeper than
consciousness, deeper than biology, deeper than the fabric of the
material and physical world you inhabit: a place within you. We are
part of the fabric of your existence, the fabric of the matrix of
light and energy that connects and enlivens All That Is. We are
figments of your imagination and as real as you choose us to be within
the third dimension. Who are we? We are a group of entities and
energies who work together to assist with spiritual expansion on all
levels—levels tinier than the cellular and levels vaster than this
universe alone. Yes, there are other universes within this universe as
well as other universes outside of this one. Our universe is even
within another universe—infinity within infinity. This idea is hard to
grasp on a rational level, but easy to feel within
your heart center.

We are extremely pleased to be communicating with you today. We have
negotiated through space and time to reach you and, in your own way,
you have done the same. We are very excited to be here, because we
have a lot of pivotal information to share with you about your future,
your hopes, your endeavors and your souls. Please join us in this
mutual journey of self-evolvement and self-realization. Self-discovery
is the ultimate goal, for in discovering yourself, you discover the
universe itself. See what makes you tick and see the structure of the

Inhabiting Divine Consciousness

So why are you here, in this universe? You are actually here by your
own choice, for the advantages of this universe are that it is an
expanding one, rife with creative power and hot energy. It is a
tumultuous and exciting place to be. Out if its instability comes
enormous potential for spiritual expansion and a calling for creation
of the highest order, the re-creation of God within ourselves. For we
are not merely sparks, little offshoots of divine consciousness. We
are divine consciousness, all of us—you, us, your neighbors and even
your enemies.

Spiritual expansion is about expanding yourself outward in order to
inhabit and embody this divine consciousness in its totality. It’s
about becoming the ocean, and not just being a single drop of water
within it. It not only involves connecting and communicating with
other drops of water, but uniting with them to form one being, one
mighty ocean, and allowing this entire consciousness within your
single drop—in other words, embodying God and divine consciousness
within your own mind, body and spirit. To experience spiritual
expansion is to literally open up your energy. When water is heated,
its molecules move farther and farther apart and vibrate at a higher
rate. This is what happens with the expansion of the soul. It becomes
larger, lighter and moves more quickly. It easily adapts and adjusts
itself. It can allow other energies to flow in and flow out,
permeating other fields of energy with much greater ease. It can move
at the speed of light, more quickly than a synapse can fire in your

• The goal of spiritual expansion is to expand ourselves outward,
inhabiting divine consciousness in its totality.
• Every soul has a frequency, and as we expand, we receive more
conscious control of our frequency dynamics.
• Expanded frequencies also allow for a broader range of choices for
the soul, since the soul itself can assume a greater number of
• Divine frequency is reached when our frequencies are aligned with
the divine unified awareness that we are all one.

Frequencies of the Soul

Everyone—every soul—has a frequency, but no soul has just one
frequency. Every frequency is not unique, which is how we are able to
have shared, conscious experiences. What determines one’s frequencies
is incredibly complex. As we expand, we have more and more conscious
control of our frequency dynamics. By dynamics, we mean the ever-
present interplay
among frequencies and between frequencies and other formations of
energy. Frequencies emanate from one source. This source is within
each soul, yet there is only one source. There are structures
throughout the universe that transmit frequencies. We call these
“space stations.” These structures are within you as well. The
Galactic Frequency Council is able to access these stations at all
times. We can help you to adjust them as needed.

The space station is actually a parabolic structure found in your
heart center. There is usually also a conical structure right above
the top of your head. You may become aware of it right now as we are
talking about it. This conical structure develops more and more as you
expand. It is through this structure that more conscious frequency
attunements are accomplished. The space station for the entire planet
is located within the actual planet, for the planet, too, has a heart
center. A conical structure is developing just outside of Earth’s
energy field. This structure can serve to facilitate conscious
planetary frequency adjustments. It is not yet fully functional. Your
intention is what forms and maintains it.

There is a mathematical formula for each particular frequency. The
basis of this formula is a quadratic equation. Mathematicians and
physicists are working on it in their theorems for string theory, but
they have a long way to go. They are not yet consciously aware of all
the variables needed in these equations. We have provided a great deal
of information to those working in this field. These souls have done a
great deal of wonderful work, and we have enjoyed our work with them.

Divine Frequencies

So what makes a frequency divine? That is very simple: A frequency is
a divine frequency if it emanates from an awareness of one’s godhood.
It is not a matter of degree. Frequencies are either divine or they
are not. A divine frequency has its own awareness of its divinity and
a sort of intelligence of its own. You are ultimately its master, but
it is not only a tool for you. It is a part of your soul. Frequencies
are always changing, as is the universe—as are you.

There are other types of frequencies as well—frequencies of sound,
light, spectra of color and many, many more. Some of these may be
divine, and some may not; some are dense frequencies that lack
awareness. As a soul evolves, it becomes more adept at recognizing and
adjusting to frequencies and, in turn, at adjusting its own
frequencies. A soul may choose to forget how to do this in order to
learn again from a slightly different perspective.

Are there people on Earth today whose frequencies are completely
divine? That is not a simple question, since all sorts of energies
move through us. There are certainly humans today whose frequencies
are aligned with the divine unified awareness that we are all one. By
aligned, we mean that the frequencies of these humans are able to
easily and fluidly combine with the specific frequencies of divine
unified awareness. Divine unified awareness is one of the highest
frequencies of the universe. It is a challenging frequency to maintain
while in human form, but as more humans are doing it, their human
forms are changing and adapting in such a way as to easily maintain
this frequency. This, in turn, helps to further enhance the conical
structure of Earth, the one just outside of its energy field.

Choosing Your Frequency

What does this mean for you in your life? Denser frequencies generally
involve much less choice; they are usually accompanied by what you
might think of as the more negative emotions: sadness, hatred, fear,
envy and self-loathing, for example. As you expand, you will find that
it is easier to move from these states of experience into other states
of experience—ones associated with more positive emotions, such as
joy, happiness, rapture and love. While you may move back into the
more negative emotions again, you will find it easier to return to the
frequencies of the lighter emotions. And they are lighter, they are
less dense, and they allow for more frequencies of light, or light
waves, to penetrate—just as sunlight more easily penetrates feathers
than it does rocks.

Frequencies of light bring in special energy. Light frequencies can
innervate and update the frequency dynamics of the soul. They are also
wonderful tools for healing. Likewise, the ability of the soul to move
at the speed of light enables it to more easily communicate with other
souls and to have greater access to energy forms and fields. This
means more access to information, creating the opportunity to make
more informed choices. It also allows for a broader range of choices
for the soul, since the soul itself can assume a greater number of
formations. It’s like comparing the choices of a tortoise to those of
a bird. Which would you rather be? It’s up to you.

Again, many choose not to expand. They choose to work with dense
energies for long periods of time. They may or may not choose to
expand eventually, but they will continue to evolve, and their choices
will continue to have an effect on the entire universe. If you are
reading this message, you are probably choosing spiritual expansion.
There is no judgment from us on this subject, as there is no judgment
from us regarding any choice made by anyone. It is all part of the
beauty and wonder of our divine, shared existence.

Spiritual expansion begins when you set your intent to experience it.
Once you truly set your intent, you will find that helpful information
and supportive energies will flow your way. If you would like to
participate in this process, simply set your intent to do so. We stand
by, ready to assist you in a number of ways and can connect with you
on many levels in order to provide instruction, guidance and support
for spiritual expansion. Just call on us, and we will be there in
unexpected ways. Many of you have no idea how much support you have
around you at all times. We are waiting for your call. Namaste.

Catherine Richardson
P.O. Box 3283
San Diego, CA 92163