Friday, February 19, 2010

FULL MOON ASTROLOGY for February 2010

Friday February 19, 2010

The sun in Pisces now asks us to move into the
watery realm of feelings, emotions, empathy, and
to recognize the one ness of ourselves and others

This is not what the moon (emotions) wants of us
this day. At 2:55am that v/c (void of course) moon
In Aries slipped out of fiery Aries and into Stability
seeking Taurus.

The moon in Taurus wants an energy of abundance,
and also this sign wants us to recognize that in HAVING
SELF we then are ready to have other connections.
So, today at 4:20am a sextile, or aspect of assistance
to the sun and Moon helps us to recognize that truly we
can have both.

7:55am a square to Mars says… (FIRST ENCOUNTER WHAT
YOUR HEART WANTS before any of this works and could
bring up some less than happy issues. Mars is the planet
of sex, passion and War. So, no war games this morning
because others will be feeling their oats.

At 12:10pm things begin to Mellow out but Pluto
the arch Angel Michael, has his sword out and asks
again that we cut away the ego from the Leo energy and
encounter HEART CENTERED …

I am reading so much really good stuff from others
out there who are recognizing that to open our
hearts we have to be the most we can be..But…we
are more and more recognizing that OUR STUDENTS
Clients, and everyone around us are the teachers.

So, we go into working with others to assist them and in
truth we grow even more than those we work with.

THIS IS LEO TO ME when I write, I learn, when I help
others, I grow and learn and……so use this energy
and recognize until May 15th, we are in that LEO/Mars shadow
and it is asking us to move from FALSE PRIDE INTO TRUE
PRIDE of open heart and joy and growth for the good of all.

5;33pm 6;47pm and 11:49pm there are great aspects
with CHIRON (Healing) Jupiter (Faith) and Venus (love)
so expect miracles when you open your heart today and
BE READY TO BUILD for the next step with this great
Taurus moon energy today.

Moon in Taurus or the 2nd house I release all blocks
and know that I truly can move forward and create
and build something from nothing it is within my power

- Color today Green for healing
- Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect you to your path
- Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues
and is called the SECURITY OF SELF stone
- Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and physical energy

Kiss: feelings ( sun in PISCES) about plans and growing
your future (Moon (emotions) in the sign of TAURUS)
right now will give you huge insights.
Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don't
depend on it. -- Source unknown
"Just trust yourself then you will know how to live."
-- Goethe, Faust
I always try to believe the best of everybody --
it saves so much trouble. -- Rudyard Kipling
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Saturday February 21, 2010
Are you feeling the suns entrance into Pisces and
perhaps a bit more of an urge to dream away the
day and just do nothing?

VISIONS become stronger
today and we are pushed outwards a bit more.
Today we are at the First Quarter moon, meaning we
are ½ way between the new moon on the 13th asking
us to open to NEW opportunities and begin to plant some
new dreams in our lives. And the full moon on the 29th which
will be VIRGO and PISCES energy.

Virgo the details, earthy, healing and desiring to build
something concrete, and Pisces, watery and dreamy and Wanting
NOT TO BUILD until the new vision has come. So, we have
some big energy coming during this next week as we are asked
to look today at our dreams and at our reality. (Can we combine
them and create from them is the question?)

The moon in Steady Taurus makes a GREAT ASPECT with
CHANGE at 2:06am and moves v/c at 4:16am
until 10:47am when it (the moon) will move into Faster
moving Gemini.

Meanwhile 4:16am A square to Neptune sets up not the
Easiest Aspect for a v/c . IF you can stay home and kind of
PUTZ around until 10:47am you are going to have more
Concrete energy to work with.

As the moon enters Gemini at 10:47am a more helpful and
lively energy comes to us, great aspects with Mars (action)
at 2:34pm and then the moon, sun square at 4:42pm which is
The ½ way point where we look at our plans we began during the
new moon time and determine if they are working out. Time to
Make some shifts, today is the point where snags in plans begin
to become more apparent. (A GOOD THING)

A great aspect at 4:48pm brings a nice ending to our day
with focus and some very friendly energy as Saturn tries to
assist the moon to create some new bonding and finding
similarities amongst differences is the gift of Saturn today.
- Color today yellow for joy of what you have
had and will have in the future
of all that old stuff OR you could use sage
or some thing like White angelica, or any other
spiritual smelling oil, frankincense, myrrh,
or what do you love the smell of and what makes
you feel good?
- For a stone today I would use citrine,
aventurine, and upbeat
- Kiss for today? Well, cut yourself and others
some slack we are all human aren’t we and know that
"Everybody is in search of who they really are.
Not who you were, because that person is not
there anymore. Something better and improved
is possible."– Dr. Robin Smith

AND YOU are PROBABLY ALREADY here if you are willing
to see yourself differently?
Moon in Gemini or the 3rd house I know that I have
the power of thought to create a new life for myself
and a better world for others
BE PRESENT IN THE NOW: WE are dreaming a NEW
WORLD and life and future, but the NOW IS VERY
Important because it is the feet we stand upon which
KEEPS us in the here and now.

Have some fun, laugh, get out and enjoy life and

QUOTE: “Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry –
all forms of fear – are cause by too much future,
and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment,
grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of
nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and
not enough presence.”-Eckhart Tolle

Tarot card I drew for this week was the card
the lovers...which is not about finding another person
but more about: The search for the beloved is fulfilled
when you fall in love with yourself. -- Alan Cohen
Monday February 22, 2010

Today the moon in Gemini plays Not quite so
well with those planets which want us to dream and
Vision. THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH TO do today to
sit quietly for most of us.

(A SQUARE IS AN ASPECT Between 2 or more
planets asking us to change our perception, to shift
a bit and see things from another angle. Nothing more)
IT is a great aspect of GROWTH when we move ...

A square at 1:39am with Jupiter (faith) could have a very
interesting dream night for many? And at 12:06pm
as the Moon in Gemini makes a square with Venus (what we want
and love) and today we could be hearing things we disagree with.

Be very patient with self and others , it is
Monday you know and tonight we have some fun
stuff so how about calling someone, setting up
a dinner or movie tonight and planning on enjoying

9:17pm a TRINE or easy aspect to Mercury
(communication) will have you needing to be
talking with someone about something anyway, if
you have this set up RIGHT NOW….you will be
with someone who can LISTEN and help you
thought that next step tonight.

Kiss for today, this could be a rather rough and
erratic day followed by a great evening if you get
out and talk about things…with someone who cares.
Be open to receiving friendship and support and
ask for it and tonight it shall come to you.
- Color today Pink for love and
- Color today Purple for spiritual connection
- Use sapphire for truth And connection today…
OR ruby, or Garnet
- Oil of Jasmine which has a warm, exotic,
floral fragrance that relaxes and
soothes the body while uplifting the spirit
and enhancing self-confidence.
It has been used throughout history for romance and
attraction and for balancing the feminine energy of the body
(FEMININE energy is RECEIVING folks) I know you can
Give…are you ready to learn how to receive?

LETS MAKE THE ABOVE the kiss for today: Are you
Ready to learn how to Receive? ARE YOU READY TO
LEARN HOW TO RECEIVE, are you ready, can you ask?
Truth only reveals itself when one gives
up all preconceived ideas.-- Shoseki

Be open today to it being different than you
thought and maybe that is WHAT NEEDS TO BE?
Tuesday February 23, 2010

The day with the moon in Gemini kind of begins
with a bang as the moon wants answers and options
and Uranus (CHANGE, and the unexpected) says
at 7:32am. (here is something you did not expect)
So…this could be the best of mornings or one
which is about how flexible you are…. So…knowing
that ahead of time means that you are ready and
BENDING Like the willow, right?

At 8:27am things really improve and at 9:29am
the moon moves v/c after making a GREAT ASPECT
with Neptune so this is a GOOD V/C…rather full of
Illusion, romance and visions, but a good one.

At 3:29pm the moon moves into a totally new
realm as it enters Watery Cancer and for the
next 48 hours we shall be given the opportunity
as the moon and South Node (our past) merge
to delve into our unconscious minds and create
new ideas from FEELINGS:

Remember. the unconscious mind is kind of
like our hair in the morning, it has a mind of
its own but we can control it can’t we? So, think
of today as an emotional exercise day and you are
going to be much happier.

8:54pm a square from the Cancer moon wanting
TLC and attention to Saturn in Libra wanting fairness
and friendliness could not be the warmest energy for
lovers but a great night to find that middle ground
between the 2 energies of friendship and love.
(of course I think they should all go together but..
after 34 years of counseling people…Love often does
Not include treating the other person as a friend, BUT
IT CAN ALWAYS BE TAUGHT) (maybe not by you
BUT it can be taught and learned..>THERE IS ALWAYS

11:53pm as the moon opposes Saturn the night
COULD end on a bit of a sour note if you tried
to control or change someone else today, but
SMILE as you go to bed, because you should
awaken tomorrow in a MUCH better mood.
Tomorrow is a good day…today was a bit of a
lesson for some…and lessons do what?

To me if I (GOT the lesson) it means that I will
probably do something different in the future or
I am patting myself on the back saying (WOW
Finally I GOT IT and did not again do that old thought,
behavior or whatever I wanted to let go of)

Kiss for today: ::: I will recognize
What I can do something about, what is MINE to
Deal with and What belongs to Higher power and
Begin immediately to work on MY STUFF, and hand
The rest over to a higher source.
- Color today Blue for your own truth and the sky
BLUE GRAY here in Seattle
- Use oil of thieves to remove germs, or pine to
bring the outdoors inside and it also kills germs
- Rose quartz for love of all kinds
"For me, a miracle is seeing the world with light in your eyes.
It's knowing there's always hope and possibility where
none seems to exist."– Oprah
Stuff infusing our dreams tonight
"Transforming yourself is a means of giving
light to the whole world "Sri Ramana Maharshi
Moon in Cancer or the 4th house
I honor my intuition. I accept my path.
I am healing: Body, Mind and spirit

Wednesday February 24, 2010

Wow, today has such great potential but it is
for sure a WATERY day…With the sun in Pisces
asking us to feel compassion, open to dreams
and be willing to be vulnerable.

The moon in Cancer wanting us to look at our
own inner issues to heal and learn Healthy Self
care, we now add a TRINE or aspect of Ease
with the Sun in Pisces 1:02am Making for some

6;20am a TRINE or aspect of Ease to Jupiter
In Pisces makes it easier to believe we can do
What is needed. And at 8:06pm we have a
Trine or aspect of ease to Venus the planet of
Love now in the sign of Pisces.

Today is an easy day for those who are comfortable
looking within and being open to feelings. You can
Bet tonight at the astrology update we will be making
Intentions around Love (Venus) and Hope (Jupiter)
And working on opening to the visions which this time
Is attempting to bring to us.

There are two ways of meeting difficulties:
you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself
to meet them. - Phyllis Battome (lets make this our kiss)
since some will have difficulty with this energy as opening
that heart Chakra is sometimes scary isn’t it?
- Color today Yellow for joy and knowing that you
can do whatever you desire and are passionate about
- Oil of frankincense for a feeling of inner connection
- A great stone for today could be Kunzite: I shall
quote from a wonderful book of CRYSTAL ASTROLOGY
by Marina Costelloe: " Kunzite channels
unconditional love, kindness, and intuitive
awakening. In this book today is a day which is
about the human soul awaiting opportunity for
expression. (I love this book)
You no longer have to look outside yourself. LOOK within and
AWAKEN so that you begin to amaze yourself with your wonderful
Brilliance... SIT UP AND AWAKEN, the answers are within
is the new message the sky is trying to deliver to us…OR IS
IT US TRYING TO deliver it to the sky.

In astrology we are taught as students….AS ABOVE,
So below, and as Below so above…meaning that watching
The planets tells you what is coming, but also watching
Elevated souls here on earth will do the same thing.

STAY OFF THE NEWS and tune into Deepak Chopra..
Wayne Dwyer, and all the wonderful people I quote..
To TUNE INWARD AND try not to tune out is the challenge now
Just as it always has been, but now it seems impossible not
Do this if we wish to stay on this planet..

Want to connect with others of like mnds? there are
yahoo groups like LIGHT HEALERS, send me an e mail
to join this group...

theta healing and Beyond

Michelle Downing will be opening the WHOLE LIFE CENTER
AGAIN Soon in Federal way, check online or the telephone
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and there are lots more great and positive things and people
which you can join and connect with

Dawn has the DAILY SPARK and
really does a great job opening folks to recognizing that
they are not alone and her e mail is ...

The Daily OMM has saved my sanity many a day and
all this is FREE to you positive people who are
WORKING their stuff and Watch how it helps you also.

Thursday February 25, 2010

Today the moon in Cancer makes a great aspect
With change (AKA URANUS) at 9;48am and then
Times out or moves v/c so here is another good v/c
As if to prove me a fibber with my earlier statement
About v/c not usually being a good time.

At 5:08pm the moon moves into Fiery and heart
Centered Leo setting us up for an interesting couple
Of days. We are now 3 days from the full moon and
Since energy is AMPING up as the moon grows larger
In the sky.

Moon in Leo or the 5th house I Create from love
and move forward with an open and willing heart

YOURSELF::: try to look at your Actions and what you
Speak ….. delete the I a bit and recognize we are
Encountering MARS the planet of action ALMOST READY

So ….the darker energy of Leo is
Pride arrogance and the ME MYSELF AND I are all
That counts stuff… The wonderful part is the OPEN
HEARTED creative stuff which comes from this sign…

Anger, …irritation and stronger emotions are
Very possible this next 3 days. Exercise is good,
Get Outdoors, talk with and visit friends who make you smile not grit your
Teeth and planning some alone time away from others
Expectations would be a wonderful gift you could give
To yourself.

AND maybe that gift would be to those
Who love you also as you detach a bit from situations
Which upset you? “TO THE GYM I GO, to the GYM
I go, to the track I go, to the OUTDOORS I go…is your
kiss for today and the next 3 days..

- KISS please be nice with what you say today
And this weekend, others will respond with more
passion than normal
- Color today white for purity of thought & Vision
- Oil or Oregano which is one of the best anti-
biodics I know of. This oil when put onto an
infection has really helped me ...I use only
THE BEST Oils. YOUNG LIVING Is pure and some
of the other oils have use the good
oils and you will be fine
- JET or Black tourmaline for protection and to
anchor you today and maybe the next month this
would be a great stone for you to be using especially
Since WE are in such STRONG PISCES energy now..
There is nothing more wonderful than someone
saying to you 'I love you.' That is pure eloquence."– Maya Angelou
Friday February 26, 2010

Today the moon in Fiery Leo makes no exact
Aspects which is kind of like your boss going off
And saying nothing before they leave.

What do you do, well you know what needs to be
Done and now…what do you do?

WE are constantly carrying the energy of that
MARS RETROGRADE and on the eve of a FULL
Moon, and Saturn is Squaring Pluto and the
world seems full of lots of things we are not
happy seeing and feeling.

So…today maybe we can create our own reality
by thinking of what BRINGS US JOY and what
Opens our heart. Get out a picture of something
Or someone that makes you smile and concentrate
On bringing that energy not only to self but to
Others today as a gift…

- Color today something peaceful that you like and
Try to play nice and do what your heart tells you
- I shall be using Tourmaline quartz, or black
Tourmaline for grounding and centering into heart
You know ROSE QUARTZ is a great stone if you are
Not nice to self, but not too good for those of us who
Enjoy nice things and treat ourselves a bit too much.
- For sure lets use a smell or an oil that soothes
and calms, peace and Calming, Franken sense, Pine,
or if you like something floral, please use it today

Or geranium's uplifting floral scent that helps
ease tension and stress, balance emotions, and release negative
memories. Traditionally used to support both the circulatory
and nervous systems, geranium is excellent for the skin
and helps revitalize body tissues.* THAT works for me:

"Anything that is of value in life only multiplies
when it is given." — Deepak Chopra
OR AN I LOVE YOU TO SOMEONE…and get it back
3 fold…

Change your thought pattern? THIS IS THE ENERGY
Which does it once a year…YEP:::ONCE A YEAR MERCURY
TOUCHES NEPTUNE and Neptune is sitting with CHIRON

Depressed? STINKY THINKING? This is the time
To make the intention to think what is good, happy
And forget the fear or hate based energy.

You do know when you think bad things about self
Or others it is hate, right? AND YEP:::WE ALL DO
IT.. .. and tomorrow am there is a magic energy to
Help us change our MINDS TO CHANGE OUR LIVES:
"In order that people may be happy in their work,
these three things are needed: They must be fit for it.
They must not do too much of it.
And they must have a sense of success in it."–
John Ruskin
IN BELLEVUE YET? Come and see where all this magical
Energy is opening your up and what options they are
Offering you… March 2nd 6;30pm to 9pm Bellevue, more
Information on my website
Saturday February 27, 2010

Today at 6:04am the planet of linear and logical
Thought touches down on the planet of anything
But. MERCURY touches Neptune. Creating a
Wonderful mix of what we know and what we FEEL
COULD BE… Creating confusion for some but since
I have this in my birth chart I feel this is a great
Energy for many things.

Not doing your taxes or balancing the budget but
Visualizing healing, working with energy, just sitting
Down and praying or enjoying feeling the light shine
Into you. USE THIS MAGICAL energy please for
Something good because at …

6:18am the planet Mercury also touches CHIRON
The Wounded healer and more good mo jo flows
Into our minds to heal the mind to help us heal
Everything else.

Do you have Louise Hays book Heal your life? There
Is a workbook I highly recommend and another book
Which tells you what thinking creates what illnesses.

AND YES::YES::YES …sometimes we are ill because
It is time to go…or time to sit and do nothing…or
For some other reason. But when I get an eye infection
(which I often do) it is because I DO NOT LIKE WHAT
I am seeing… and I honor and know that and try to
Make the changes.

I am accountable for everything and responsible
For nothing is a theme of NLP saying that I do not
Have to take responsibility if I am accountable…and IF
I AM ACCOUNTABLE I will not be doing anything bad which
I need to take responsibility for…

11:35am the moon Opposes Neptune and confusion
About feelings vs. what we know we need to do could
Be strong. At 12:15pm the moon opposes Mercury as
It moves v/c and…. Well, for sure try and not to do major
Purchases after 11am today, or taxes or anything which
You are letting out of your hands.

4:52pm the moon enters Virgo and feels all out of
Sorts as everything feels anything but detailed and
This moon begins to move further away from the sun
For tomorrows full moon.

Do whatever you need to do today and DOUBLE CHECK
it Monday after 5pm when aspects have us ON POINT
AGAIN: you know this is FULL MOON EVE AND A
NIGHT WHEN WE WANT TO HOWL:: babies are born
More easily as the PULL OF THE MOON increases tides and
Even Mother Nature feels this increased energy.
so for sure we do also.
- Color today GREEN for healing
- Jasper to ground and protect
- Again lets use geranium. The scent, sweet and pungent,
goes right to the frontal lobe, relieving tension and anxiety.
The oil also helps speed up the reproduction of skin cells
—a few drops mixed into a cup of sea salt and
jojoba oil is a rejuvenating body polish
Kiss for today is THE DAILY OM which I receive from
LETS accept life as it is today and recognize
That if we need help to ask for it.
Moon in Virgo or the 6th house I am safe,
I trust more, I fear less. I am centered and grounded

Love is ever-present, here and now.
-- A Course in Miracles
"How often is peace a place within your mind and
your world? Lean to maintain a peaceful state of mind at all
costs. If you do not, it will cost you in the quality of how
you experience life."– Ron Rathbun

Sunday February 28, 2010 is Purim

One of my favorite holidays since this is a day of
Dressing up, festivity and often WINE in great abundance
Is part of the meal. I love this holy celebration of life
and joy...

I think celebrating the end of this month and the things
Which we have overcome and learned is appropriate on
This Full moon day no matter what spiritual practice you follow.

The sun at 9 degrees 59 minutes of Pisces Sabian Symbol
CANNOT See where you are going"" and this degree is about our ability
To develop our skills and abilities beyond the worldly
And understandable energy of practicality)

THE moon at 9 degrees 59 minutes of Virgo is about “2 heads looking
Out and beyond the shadows” I shall quote today from the
Mountain astrologer and hope that some of you subscribe
To this magazine…

TRULY there is much there pretty complicated but
The writing is brilliant and Stephanie Austin
wrote this FULL Moon article)

ASSOCIATION or go visit her in Port Townsend Washington.
wrote about
By Stephanie Austin..:::
“””We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution. We
Are moving from fear to faith, from judgment to
Acceptance, from the love of power to the power of

This full Moon reminds us that we are each a
Special spark of the Divine and that the time has come
To rekindle what has been dimmed by lies and fears,
Misinterpretations and dogma.

When the Gods are crazy
And when the world seems to have gone insane, when
There seems to be nowhere to turn, we have to look inside
Our own hearts to find what is true, what matters, and
What can never be taken away.

This full moon is the second of five SuperMoons this year
Where the moon is closest to the earth. Super Moons
intensify the gravitational pulls on the Earth by the Sun and
Moon often creating more extreme tidal shifts.

Our bodies and psyches respond to these increased
Pulls as well, which alter our psychology, helping to
Erase old pathways and facilitating new possibilities.
(THERE IS LOTS MORE so go and get your Mountain
Astrologer and read the whole thing and visit her website
But you get the ideas don’t you?)

Virgo reminds us to work with the earthly energy of
Healing and Pisces reminds us to be within all things
And recognize our connectedness.

This full moon brings forth the energy of love and duty
And service and I shall again quote Stephanie’s article
“ FROM Swami Beyondananda “WE are not here to
Earn Gods love, we are here to spend it” WOW I LOVE
So…Energy wise today 2;44am as the sun touched JUPITER
WE were asked to open to faith and belief….at 8:20am an
Opposition from the moon to Jupiter was followed by the
Full moon which is an opposition of the sun (the light and
Where we are trying to Go (and the moon, the night and
Our inner world and where we have been and how we feel
About it)

So, we are asked with this full moon to look with love
Upon each other and most of all to bring this love into
Self because. When we do not love and forgive ourselves
there is No WAY IN heaven or the other place or on this
planet where we can truly love Or forgive others.

HAPPY FULL MOON GUYS and welcome to the NEW AGE
OF enlightenment and healing:
- Kiss for today, let go and LET higher power take what
you cannot change, and change the things you can ...and
sit and listen to yourself to really honestly KNOW the
- Color this day yellow for joy of letting go
- Oil of RELEASE or SAGE to clear the air and our minds
MYSELF I shall use a nice BUBBLE bath and take my own advice
- Use a protective and supportive feeling stone today
FULL MOONS ASK US TO RELEASE and from 8:38am today
The moon in the sky will grow smaller. SO please make
Intentions today to LET GO OF WHAT HURTS:::and
What you can do nothing about and CREATE SPACE FOR
SOME WONDERFUL things for yourself.

I might add that more people have lost loved ones and
Especially pets over the last few weeks. I truly love
And adore and cannot imagine life without my Fred Astaire
(tuxedo cat, but angel in kitty form) and…. I do know that
Often when someone or something leaves which we love
That space is there to be opened for someone or
Something new.

So for all of you out there lonely and
Hurting. Please with this full moon begin to let go of the
Pain and loss and open to healing and JOY and letting
Something WONDEROUS come to you..

We have all lost someone or something we thought or
THINK now we cannot live without...and something else
always comes. Different and not the same but the hurt
heals nomatter how deeply the wound...and we go on...
sadder sometimes but so much wiser and capable of
greater understanding and love if we allow it to move us
in that direction.

On march 1st each year I count what Anniversary it
would have been for me and then while I am feeling sad
that my husband is gone...I thank each and every year
that I had him....and remember all the things these last
years without him have brought to me..

AND I remember, life goes on and I grow and it is
what we are doing right now that really matters..not the past..
Tarot card for this week is the OSHO ZEN
Card THE WORLD:: time to make some new connections
And get out there and OPEN TO your future
Monday March 1, 2010

Today we begin a new week and as usual there
Is lots going on. The moon in Virgo still trying to
Gently and easily asks us to let go of pain and sorrow
And move to joy makes an opposition to Venus in

Venus is love and Pisces is about the VISION
And this opposition would say to me….IS what you are
Wishing for what you really need? OR can you open to
It not being perfect just as you are not perfect?

At 5:28am the Planet of linear mind moves to less than
Linear Pisces (AKA Mercury into Pisces) and dreams
And visions become stronger and we are setting up for
A wonderful WILD ride the next 2 weeks.

What is going on will be the question lots of you
Will be asking me. AND I will in turn ask you to sit quietly
And go within and ask that of yourself.

Pisces is the vision and often the illusion and we have
A preponderance of that energy right now taking
Us past maybe even what we thought we could have
Dreamed into unchartered territory.

Today at 9:36am we have a NOT GREA v/c as
Uranus and the moon get into opposition. URANUS says
Dream the change and the moon in Virgo, says NO WAY::
I need some details here, where is the map, where

And Uranus in Pisces says, TRUST ME... CHANGE ....
TRIP down the rabbit hole.

And at 4;31pm the moon slides into Airy Libra
And relationships are off to a RUNNING …LEAPING..
And JOYFUL Start if you are open?

At 5:45pm Mars (passion or anger?) gets into the action
And tries to HEAT THINGS up. Mars is of course STILL IN
Retrograde (going backwards motion in Leo until the 10th
Of this month) SO… this could be the greatest of aspects
If you are working on opening heart…and the worst of
Aspects for war…

ALL WARS BEGIN WITHIN, so breathe often and deeply
Today and BE NICE, play nice for sure on this Monday..

At 9:01pm the moon touches Saturn and…again…
Since Saturn is going backwards? WELL, retrogrades
Offer us the change or opportunity to REDO, reconfigure,
And reconnect, and replay and often REACESS things.

So we are dealing with Mars (action and passion) and
Saturn, (Discipline, obligations, duty and organization)
Not going the way we would like them…I see this as a day
When the pot gets stirred and the soup will not be

And we will feel a bit on tilt which is a good thing in
A releasing time since it lets us know what needs to be
Eliminated doesn’t it? (WOW wordy aren’t I?)
Did you get the message…???

Make love not war, and do not expect others to
Do what you want

and the only person who is likely
To make changes today is YOURSELF: Which shall
Be our kiss… Not what you want to hear maybe but
What we need to hear is the message…
- Color today red for passion about what you LIKE
- Use Larimer for your life path or citrine for joy
and connection
- Oil of frankincense, or sage to clear energy or
refresh your mentally, this smell is a great upper
for your emotions (SAGE SAGE SAGE TODAY PLEASE)
An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.
An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.
- GK Chesterton
Moon in Libra or the 7th house I am centered and grounded,
I know how to balance my obligations to others with my
obligations to myself
In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have
already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun
striving for ourselves. Buddha

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand
battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from
you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. Buddha

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Unchartered territories and what fun it is for me to assist you
In opening to that shift…

Carol Barbeau