Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goddess of Light: Showing Up For Your Life

Goddess of Light: Showing Up For Your Life
Channeled by Shelly Dressel

Nama sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family!

I reach out to each one of you. I send forth my embrace. I send forth my love and my light. You are in a pivotal time upon the earth. You are in a time of immense change. This change affects everybody upon the earth in one form or another. Allow yourself to take stock of where you are within your life.

Feel your physical presence. Do you feel present within your body? Do you feel connected to your muscles, your ligaments, your bones? How about your emotions? Do you feel a balance in your emotions? And then your mental body, your thoughts and your ideas. I invite you to consider all these aspects of who you are right now in the very beginning while you still fully conscious and fully present in this moment.

It is essential for you to show up and experience your life. It is essential for you to find a balance of some sort. Maybe at times you feel disconnected or alienated from yourself and your family. Maybe you find yourself getting all caught up not only in your own life but in everyone else's who are around you.

This is a time of balance, a time of allowing for more and more potentials to come to you, here, right now, in the moment. Open and feel t he wash of energy that comes through you. You are here and present in whatever location you find yourself. Truly feel the energy of where that is.

I have spoken about the ways in which there are more and more of the crystalline vibrations coming into the earth. Through these vibrations you have an increase in potential. You also have the opportunity to develop new perspectives about your life, your choices, perhaps your career and your family. Open and feel these perceptions, right now, right here.

It feels different does it not when we speak of these things while you are still grounded in your body. I wanted to bring forth even more than normal these essence or these aspects that will assist you in fully recognizing your own energies and those energies that are all within and around you. When you take this focused opportunity, I have a sense that many of you are opening to this greater awareness that is you.

I now invite you to take one more deep breath in; as you breathe all the way down within yourself. Then as you are ready to do so, have a sense of breathing out and release your consciousness. Allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the magnetic grid. As you arrive within this space, feel what it is to you. This is where your higher self resides. This is where you have an opportunity to communicate with others. For now allow your focus to be upon the space which is your own.

Shift your focus once more, have a sense of moving through the magnetic grid, you move through the interlocking grid until you find yourself within the crystalline. This crystalline vibration is without the duality present within the magnetic grid. This crystalline vibration is becoming more and more a place that you are familiar with, it is your own. It is also a place of communication with others who are either in the same vibration of you or others you simply to send out communication (to).

The crystalline grid is filled with a sparkling essence. There is a matching essence within you. Allow your consciousness to focus in such a way that you become aware of what that is. You may find that with your heart center in particular or your third eye or your head center that these higher aspects of yourself are very much in alignment within this crystalline energy. But it is not limited to just those higher chakras within you.

The crystalline vibration is one that moves through you and moves through your cellular structure and moves through your blood stream. All these various aspects are actually in alignment with the crystalline vibrations in one form or another.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus. Allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the All That Is. As you allow your consciousness to shift, you find yourself moving into the soul plane; I realize I said the All That Is and you went straight there; but others of you are in the soul plane because it is a place where you may reunite within your divinity.

Look around. I invite you to come and merge with you, your I AM presence. As this is moving through you, have a sense of allowing your consciousness to expand in such a way that you are in vibrational alignment with your I AM presence. Feel the immensity of who you are. Feel the flow of consciousness that may be aligned with other life existences. Feel your own divine essence as it blends with you and as it moves through you.

I the Goddess come into this space. As I do so I reach out to each one of you and I embrace you! I feel such love; I feel such joy in being able to align with you. Feel the flow of my essence as we blend together. It does shift you into the All That Is. As we move into this space, we reconnect with those of you who went directly there as I have spoken of.

Become aware of all the energy and light that are here in this moment. I invite each one of you to become conscious of all the myriad people, non incarnated people or I suppose you could say soul essences who are here in this moment. As you are looking around, you may have a perception of your own self, but you may also see, sense or feel these other energies.

This is an opportunity for you to open up to a greater understanding of who you are in this lifetime. You have chosen to incarnate upon the earth at exactly this period of time in history. You are each very evolved soul essence. The majority of you did not need to come back to the earth plane again. In fact, some of you had even made a decision not to return to earth. Knowing that this shift in consciousness was going to take place was an immense draw for all of you as you made the choice to incarnate once more.

I invite you to take this moment and consider your life and consider the struggles that have seemed so prevalent. Are there certain issues or experiences that seem to circle around again and again? As you incarnated upon the earth, you came in a time in which people put forth their intentions for a lifetime. They put forth the perception of karma as a part of their lives. So many of you also chose this lifetime as an opportunity to transition or release any of the old energies that have been hanging on for so long.

Look at your life and first of all open your perception and recognize how much you have already done within this life experience. For those of you who feel as if you get caught up going around and around and around, take this as an opportunity and step off the merry go round; look at your life from new eyes. Again, allow your perception to come back within your consciousness and this moment.

You did not have to come back to earth. These things you chose to transition, these experiences you wish to release can be looked at as optional experiences. I sense how for many of you that makes you feel a little frustrated because to you it does not feel optional. The reason I use that word is because you have already lived through immense, immense experiences upon the earth. You've lived upon the earth. You've lived out in the universe. You've been a pure conscious essence without form, without body.

I invite you to have a sense of looking deeply within your I AM presence and as if you are opening a door, allow for that knowledge to come into you right now. As you open the door, as you look within yourself, there may be certain lifetimes or certain experiences that make themselves known first and foremost. I ask you to look beyond what comes to you in this first moment. Look beyond at the purely non physical existences that you have had. As you look, simply absorb the energy or the essence of these experiences.

As you do so, allow your consciousness to open in such a way that you have a much greater perception of what you can do in this life. Open to the awareness that everything that feels so intense and so overwhelming can also be viewed as a drop in the bucket, as an optional experience as a choice that you made simply so that you could have another life upon the earth. You have nothing that has to be accomplished! You have lived immense lives. You have such compassion and awareness within you that you sometimes forget exactly what that is for you.

Consider something that is happening within your life right now. Perhaps something you are looking for an answer to. Perhaps you stand at a cross roads and are trying to make up your mind. What so ever it is, bring whatever that perception is into your consciousness right now? As you are doing so, allow yourself to look deep within your I AM presence. You will see the answers. You will see ideas. You will see ways in which you have solved this dilemma in the past.

When you consider being able to see within yourself, this is what it is. As you open to this greater perception, let those energies wash over you. You may not see, sense, hear anything in particular; but you are right now, right in the moment, in a space of understanding. So let the understanding flow within and around you. It can be without particular words, actions or images.

What a relief it is to have that behind you! What a relief to know that you can step outside of the struggle. What a relief to understand what this is for you. Open and allow that perspective to move through you. As you let that be absorbed within you, I bring you back into the All That Is.

I ask you to again consider your physical body. You now have a new or different perception of your physical body. Those aches and pains, those organs that do not function at full capacity, for those that carry excess weight, for those who don't have enough. Have a sense of consciously letting flow through you the answer that you just connected with and let go whatever issues you may have. Let them flow away, let them move in such a way that they no longer have an affect upon you.

Consider your emotional body. Are there emotions that keep holding you back? Are there certain emotions that keep coming up in relationship after relationship, time after time? Is this perhaps a pattern that repeats itself within your life? Open to allow the flow of energy that is in alignment with balanced emotions to run through you. It moves through your consciousness. It moves into every aspect of who you are. Your perception is right here.

We move into your mental body and align with beliefs, ideas, perceptions. Anything that aligns with your mental body or your beliefs that is holding you back comes forward and is reflected back to you right now; those thoughts, those ideas, anything which no longer works for you is released at this time. There is a flow of energy that moves through your thoughts, your beliefs. It's a flow of energy that allows you to remember that you already know this answer; that you know what you need to do within your life to manifest what you seek to have. This aspect of you is also very much aware of letting go those old ideas or those old beliefs.

You as the person you are right now has a unique ability to be able to look through or move through your life and you may release anything that is no longer working for you. You from this perception of your I AM presence is able to tap into and fully understand all of who you have been within your divinity. What is it like to live your life with that information and that knowledge? What is it like to live your life free of the emotional and mental turmoil that may be holding you back? Step into that right now. What is it like to live your life free of pain? Open up to that right now.

Allow your consciousness to shift so that everything within and around you comes to your awareness. You are this immense soul essence. You are a human living your life upon the earth at this time because you chose to come back. You are deeply connected to every life that you have experienced. So allow the answers to come and be with you and to surround you.

I invite you as a group to come together so that you may form a circle. As you are creating this space you will notice that coming up within the center of it is a hologram of the earth. This hologram gives one the perception of levels or dimensions. As it comes up within the group have a sense of perceiving these energies that flow through you and into the hologram. The hologram is already charged and revved up. You can take this opportunity to transmit the energies of what you are becoming in this life.

As this hologram is moving through all of you, you have a sense of the crystal within the center. You have a sense of Gaia as she comes forth. She sends out her love to each one of you. We ask that you allow yourself to link with Gaia, perhaps link with the crystal; to link with this essence or this energy that is you and is in alignment with the hologram.

You can release this hologram. As you do so it moves through the angels. It moves through the crystalline grid and down into the magnetic. From there it spreads out until it merges with the center of the earth. Feel how that is conducted back towards you. You can feel the earth; you can also feel your own essence or vibration.

From there you may have a sense of moving through and of allowing that hologram to complete its journey of blending. You find yourself moving into the crystalline energies of the crystalline grid. As you come back within here, you feel all the particles stand up in perfect alignment with the experience of the day. There is even more within you that vibrates in alignment with the crystalline energies. This grows day by day by day.

You may have a sense of moving through the interlocking grid and finding yourself within the magnetic grid and you pause here momentarily. As you move through, you continue to come down allowing your consciousness to shift in such a way it comes back within and around you in your physical presence. Feel who you are. As your consciousness is merging within you, allow your perceptions to shift in such a way that you are able to really see, sense and feel your physical body.

There is a greater dynamic energy that moves through you and emanates from you at this time. This energy also shifts through linking with your emotional body. Feel your emotions as they are all around you. Feel how you have been able to let go of those emotions that no longer work for you.

Allow your consciousness to shift again in such a way that you align with your mental body. Feel the thoughts. Feel how some of your beliefs are illuminated with light. The crystalline light moves through you on every level illuminating and anchoring these crystalline energies within you.

This is being very present in your physical moment, in your physical reality and still recognizing how much within you is still in alignment with your I AM presence. Recognizing how certain perceptions or ideas within people are that reality for them. I see who so many of you are able to create a new perception or a new reality beginning with yourself and then being reflected outward as you look and compare all t hat is within you and all that is truly perceived.

Feel how this integration is keeping you much more fully grounded in the now reality. Feel the essence of al of who you are that moves through you in vibrational alignment with the crystalline grid. It moves through you in such a way that you recognize you are a new essence or a new energy.

Allow your focus to come back within this room. Allow your awareness to come forth in such a way that you may ask me questions if you so desire. With that we will bring this evening to a close.

Remember to be in a space of balance. Remember to fully recognize that you have the knowledge and answers within yourself. Remember that you need not create or live your life as if you are completing karmic reaction or any sort of a plan. This is the life you are creating; it is yours to create day by day by day.

So as you are creating, I hope that you will do so from a space of love, joy and contentment!


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