Monday, February 22, 2010

Stepping Out of the Way

Stepping Out of the Way
by Jennifer Hoffman

If we are responsible for all of our choices, even the ones that create drama and chaos in our life, then how do we transform what we have created into something different? Is it possible to undo a choice and what do we need to do so our future choices are more aligned with what we want to be instead of what we have to learn? While we are always learning and growing, it would be nice to choose our learning situations and to direct our energies into more peaceful, joyful and loving ways. We can do that when we learn to step out of the way.

From last week's article, someone wrote to ask what they should do if the 'light at the end of the tunnel' was on a train heading in their direction. The answer was to get out of the way. In this situation we have two choices, to try to stop the train or to get out of the way. But we often do not consider the second choice. It does not occur to us that stepping out of the way of an oncoming disaster may be exactly what we need to do and that this is one of our choices.

It is so important for us to remember that even in the worst of circumstances we are always faced with other options. They are in our field of potential, waiting for us to be at their vibration. Our fear dictates what we will choose because it is our fear that sets the energies which then creates the options we become aware of. Instead of meeting the disaster head on, or trying to stop the train, we can ask what other options are possible, what other choices we can make instead of the one that appears to be the most obvious.

It is our emotions, fear, pain and anger that compel us to stand and fight and while those are options, they represent our current vibrations. What happens if we pause, reflect on the situation and find other choices that we can connect to? Then we can move out of the way, find our balance and center and this raises our vibrations. At that moment the fear is released and the Universe can step in and guide us into another path. This week, ask yourself how you can step out of the way of a situation in your life. What emotions are driving you, what fears are present and how can you use your power to avoid the oncoming train and move your path in a different direction?

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