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2009: Transcending Duality

2009: Transcending Duality
by Frank Hoogrbeets

April 30, 2009

There are many issues now surfacing, which need our undivided
attention. These issues are from our past, and we are being asked at
this time to have a clear look at them and help them transform and
return to harmony and peace. Please do not take this lightly; there is
work to be done, and we are being asked to roll up our sleeves! It is
the contract we entered into before we came into this life on planet
Earth. If you have been wondering in years past as to the purpose of
your being here, that time is surely gone.

2009 gives us a unique chance to transcend duality on a collective
level rather than on an individual level, a chance we have not had
since the fall of Atlantis some 12.000 years ago. Since that time we
have experienced all kinds of dramas, and because of the lower density
and great sense of duality, we believed these dramas to be very real.
But they were not; they were like a play in which we assumed our role,
and we performed as if our lives were at stake. Now we come to realize
the true nature of the lower third and fourth dimensions. As real as
those worlds may have seemed to us in the past, we can look at them
now and smile, and say: “It was all an illusion!”

Those of us who are willing and prepared to transcend the lower
frequency bands of duality at this time – and many of us are – will
experience a pressure from those who do not want you to do this, as
they are still caught up in fear of change and do not want to come
along on this journey to the higher realms of existence. This pressure
is becoming more apparent, especially so in this year of 2009. Its
number vibration – 11 – is a great opportunity for those who intend to
become more refined, who choose to embrace love and try to attain self-
mastery. However, there will also be attempts by those who exist on
the lower vibratory levels of existence to wreak havoc among mankind,
and we have seen these forces at work trying to instil fear and panic
among the populace. Will they succeed? The answer lies within all of
us! Are we going to choose fear as the foundation of our reality, or
are we going to embrace love and transcend to a higher state of being,
a higher truth and higher knowledge?

The Creator of this universe provides us with a unique opportunity to
love and forgive more than ever before! Yes, we are being challenged,
especially this year with an 11-vibration, which serves as a
steppingstone. But we must choose to utilize it! If we are prepared to
open up to this opportunity, then we will receive the insights to put
events in the proper perspective.

Please allow me to share with you an experience I had recently. A few
days ago I started to experience strange emotions. For a while I did
not feel very happy; it was an oppressive energy and I wondered what
caused this sensation. Yesterday – April 29th – this energy became
stronger, and I did not enjoy what I felt. But then something happened
which gave me an insight. I was working on a numerology project I
started a few weeks ago which involves a new computer programme. In
the evening I reached the test phase of a particular module which
calculates date properties. I used “today's date” – April 29 – to do
the testing. When I saw the results I was surprised to see “119”,
which means the 119th day counted from January 1st. I felt that the
universe tried to convey a message which had something to do with the
transformation process that is now taking place on Earth. It was an
unimaginable chain of synchronous events that lead me to that moment
of clear insight. And the Universe seemed to insist on confirming the
message triplicately: the outdoor temperature was 11.9 degrees Celsius
and the digital clock showed 20:09! At the very moment I was given
this insight, the unpleasant sensation subsided.

But it did not end there. April 30 is a national holiday in the
Netherlands (where I live), as it is the anniversary of our late queen
mother Juliana. In the afternoon, while writing this article, I
switched on the television and heard the news that apparently someone
in a black car had driven into the crowd at high speed, allegedly
trying to attack the royal bus. But it did not. It did not even come
close. A few things immediately caught my attention: the bus had
number 11 on the back on both sides, and according to the news report
the car drove into the crowd at 11:50:31 in the morning. There again
was this 119 pattern as 50:31 reduces to 9, making that point of time
also an 11-vibration (1+1+5+3+1). It was also reported that the driver
was a 38 year old man; 38 is again an 11-vibration. A service
telephone was set up for the surviving relatives of the victims:
0900-0101. It might be a good idea to meditate on these numbers.

Spirit always tries to help us gain insight into matters which
manifest in our lives. In the language of numbers: number 2 and its
higher octave 11 represent both duality and mastery of life. Number 9
represents transformation and transcendence to a higher level of
consciousness. We live in a time in which we are given a unique
opportunity to break free from limiting conditions and open the doors
to the more refined energies of our next higher reality. At the same
time, lower forces will do everything they can to keep us from jumping
to this next level of consciousness. It is the nature of this world.
They do not want us to break free. They want to control the masses so
they themselves can feel save and self-confident. Right now they are
working at warp speed to achieve their goal: total dominion over Earth
and humanity. Their primary frequency is mental overconfidence, but
they lack any spiritual insight; in the core of their being they
experience great fear and pain as they have forgotten who they are and
where they came from.

So once again the message is: Love and forgive beyond measure. Love
and forgive those who try to harm you. Do not blame anyone or
anything. If you are not satisfied with your life, then look within
for answers, not outside. There will be more chaos in the physical
world, but that does not mean that we should experience chaos within
ourselves. We have the means to stay calm through meditation, clear
thoughts of tranquillity. We can use crystals and visualizations of
beautiful transparent geometric shapes. It will help us to bring order
into chaos. The last thing we should do is attune ourselves to the
lower frequencies of fear and panic. Despite of what is unfolding in
our physical reality, we are creators, created in the image of our
Creator. We are perfect and there is no reason to think any less of
ourselves. We have the ability to shape our reality and our future. Do
not look for answers outside yourself. Stop being curious about future
events. Instead, create yourself what you wish to become and what you
wish the world to become. The future lies within our hands!

Frank Hoogerbeets

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