Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thursday October 01, 2009 Astrological Musings

Thursday October 01, 2009

Welcome to the 10th month of an number 11 year making
October 2009 a 3 month of learning and opening to our
fullest potential.

We begin today with the moon in Magical and
Mystical Pisces making an opposition to Venus
the planet of love and beauty.

Venus is wearing
her Virgo costume and as she asks that we find
the facts and details that MOON IN PISCES says,
WHO Cares, facts change by the moment, lets
imagine what we want and Venus says…

We do have to know what we want before we wish
don’t we?

AND there you have an simple explanation
of the term OPPOSITION. 2 planets wanting different
things and when they finally figure out how well they
do in the middle all moves along wonderfully as
today should.

Of course we are about 58 hours away from a full
moon and you may be feeling that pull of our
Full Harvest moon already. It will be 11:10pm
On Saturday the 3rd.

Make a point of looking at the sky
and you will see the MAGICAL Libra/Aries Full moon
looking back at you asking you to release all obstacles
to having what you deserve (Aries) and also allowing
others what they deserve (Libra)

- Color today Blue for your own truth and the sky
- Use oil of thieves to remove germs, or pine to
bring the outdoors inside and it also kills germs
- Rose quartz for love of all kinds
- Kiss for today, expect a shift in mood for yourself
and others and go with the flow (GET outdoors)
All punishment is self-punishment. All forgiveness is
self-forgiveness. -- Alan Cohen
What are your visions and dreams of what you desire?
Remember, The future enters into us, in order to transform us,
long before it happens. -- Ranier Maria Rilke
Kiss is keep it simple sweetie for the day
V/c is when the moon times out and things do not go
as expected
Carol Barbeau

Planets are actors and have a part to play
Signs are the costumes the planets wear
Aspects are how the planets are playing together
Moon is emotions so we keep track of what sign it is in each
day to better understand our own and others moods