Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relationships Now

Relationships Now
a message from Christina Lunden

Monday, 4 May, 2009

It is easy in all of this transforming energy to be confused about
your relationships. We will specifically be talking about three
different areas of relationships: Your relationships with others,
your relationship with your loved one and your relationship with

Being a *Lightworker* who is holding higher 4th dimensional energy and
integrating the *light* of the 5th dimension, you are no longer being
told by karma or your original soul plan who you are to be friends
with or what type of people will be in your life. This is a good
thing to have happened; except some of you are without friends or
would like more friends. You needed to cut the ties with those that
you had karmic connections with; unless they too were ascending and
you were able to form a new bond with them. This was necessary for
your Soul to make the transition into the higher energy. At this
point, you can have friends; you just need to call them
forth...literally. Here is an example of how to do this: "I thank
you Lord that I have friends walk into my life now that resonate close
with my heart. Show me clear signs of anything I need to do to bring
these friends into my experience. Thank you. Amen"

If you feel that people in your life are taking your energy or don't
resonate with who you are today, it is important for you to honor what
your needs are. Most of you walk at the 5th dimensional level at some
point every day. Because of that no one can steal, take or shift your
energy. The only way you can feel differently around anyone is if you
believe they can do this to you, if you allow them or if you drop your
energy to the lower 4th dimension. Because we remember that this
happened for most of our lives in the 3rd dimensional energy, some of
us still believe it can happen now. I am being told to tell you that
it can't. To stop letting people affect you all you need to do is
make a logical shift in your thoughts. You are now in a position to
affect the world, not vice versa. That is the power of the 5th

If you grew up in an experience where the family relationships were
dysfunctional, they still can be. If family gatherings are still
having the same negative energy, you need to understand that your
family members may not have ascended with you. If you are still
experiencing emotions or feeling shifted when you are in that
situation, there is still a lower energy tie between you which can be
cut through forgiveness. You can do a forgiveness exercise for each
individual in your family that you are experiencing this with to help
clear your end of this experience. (I have placed a forgiveness video
on my website to help you which explains how to do this quickly and

The family that we were born into was very specifically selected by us
to teach us to love ourselves. So with that, most of us picked
families where love was not given or meted out through control. This
was not incorrect, it was perfect for us for what we wanted to learn
as 3rd dimensional beings ruled by our egos. Now that we have raised
our energy to the more loving 4th dimension, we no longer need to
learn that way. But our family members more than likely did not shift
as we did and accept the spiritual energy. Some of us still have
family members in the 3rd dimension and lower 4th dimension. How do
you deal with them as you ascend and they choose not to? You do it
through love and compassion. You forgive them for the things of the
past which will help you view each situation that comes up as fresh
and new without all that emotional weight attached. Then you can
choose how to feel and not automatically be told by your body or brain
how to feel.

On this new, higher path without karma that you have agreed to walk
on, you always need to let the Universe know what you need and
desire. Things just don't automatically show up in your life
anymore. If you want friends and have asked for them and friends are
not showing up, then you are in a small group of Souls who are working
on other spiritual things where you need to alone for a period of
time. You may be learning something that you will be sharing later or
you may be integrating more *light* or many other things. There are
many reasons for this and hard for us to list them all. Ask your
Angels what the reason is for not receiving an answer to your
request. If you know you are not working on anything at this time,
then make sure you did actually make the request or simply make your
request again. We are to have friendships now. It is important,
especially for those people that do not have a major love in their
life. It is necessary to balance your energy between giving and
receiving. You won't be able to give out love to others in this
higher energy for very long without having an equal amount or more of
love going back into your life. In the future when we have fully
anchored the 5th dimensional energy, we will be capable of learning
how to be alone and still share with others however, not many will do
that in this lifetime. This is because most of our Souls are here to
learn about different aspects of love and the easiest way to learn
that is through relationships with others.

We made an interesting shift in Universal energy as of January 1,
2009. Each soul was asked starting in June 2008 if it wanted to
ascend. (Not necessarily ascend to the 5th dimension. We were asked
if we still wanted to work on connecting to our Soul or did we want to
be more grounded and work on only Earthplane issues.) Changes in
relationships started showing up at that time. For some of us, it
happened in our love relationship. Things occurred after this
question was asked that would not have happened otherwise. These
people made decisions which caused them to pull away from us. I am
here to tell you that if you went through that, it was necessary for
that loved one to be away from your *light*. They could not make that
Soul decision while being overwhelmed with the *light* that you are
constantly emitting. If you are with that loved one again or both of
you are working on getting back together, that Soul answered the
Universal question with a "Yes, I want to ascend." For those of you
that experienced this you may be feeling like you are on shaky
ground. This is mostly because it came out of the blue and shocked
you. See, you never would have left that person. You would have
continued to forgive anything and everything because you try to keep
the bigger picture in mind. So Spirit in some relationships had to do
something drastic to get you two apart so that your loved one's Soul
could have an opportunity to answer this question in only their own
*light*. Once the decision was made, they came back. We know that it
is hard to forget what occurred during that time, however with
forgiveness and with this knowledge of why the interference in your
relationship really happened, you will be able to put it behind you.
Keep your face to the *light* and know that you are capable of having
a new and brighter love with this person because they did choose to

If you have not reconciled with that person, your loved one's answer
was "No." The reason that you are not back together is that a door
closed on January 1st. You are on the higher, ascension side of the
door and they are on the stagnant, lower energy side of the door. If
this happened to you, please understand that this was not that
person's fault and it was not your fault. This was a Soul decision
and not about just this lifetime. It was about all the lifetimes the
Soul has lived and where it wants to go next and how quickly it wants
to go there. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. And be excited for
what is ahead for you. I have talked with many people in their Soul
Sessions recently and healed them of this energy. I know how hard it
is when you loved that person and then all of a sudden it was taken
away. If you cannot move past this situation, you will not be able to
bring in another Soul who is capable of loving you in the way you
truly deserve that is wanting the higher energy too. Pray about it
and see if you are ready to let go and move on.

The relationship with yourself has also changed. With your decision
to ascend and to remember more consciously who you are as a piece of
God, you are exuding more confidence and power through grace and
love. Not feeling it? It is there. Remember to be gentle with
yourself during this process of remembrance. You have all the puzzle
pieces lying on the table but sometimes you try to fit the piece in
the wrong place. The good news is that you have all the pieces! If
you feel that you are not able to go out in the world because you get
shifted, then be conscious of when this occurs and work on it. Pray
about it. Ask your Soul why this is happening and then change the
response you have to the world. This walk you have chosen is about
being conscious of who you are. In the 3rd dimension we were walking
mostly unconsciously and just accepting life because we couldn't have
anything different than what was originally set up for our lives. Now
you are in a position where you can create your life. The big
difference between you then and the new you is that are not doing
anything through ego. You have power but it is not egotistical
power. You give love but it is not through control. Tell yourself
that you are loved. Tell yourself that if you were not in this world
now, it would be lacking something important and necessary. Take care
of yourself in a way that you never have. Truly allow love to flow
into every part of your life...your body, mind and spirit. This is
what you have been seeking; the piece of God that was missing in your
life. You have been seeking this piece for many lifetimes outside of
yourself and always felt incomplete. Now you can have it. You can
finally love yourself. It's time!

May you love yourself as the Angels love you,

As a side note, I feel it is necessary to say something about all that
has happened within the last month. The channeled message given on
April 1st, "Not If, But When" was certainly timely. I have been
receiving emails and questions during the private Soul Sessions about
the current events and particularly how to handle the swine flu. The
exact answer I received from the Angels was, "Be ye not moved by the
things that you see nor the things that you hear." Do not have fear.
Fear does not resonate in the 5th dimension and therefore, you will
lower your energy if you get into fear. Be smart. Do what you
logically know to do about not accepting the flu virus into your
body. But other than that, don't dwell on it. Don't worry about it.
It cannot "see" you if you don't lower your energy. That is why there
is no illness or disease in the 5th dimension....because you will be
invisible to those lower energies. If you have have a negative
thought, affirm to yourself out loud what you want for your
experience. Do you really want to experience the swine flu? If you
have the thought that you could catch it because someone sneezed next
to you, say out loud something like this as soon as possible "I AM
strong and powerful and invisible to any virus." Or based on the
direct answer from the Angels say, "I AM not moved by the things that
I see nor the things that I hear." And then don't have another thought
about it. This is very, very important: do not fall into fear. Re-
read the April message if need be. It is going to be a guideline for
other things to come as well. Remember we are powerful as we stand in
the *light*. Where there is *light*, no dark can be. We may not have
met before however I know you and you know me. And I want you to know
that I AM standing there beside you in the *light*. You are not
alone. This too shall pass.
Much love and blessings to you my friend,