Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Planting the Seeds of a Soulmate Reunion

Planting the Seeds of a Soulmate Reunion
DL Zeta

Prior to manifesting in your reality, an idea arrives in your
consciousness first as the seed of a thoughtform. The seed of a
soulmate reunion is planted in your conscious mind by your higher
self. This seed is usually in the form of a vision, idea or feeling.
This seed will generate a great sense of anticipation within you. As
you become increasingly aware of this seed that is now growing in your
consciousness, you can take steps to accelerate its growth process.

Nurtured in the rich ground of your life force energy, this seed
sprouts and thrives in the bright sun of your attention. As the
seedling sends down roots, it gathers and coalesces energy, forming a
small vortex that magnetizes what it needs to grow and thrive. One
thing this seedling magnetizes to itself is your awareness and
attention. As your awareness of this thriving seedling (conscious or
subconscious) increases, it spins out more thoughts around it. Over
time these thoughts build a belief. As your belief in the viability of
the "seedling" builds, your emotions begin to "love it into being"
through joy and anticipation. When an idea matures in your
consciousness, it becomes powerful enough to magnetize a physical
counterpart in your physical reality.

When the timing is right for a soulmate reunion - when your
consciousness has grown to the extent that you have begun to balance
the energies of your conscious and subconscious minds - the next step
in your spiritual path is to magnetize a soulmate into your physical
reality. This is a being that can help you further refine your inner
balance of "heaven and earth."

Meeting with Your Higher Self

One way to accelerate the growth and feeding of a soulmate reunion is
to hold a meeting in consciousness with your higher self. In this
communion, open to receive the higher vision of your soulmate reunion.
This vision will reveal to you the spiritual purpose for uniting with
a soulmate. You will gain clarity and understanding of how this
reunion serves the higher purpose for both you and your soulmate. It
will also be revealed how your soulmate reunion will assist and
benefit the higher good of all others. Prepare yourself in
consciousness to embrace and carry out this vision, which greatly
accelerates the growth of your soulmate connection in consciousness.

Celebrations in Consciousness

Once you have received the vision for your soulmate reunion, you're
ready to celebrate this union in consciousness. Merge your
consciousness with that of your higher self and experience the joy and
growth this reunion will bring. This merging in celebration opens a
new space inside your heart that increases your capacity for joy and
love. You can return to this space any time you wish, expanding and
energizing it with your joy and anticipation.

Inviting a Soulmate to Join You

When you're ready, you can enter this space of celebration within
yourself and invite a soulmate to join you in consciousness. There are
a number of souls with whom you share a special connection and
resonance. You hold "pending soulmate contracts" with all these souls.
As you "send out the call" in consciousness, this broadcast is
received by the souls with whom you hold pending soulmate contracts.
Timing and degree of resonance will determine which of the souls
responds to your call. Once you have signaled your readiness, rest
assured a soul will respond.

This soul will begin to visit your "celebration space" in
consciousness. Each time you meet inside the space within
consciousness, you further align your energies. When your energies are
sufficiently aligned, you will both "know" a physical meeting is
imminent. The key at this stage is to relax, celebrate and remain
awake and aware of visions and other forms of guidance as they arrive.
Your higher self will be working "behind-the-scenes" to bring about
your soulmate reunion in physical reality. The willingness to listen
for and follow intuitive guidance insures that you show up at the
right place at the right time to take the final step in manifesting
your soulmate reunion.

Excerpt from Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality By DL
& Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness: a Guided Meditation
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/