Tuesday, May 5, 2009





Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, you are entering a most powerful phase of your
Planetary Transformation and Ascension. After the Reconnections with
the Natural Kingdoms and with the Sacred Ancestors that took place in
March at the Equinox, the ground was prepared for the activation of
the Ascension Portals, both within your individual Light Bodies and
within the Crystalline Lightbody of Planet Earth.

As the Ascension vortexes are brought "online", a direct connection
with the Cosmic Heart of Source has opened, and a river of Diamond
Light is flowing from the Cosmic Heart and through the Ascension
portals. This Diamond Light is Radiant and Pure and carries the
"signature" of the Cosmic Heart - Pure and Radiant Unconditional Love.
When the Diamond Light is activated in your Lightbody you become a
Pure Mirror for Cosmic Love. Your Lightbody becomes a Crystalline
Diamond through which the Diamantine particles swirl in a vortex of
sparkling light. In this state, everything you experience is a mirror
of the Light of the Cosmic Heart, everything is Pure and Radiant Love,
everything is Sacred. Everything streams from the Heart of God and
everything is returning to the Heart of God. For the Diamond Light and
its Diamantine particles carry the strongest "charge" of magnetic
attraction that comes from the heart of the Mother God and draws all
back into the heart of the Father God to be re-created and re-formed
in the Highest Love and Joy.

And, as the Diamond Light swirls through the Ascension portals, it
lifts everything into light. When you, as Lightworkers, journey
together as groups within One Heart, uniting your Diamond Light bodies
through the Diamond Portal in your Hearts, then you draw the Planet
upwards through the overwhelming attraction of Love. Your hearts reach
out towards the Cosmic Heart, and you are "lifted" up in Pure Love,
and the purity of your Love helps to lift the Planet and assist her on
her journey. For, you are now One, and as you create Harmony and
Peace, so you open a path to the Heart of the Cosmos, and the Planet
journeys towards that Heart of Light on ever more refined spirals and
frequencies of Light. For the Diamond Light is a Spiral of Diamantine
star-like particles of the Divine Essence that creates a "passage" for
the Ascension of the Planet. And, it comes from the Heart of the
Cosmos, from the point of "origin" of all things, and it connects with
your Hearts on the Crystalline Heart Grid and with the Heart of the
Planet, for you are all One in the Love of the Creator.

Beloved Lightworkers, this is indeed the moment of your Victory! The
Planet is Ascending and you are Ascending. In very literal terms, the
Planet is moving through quantum hyperspace together with all her
inhabitants and creating a new destiny that is based only on Love and
Joy. The old programs of disaster and catastrophe are being left
behind as the Planet moves through the quantum corridor of Divine Love
created by the Diamond Light particles. This movement through
hyperspace activates transformations of consciousness at an
accelerated pace.

Beloved Family of Light, do not be afriad, there is no need. This is a
great gift and a miraculous blessing. Every person on the Planet,
every being on the Planet, has undertaken to participate in this
process and be part of the journey, you are all aboard on Spaceship
Earth as she resumes her journey into the Heart of Light! But the
Diamond energies are powerful, and those who are unawakened and
unbalanced and do not know how to flow with the Light are resisting
the light and creating fear and confusion for themselves according to
old patterns of suffering and lack and pain. Beloved Ones, you cannot
resist these powerful changes, you need only let go of control and
allow yourselves to flow with the River of Love and you will receive
Support and Blessings. For the long night of separation is over and
you are returning to the Heart of God within your own Hearts.

Beloved Diamond Children, let us explain to you how the separation
from the Great Heart began and you will understand this healing
process. In the time of Lemuria, Humanity lived in perfect Harmony
with all Things, and as One Heart. But, it was perceived that these
Children of Light had the potential to evolve as individual human
consciousness and to still be able to return to an awareness of the
One, and to live as One within individual consciousness. And so the
"great experiment" was allowed as part of the Divine Plan. It was
decided to allow the illusion of separation so that individual
consciousness could be developed, and then, at the right time, brought
back into Harmony so that Humanity could be Conscious Co-Creators with
Spirit, and yet Spirit at the same time. The new species of Human
Angel that would know the individual self and yet know the Divine Self
in a Conscious and Powerful way.

And so, the illusion of separation was allowed in order to develop
these abilities. Beloved Ones, please understand that this was a hard
choice that you made as a Collective, to allow yourselves to move away
from the Unity of One, and to explore the realms of fogetfulness,
darkness and separation so that you could return to the Heart of God
knowing that nothing, no matter how dark, could separate you from the
love of Great Heart, and that you would always find your way home, no
matter what happened to you on your Journey.

Beloved Ones, this process happened at the time of Atlantis, when you
had evolved as far as you could with the Consciousness that you had,
and yet you still feared incarnation in a body and being "trapped" in
the material plane without access to Light, and that you would be
abandonned by the Source in your Journey. And so, these fears began to
manifest in your Collective. The Hearts of Humanity lost their Purity
and Radiance as the separation was allowed. This was especially seen
in those who held the energy for the great crystals that were
programmed to hold the Divine Essence as energy for the Planet and to
keep the Planet on track with her Journey towards Light. Slowly the
great crystals lost power and dimmed, and then when they were no
longer strong enough to hold the Earth on track, they fractured. And
the Earth grids fractured and the Planet itself fractured and there
was chaos and suffering and death.

And as the great civilization of Atlantis fractured and was destroyed,
the wisdom and light that was still there was "frozen" into the
Planet's Akasha or records, until such time as you would be ready to
receive it and embrace it once again. And so, for those who remained,
the separation went with feelings of trauma, guilt, disaster and
suffering and abandonment by Spirit.

And so, Beloved Ones, you have continued to play out the dramas of
separation with feelings of darkness and fear and guilt and anger,
both as individuals and as a Collective. But now that is ended. The
experiment of separation hasd ended and you are re-connected to the
Cosmic Heart. The illusion is shattering and people are awakening from
the long night of suffering.

Beloved Lightworkers, you are the leaders, you are the wayshowers. Be
awake, be Conscious, know that you are never separate from the Heart
of God.

And know that the Divine Diamond Light once again flows to the Planet.
The Love is held not in Crystals this time, but in the Heart of every
Conscious and Awakened Soul. The Great Heart Grid of Love that has
been created by you on the Planet is connected to the Heart of the
Planet and is moving you all towards the Heart of All things in
Radiance and Truth.

Beloved Ones, your separation is over and you are once again a Planet
of Love and Connection. It is done! Do not be in fear, there is
nothing to fear, only blessings to receive.

Beloved Ones, flow with the Diamond River, let the love of the Cosmic
Heart be your guide to infinite love and blessings. As you end the
illusion of separation you also end the illusions of lack, suffering,
hardship and abandonment. You allow yourselves to be supported and
loved at all times. For, in truth, you are never alone.

The Energies for May 2009
Full Moon falls on the 10th of May. This is also the time of Wesak and
the celebration of the Enlightenment of the Buddha and the radiance of
the Compassion of Kwan Yin. Beloved Ones, at this powerful Full Moon,
please celebrate the Reconnection and the incoming light. In the
months that follow this festival, the Light of Awakening will be
active on the Planet and many souls will be awakened by the flood of
Diamond Light that will be transmitted from Heart to Heart. As
Lightworkers, you will be called to hold the Light and hold your
center and transmit these powerful and high frequencies into the Heart
Grid. At the Wesak Full Moon, the Light will be transmitted in an
exceptionally powerful way, as each enlightened and awakened heart
becomes a transmitter for the Light.

The New Moon falls on the 25th of May, and is in Gemini, the sign of
the Twin Flames. But now, the Twin Flames have evolved into the
"Diamond Dancers"...Shiva and Shakti dancing across the Cosmos in the
ongoing dance of Cosmic Creation. And here on Earth, this New Moon
will allow the seeds of this Consciousness to be given to all Twin
Flames on the Earth at this time, and all who hold the Twin Flame
consciousness within their hearts.

This is indeed a powerful and exciting time to be alive. Beloved Ones,
we wish you Joy and Peace and Abundance on your Journey to the Heart
of Light!