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Creating The New Reality / Finding Your True And Authentic Space




Below, kindly find the "Introduction" excerpt:


Creating a new reality. Creating a new Earth. Creating the life
of our dreams. Celebrating. Having fun. Playing. Living with
continued freedom and joy. Fully expressing ourselves. Laughing.
Coming together in unity. Experiencing continued peace , security,
and well-being. Serving the planet in a heart-felt space. Being
supported in all ways. Having a new self-empowerment. These things
and more are what we are about to enter into, if we only choose to
trust that this will be so, and if we allow ourselves to be the
divine creators that we were meant to be.

The earth has entered into a very new space in the cosmos, and this
space vibrates high enough on its own to very naturally support all
of the above and more. So then, it is up to each and every one of
us to believe once again, to fully embrace all we have ever known
at our highest and deepest levels, and to trust and know that all
things are possible, if we wish to enter the gates of a very new

We are creating very rapidly now, and Creating the New Reality will
show you in many varied ways, that this is indeed what is
occurring, even though we may feel otherwise at times. So then, all
we need do is to tweak our thinking and perceptions a bit,
understand what is happening and why, learn how to work with and
stay in the heart energy, as this is where the new reality resides,
and we can very naturally jump back into a new saddle and into a
very new reality of our making.

Creating the New Reality will give you some ideas, and suggest a
road or blueprint to follow that aligns with all vibrational
structure. It was designed to validate what you already know at
your highest and deepest levels, to give you encouragement and
evidence that things are right where they need to be, and to remind
you that you are right on track, even though at times you may think

The energies of the new reality are dramatically different than we
have known up until now. You will know when you have tapped into
them when you read certain sections of this e-book. At other times,
you will know when you are tapping into the energies of the old
reality through this e-book, as they will feel dramatically
different, heavy, and dense. In many ways, we still have one foot
in the old world energy, or old reality, while we have the other
foot in the beginnings of the new reality, as we experience starts
and stops of the new reality energy arriving in steady but
incremental pieces. And this e-book is no different.

Creating the New Reality begins by explaining the process of our
new beginning, and how and what it feels like to experience it.
This is part of the old or more dense energy, but still important
to know, as it validates what we have been experiencing and why. As
this e-book progresses, the new blueprint begins to unfold, taking
you more fully into the new reality. Different options and
possibilities unfold as well, so that you may find the perfect fit
that matches your own particular situation and desires. The
remaining sections of Creating the New Reality deal with new
reality experiences, as they are very different, quite fun and
exciting, and they are happening now. A synopsis of key points is
also included at the end of this e-book, designed for weary minds
needing a rest from processing, and in order to encapsulate and
simplify the major themes of our current experience.

Money generating store-fronts, finding your own special space, and
how to utilize the energies of the new reality are also explained,
as these have been requests made by many of you in recent times.
Physical body and emotional symptoms are mentioned in certain
sections of this e-book. As always, it is best to seek professional
assistance from your health care practitioner regarding any assumed
symptoms of spiritual expansion, as all symptoms may not
necessarily be related to a spiritual experience described here.

We are in the midst of dreaming a new dream, and everything we have
always known to be possible is finally at our fingertips. Yes, oh,
yes, it is finally here.

May Creating the New Reality serve to re-kindle within you, what
you have always known at your deepest and highest levels, and
support you in coming to know that change is finally here, as we
are really and truly, yes really and truly, on the cusp of a very
new reality.

Wishing heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles
in your life during these miraculous times,


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