Sunday, September 20, 2009

Balancing the Illusion

Balancing the Illusion
by Jennifer Hoffman

In our life journey the soul seeks balance through reconnection. and the ego seeks balance through proof of love. When they work together, we are in balance, at zero polarity. When they pull in opposite directions, the soul helps create lessons to help us find our inner power, and the ego creates endless illusions of separation and the lack of love. We know that our material world is an illusion created from our thought and beliefs. We can use the ego's creative power and the soul's knowledge to create balance in our illusion so we have it all, love, peace and joy.

The ego is infinitely creative and it is constantly manifesting the illusion we live in. Wherever we see limitation and lack our soul reminds us that we are out of balance. We have two choices, to reach out to the illusion and try to "fix" it or to look to the source of the imbalance (us) and make necessary adjustments. Too often we become fixated on the illusion, our outer reality, and work harder to balance it. But this adds fuel to the fire, so to speak, and enhances the imbalance. The lesson for us is this -- if we are not balanced from within we cannot have a balanced outer world.

Adjusting our inner imbalance is actually less complicated but takes much more effort, according to the ego, which prefers to use its creative energy in an endless flow of manifesting new solutions to alter the imbalance. But all it does it create more imbalance. The soul waits patiently for the ego to stop its endless creation so they can work together in a more effective way, from the inner to the outer. With each step on our path we are faced with this fork in the road, are we going to create from the ego or work in partnership with the soul?

The ego goes into creative overdrive because when we feel the imbalance we think we are doing all the work and the Universe is not helping us. The Universe does not create, it responds. It cannot create balance for us when we are not in balance from within. This is where our ascension into spiritual humanity begins to take on new meaning and where we see that being still allows the soul to be heard over the constant chatter of the ego. Then we can balance the illusion from within, allowing ego and spirit to work together, so the illusion is in such perfect balance that there is no separation between the life we dream of and the life we have. And this is heaven on earth.

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