Thursday, May 7, 2009



In struggling with Self doubt one merely succumbs once more to illusion, it is
not real. One only thinks it is. In overcoming we see that illusion dissolves
and is transmuted by the light in awareness of itself, all is one, illusion just
allows us to see a contrast, we see all that we are not to learn all that we are
and can understand that it is we that create the illusion to begin with, to
learn, to know.

The darkness, is dark, all the way to nothingness, yet very real to most for
that is all they know as their reality and thus a whole world born from jealousy
and selfishness arises from the ashes of separation.

You say that your views on the cosmos differ from my own, then it is that you do
not understand my own, for if you knew me you would know that there is no right
or wrong just different understanding.

These are my views that in acknowledgment of understanding, separation
dissolves. In trust fear is driven out. Self doubt dissolves and one sees what
they are not and never were but just thought as often reflected from anothers
doubt as their own, utterly lost within confusion. We understand that our doubts
are the illusion, and when we have no reason to doubt for we see the entirety of
our being and selfless reflection we then know who we are.

We can then see the transparency of others doubt, for we have clarity and vision
of the universal Self and can understand that others thoughts are entirely the
reflections of them selves, reflections of their doubt, intuition will tell you
this. However most do not see their doubt and therefore can only learn who they
are by sadly all to often, reflecting off anothers own doubt!

That is why lights come to the world. Hope spreads in troubled hearts and why
love blossoms where it will. Unconditional actions, that is actions with no
expectation for reward other than the pleasure in giving, show and shine the
way. For that is our very nature, we are love and light energy, unconditional,
selfless, infinite. When one thinks they are above another they only serve to
show you that they doubt themselves, because they need to feed their doubts with
light. Light is the only life source, the eternal giver fueling itself, creating
itself instantaneously and forever in the now.

In selfishness, or separation doubts abound, when one cannot see themselves,
causality affects change to their understanding and awareness of Self. Cause and
effect teaches the actor on his stage, until one day he realizes that he is no
longer the actor but the play write.

The greater the awareness of Self the fewer doubts one can have.

In doubting ones self one is then only doubting all others. Belief in One
teaches the seeker all truth and knowledge born from eternal wisdom. It teaches
equality, humility, honour, it teaches us the very facets of unconditional love
and allows us to see the very fabric of reality, the nature of our being and the
echoes of pure hearts as One.

We are all that IS, consciousness, unconditional and in your now. All you have
to do is believe.

Amanda Thomas 2009