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Higher Frequency Living

Higher Frequency Living
St. Francis through Anina Davenport

St. Francis: As you have all noticed by now living in the higher
frequencies is different than you lived let’s say 20 years ago. You
all have been raising frequency and life has changed dramatically. On
the outside you might still look the same. Maybe you have even become
a little boring to some of your old friends (laughter) but inside and
in your daily life there are big differences. So what are these?

As you have been raising frequency you have been clearing a lot of
your old conditioning. You had too. It was staring you in the face and
after every light infusion old staff would come up. Especially
energies that had been held in the body maybe for lifetimes had to be
released. The higher frequency increases the spin of your cells and
the old gets thrown out. That is just how it works. Some people have
tried to leave the spiritual path because it seemed too hard at times
but you can never really really leave. You can delay maybe for
lifetimes but the ultimate goal is always enlightenment eventually for
everybody. Do it now and there will be less problems in the future. Of
course you can slow down and we have talked about this in our books.
You need not go high speed all the time. Take a break and take a load
of now and then.

The clearing of conditioning is extremely important. Some do it mainly
energetically and they don’t need so much understanding about what
happened in the past and why. Some of you really get into old patterns
and many of you are good at watching yourselves or practice inquiry as
they call it. As you clear conditioning your Self (the Self with a
capital S the greater Self) becomes more apparent. It has always been
there but the conditioning has covered it up. This Self or
consciousness is who you are; the other staff is mere illusion
although it is a very real seeming illusion. So we don’t even like to
call it illusion. The body too is an illusion but when the toe hurts
you know it don’t you. As you raise frequency you become more aware of
the Self. As before you might have read in a book about it and it
sounded all very nice and flowery and it did not mean much now you are
having more and more real experiences. They are not experiences but
you experience it that way: You experience your Self: still spacious
and just there; periods of deep happiness without good reason. When
Anina comes back from her yearly retreat with Ammachi she often feels
happy. She has called it happiness without good reason. Of course you
can then always make up reasons: “I live in a beautiful place. I love
my family” and so on but that is the mind adding its interpretation
because it hates the unexplained. But if you do have a period like
that just stay with it and try not to think too much because the truth
is it is an innate happiness that all have. It is your natural Being.
It is also not something you were given by another although the
frequency of a truly enlightened Being can resonate with your true
peace and intensify it. Also a true enlightened Being will help you
remove even more of your conditioning. In fact for a month Anina feels
very happy and peaceful and then often some very old conditioning gets
brought back up. That is the way it works whether you see an
enlightened Being or spend time on the couch feeling light infusion
come into your vehicle. Wonderful until the old energies that need to
be released come up. You know the drill by now.

The way you operate in the world on a higher frequency is very
different. As you increase frequency you learn to trust the universe
more. If you think about it much of conditioning is really about not
trusting. The truth is you cannot trust anybody on Earth a 100%
because everyone except for a few fully enlightened Beings has a
negative ego. That is just the way it is. Now some people are pretty
trustworthy. They usually stand by their word and won’t let you down.
Some are in between and some thrive on deceiving others or struggle
with addictions and mental and emotional problems and let you down
that way. It is not a perfect world. So who do you trust? The Self,
consciousness, God if you will; but many project their parents or
other authority figures on God. My father beat me so I am not going to
trust anyone not even God. That is your conditioning then and that is
your work. So as frequency increases the old feelings of being
betrayed wounded and hurt come up and as you breathe through this and
hold on to Self you can release all that and learn to trust the
universe. Not people but the universe, life, God, the Self whatever
your words. That you can trust. People you trust as much as seems
reasonable: Your spouse you might trust a lot but your teenage son
maybe not so much. The bigger the negative ego the less trustworthy
another is and we don’t say this in judgment. This is a school and
releasing negative ego is part of the curriculum so no one gets
criticized for having one. Just don’t hold on to it too tightly or
your progress will be slow.

Trusting the universe more changes things and it does not happen in a
straight line. You might be all trusting and then some things happen
that challenge your trust. Someone takes advantage of you for example.
Old feelings come up and you feel defeated and so on. If you can
breathe through it and keep trusting Self then there is something to
learn here. It might not be apparent right away but all you are asked
to do is to keep breathing, not suppress your feelings and not take
them too seriously and stay the course. Relax. Watch a movie. Tomorrow
might be better and dream-time might bring you some answers. Have a
good cry if you need to.

In general your emotions will be smoother on the higher frequency. We
say in general because sometimes very deep hurt can be released but
the big drama is over. You do not anymore feel like a ship in a stormy
ocean without an anchor being thrown about. Your anchor is trust in
Self. You have become aware of consciousness enough that you know that
it is always there even if you don’t feel it sometimes because you got
attached to some worldly drama. Breathe, relax and step back into your
Self. Don’t worry. Trust the universe.

When you trust more life becomes more interesting. In fact it becomes
more like a movie interesting to watch but not so interesting that you
forget your Self. Everything is a projection of your Self in truth but
you might not be there yet. That’s alright we are just giving you some
pointers for the next movie. But you will find yourself saying; “Oh
there is this dilemma. I wonder how this will get solved. I wonder
what the universe will come up with.” There will still be some anxiety
and a part of you might say: “I hope I don’t get screwed on this one.
Remember 1998 when this person took my money and never paid me back?”
That’s Ok. Let these concerns be there but don’t get involved. You
trust the universe or most of you does. Just don’t pay too much
attention to the worrier. Now that does not mean taking no action. If
your higher self impulses you to go and get a lawyer then that is
fine; Go ahead pick up the phone and call someone but do it based on
an impulse by the Self not the ego that often imagines the worst. So
this is a delicate balance we know and that is why the universe
presents you with people and situations to practice on. Sometimes you
will get it right and sometimes you might still fall into old patterns
for example of acting prematurely or waiting too long. Divine timing
is a skill as well. Don’t worry dust yourself off and learn from your
mistakes. No problem.

Sometimes you are going to be confronted with difficult people. Some
years ago Anina had a dream in which Ammachi told her that she will
need a thick skin in a situation that was coming up. It was a warning
of sort and also an acknowledgment that this situation was kind of
hairy not just in Anina’s imagination. It was also an acknowledgment
that Anina was not alone. Ammachi was helping and a true teacher helps
in the right way and amount. She or he helps enough so that the
student does not get too overwhelmed and not so much that the student
is not developing his own skills in this example it was about thick
skin or a certain detachment from the craziness that was about to
follow. Anina’s lesson was to trust the universe and not to get too
confused by what other people were saying. It is all really between
you and the universe or you and God. Everything else is a sideshow.
Sometimes amusing, sometimes fun, sometimes not so much and sometimes
crazy or even painful. It is not real.

Once you have understood that, truly understood that you will take
your orders from the universe so to speak. When we say orders we mean
it in a light way. You will get to enjoy the play more and more
although at times you still get confused (or fused with the world or
someone’s drama) and that is ok.

So what does it mean to only take “orders” from the universe or we can
also put in Self, consciousness or any other term that you wish to
use. Let us use an example. Your boss is very difficult. He is quite
moody and you never know what he is going to come up with. One day he
seems satisfied with your work but the next day he talks in such a way
that you fear he will fire you. You have tried all kinds of
strategies. You have even read some book about how to work with
difficult people and some of the information has been helpful. You
have taken our advice and decorded and affirmed highest good. So where
do you go from there? You ask the universe for help. You say universe
please help me with this. So maybe you have a little sticker at your
bathroom window and while you are flossing you think: “Universe please
help.” And then you let go. You take a break and then some beliefs
might come up. Such as “I depend on Greg (let’s call your boss Greg)
for my livelihood. He has power over me. If he is in a bad mood he can
fire me and then I cannot pay for my daughter’s braces.” But we have
helped you to cut negative ties with Greg and ask the universe for
help. So some new thoughts might come such as: “The universe will
provide for me. It will find me a new job if I need one. The universe
is abundant. My Self is infinite. I rest in Self. I trust Self. I
trust God. My Higher Self is in charge. Greg cannot hurt me. I am
infinite and indestructible. I am consciousness.” So it is a process.
You are not going to go from “I am a little worker bee that can be
crushed by the big boss any moment” to “I am Self and indestructible”
in a week. (Laughter.) It takes time. Not the realization of who you
really are but the release of this crusty old conditioning. It takes
time. So don’t worry if the old disempowering thoughts come back just
a day after you had some great epiphany about how you are the Self.

Questioner: Couldn’t it be highest good for the person to stay in the
job and learn how to speak up to Greg?

St. Francis: It could be or it could be best for him or her to feel
the freedom of Self and create something new such as another job.

As your frequency rises your job is more and more to stay away from
disempowering situations. Yes there is a period where you have to go
through them and look at the patterns and learn to stand up and all
that but the next step is a certain detachment. So you see Greg is
just a player in this big drama called life and in the big order of
things he is really not so important. He might want to believe he is
and he might want others to believe so too but you can detach and
connect to a higher power: the Self or the universe. That is where you
get your information from. Not from Greg’s ego. Anina once got a taste
of this when she was confronted with an abusive person. The person
kept throwing insults at her and at some point she could not hear him
anymore. The sound went off. She felt good in her own vehicle and she
felt peace and stillness. She was not connected to this person but to
stillness. He finally stopped his insults since he could tell he was
not getting anywhere with those.

This does not mean you won’t get tested on the higher frequency levels
but things have changed. You are more grounded in Self. Things don’t
throw you quite as easily and one of the tricks is not to identify so
much with the drama and its players. In this case that would be the
drama of “Will I get fired or will I keep my job? What is Greg going
to do? He was in a bad mood today. What did he mean when he said so
and so?” Don’t give this so much power. Focus your attention on the
universe. “Universe please help me to be able to pay my bills. Please
find me a better boss. Please help me to find good friends. Please
help me to do the right thing here. Please help me to live my highest
good.” This is where your attention should be: The Self, the universe,
God if you will; Consciousness.

This is highly practical. Try it out in your life. Don’t believe us.
Practice these ideas and then see what happens. Play with this.
Experiment. Good luck to all of you.

Copyright Anina Davenport 2009.

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