Monday, February 22, 2010

2010: A year of transition

2010: A year of transition

We would like to talk about the transition period. We are moving
towards 2010, which is a year of transition, in which we will move to
another way of thinking, to other norms and values. Last year we
talked about welfare, about your concept of welfare. Welfare is linked
to matter, to possessions. Everything that is a part of Western
civilization, is what you call welfare.

Western civilization is coming to an end

Dear all, Western civilization is coming to an end. Many civilizations
had existed on Planet Earth, high ones and low ones, as you call them.
All these civilizations were eventually doomed to disappear in order
to make way for a new civilization. These ancient civilizations (whose
knowledge is being reactivated) were confined to certain parts of the
world, but Western civilization has unfortunately spread itself
throughout the Earth – not doing much good to the Earth. Confusion
will be prevalent and humanity will experience fear. Western
civilization was powerful, very powerful. The news is full of reports
about world leaders, about a world summit and a global civilization.
The credit crisis has taught you that all countries are dependent on
another. Humanity has been mixed. Many cultures and races have been
spread throughout the Earth, and a unique population of one particular
country simply doesn’t exist anymore. These were the forerunners of
the New Age, which will be about a new kind of solidarity. Humans were
powerful; they thought they could influence the laws of nature – which
they have tried to do – and they have used and even abused the Earth
and everything that lives on Earth. Humans thought of themselves as
the centre of the Earth, and they have deemed themselves superior to
all other life on Planet Earth. However, this time has come to an end.
A flood of fear has engulfed humanity. All of a sudden humans realize
that they are dependent on something like a climate. How to deal with
that? Humans haven’t had the power to influence the climate. You have
seen how much commotion 15 centimeters of snow has caused to the
economy of many countries in Europe. The economy is seriously
disrupted. Imagine there was a power failure – chaos would prevail.
This is how vulnerable you’ve become. This vulnerability started with
the discovery of electricity. Power has become a major pillar of
Western civilization: gauges and many industries are dependent on
power. Know that power is an example of polarity – two aspects that
produce something new. There is a negative aspect and a positive
aspect, a negative pole and a positive pole. Polarity, duality, was
one of the characteristics of Western civilization. Rich and poor,
stupid and bright, man and woman, and so on. Every conflict can be
traced back to this duality. One person thinks that something is good
and another person thinks that something is wrong. This is all because
of duality, polarity – electricity. The end of Western civilization
will mark a new era, and because this will influence the whole world,
ancient cultures thought that the world would undergo a complete
transformation and perhaps would disappear altogether. We would like
to say that the word “world” is the wrong word to start with. The
Earth won’t disappear. However, humanity will change – will be forced
to change – because human power is declining and people will realize
how vulnerable they actually are. It’s time to start developing a new
kind of solidarity. Having said this, we don’t mean solidarity just
between people. We are talking about respect for and solidarity with
everything that exists on Earth. Only then will the Earth be united, a
unity of different beings, different energies, people, animals and
plants. It’s time that people start understanding the plants again,
instead of just consuming them. It’s time that people start
understanding animals again instead of using them. The invisible makes
you vulnerable. Animals understand many signals, but many people are
blind to these signals. We would like to tell you: look at the
animals, listen to the animals, feel the animals – because they can
warn you. They can teach you many wise lessons about Planet Earth. The
Earth was being used, and the water was being used.

The element air

And now a new element will show up: the element air. Your greatest
enemy is the element air, which is invisible. However, it can be
detected by your subtle senses. So you will have to watch the element
air. If you look back at the last few years of evolution, you can see
this is true. Terrorism is hard to combat because it is invisible,
therefore it belongs to the element air. Bacteria and viruses belong
to the element air too. So beware of the element air. The only way to
protect yourself against these potentially harmful influences of air,
is to take good care of your own element of air. We are referring to
the energy field surrounding you and the energy within yourself. If
the energy within yourself is balanced, your aura will be strong and
will serve as a shield of immunity against the element air, which
could otherwise get you out of balance. Thus it will become more and
more important for you to develop your sensitivity. Do you feel at
ease around certain people? Do you feel at ease in certain homes? Do
you feel at ease in a particular country? Keep asking yourself these
kinds of questions. We recommend that you create a place for yourself,
no matter how small this place may be, in which you feel in harmony
with yourself. This will be a place for you to recharge your
batteries, to be balanced again. It is the only way to develop your
subtle senses, so that they can perceive things clearly. If you are
continuously feeling stressed out and you are out of balance, your
subtle senses will become dormant. The energy around you is simply too
fierce. Imagine that you would want to play a very subtle piccolo
during a rock concert or house party – nobody would be able to hear
you play. It’s the same for your subtle signals: they have a high
vibration, and your subtle senses can only pick up very high
vibrations. Energy which isn’t subtle, prevents these high vibrations
from getting through to you. As a result, you are cut off from your
subtle senses. So create a harmonious place where you can nourish and
heighten your subtle senses. This is your navigation system and your
protection against the element air. Things that aren’t visible for
many people will be perceived by you – you will “know” that they
exist. In this way, you will become more impulsive, saying “yes” where
at first you said “no”, or saying “no” where at first you said “yes”.
Practise and listen to your subtle senses, for then you will always be
at the right time at the right place. When you start realizing that
you are always at the right time at the right place, you know that you
are meant to be there to play a certain role – perhaps as an extra,
perhaps as a supporting act, or perhaps to play the leading part. This
can all be true. Go ahead and practise, for you will flow through
chaotic times more smoothly, because one thing is for sure: there will
be more and more chaos, inexplicably, unexpectedly. However, the chaos
can be explained and won’t be unexpected when you listen to your
subtle senses. A part of humanity will be increasingly able to
regularly experience fifth dimensional consciousness. The third
dimension already exists in many places and it has been integrated
into the lives of many people via games and films. Again because of
the instruments of Western civilization, it has been accepted and
scientifically proved that 3D exists, because it can be measured. And
because its gauges indicate 3D, it therefore must be true. Fifth
dimensional is true as well, but it cannot yet be measured by gauges
based on duality – polarity. Everything that is based on polarity
falls short, for they cannot measure or register the fifth dimension.
Many of you have been regularly practising being in the fifth
dimension during sleep or in holidays; it seems to be a time of
timelessness. The element time changes in those periods, because there
is more than meets the eye and things go faster. You cannot grasp it –
your understanding of time is limited. Something in you registers a
larger truth, a larger unity, and at that moment you get a bird’s eye
view of things, beyond the limits of your human existence. You then
realize that your old human existence was too limited. These moments
are moments of practice. Practice in experiencing a larger sense of
unity, and once you have experienced it, you will want to experience
it more often.


This wish will be spread and sooner or later you will co-create this
unity and that, dear all, precisely that will become the New Age. A
larger understanding of unity – a larger understanding of unity on
Planet Earth. So life on Earth won’t be just about humans anymore, but
it will be about a peaceful coexistence of humans, animals, plants,
minerals and everything that exists on Planet Earth. Much will be lost
– or so it seems. But many things will be found again. Let us mention
this: many animals and animal species will be rediscovered. People
thought that they were lost. But no, they are still around –
thankfully invisible to humans for a long period of time. It’s the
same for many plants. Their seeds have safely been stored “in” the
Earth or at places where humans cannot access them. You can compare it
to Noah’s Ark. Nothing is ever lost. It can temporarily be lost but
that doesn’t mean that is has been lost forever. Nothing – nothing at
all – is ever lost. And nothing ever happens for no reason. It always
serves a higher purpose, an evolution. Planet Earth is evolving. The
Earth’s atmosphere is becoming more and more subtle and many planets
and many systems in the Universe (unknown to humanity) evolve along.
Just look back and see how many new stars, new planets and new
energies have been discovered recently – they were unknown up until
the moment of discovery. There are stars that will become visible from
the Earth. They have always been there, but because of their evolution
they will get into contact with Planet Earth. They will want to be
seen by the inhabitants of the Earth and at the same time people are
open to and interested in all those things unknown to them. Many
things have been discovered and yet many more things will be
discovered; this is because a part of humanity sees polarity as being
limited. They use polarity when necessary but at the same time they
move toward the fifth dimension. This way, many things will become
more visible to you, more things will be registered – things that are
yet to be seen. You are the forerunners of the New Age. You are part
of the transition to the New Age and you all play an important role in
it. Realize that if you felt lonely in your life on Earth, if you felt
misunderstood, if you felt you were a loner, isolated – know that your
time will come, because you are one of the go-betweens. You knew about
another world, you knew about a different perception of unity. All the
things that didn’t reflect that unity – that sense of unity – was
inferior to you. You (your inner self) were looking for more, for a
different solidarity, one that has respect for everything and
everyone. So leave duality behind you as much as you can. Realize that
you needed Western civilization, this polarity and duality, in order
to anchor yourself in matter. Now your higher self and your higher
consciousness will play an increasingly bigger role in your life, and
matter will be there to support you – not to serve polarity but to
serve totality. Everything serves everything. More and more, humans
will realize that they saw a limited picture because they were
thinking in terms of polarity. Do not feel guilty about this. Know
that this was necessary to integrate matter and to regard matter as
the most important thing in life. This was essential because it has
paved the way for the next step in evolution. Your higher being, your
higher consciousness, is fed by matter and matter feeds you. It will
become a unity of being. Polarity combined with your own being and
your own subtle senses, will become fifth dimensional. We wish you all
a fascinating year. Go for it and know that you will feel more and
more at home on Planet Earth. You are paving the way to the New Age
for the children who will be born and for the sensitive children who
are already here. They are tomorrow’s humanity. So start with
yourself. Take care of your personal energy field. Create places where
you can be subtle and vulnerable. This way, you can be and are allowed
to be subtle and vulnerable more frequently – which is the only way to
clearly experience and perceive the signals that cannot yet be
perceived by many other people. That is your navigation system. And
before you realize it, after some practice, you will support many
other people with your navigation system. Because they are wandering,
so to speak – their personal navigation system doesn’t function
anymore. They are deaf or blind to the signals that you are able to
see, hear or just know. You cannot prove these things – it’s all about
trust. So trust yourself, trust your higher guidance. Create a
harmonious place for yourself in this transition period.

New Year's message 2009-2010
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh
december 2009, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands