Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keep on to Eternity

Keep on to Eternity
Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas
May 3, 2010

It is indeed an honour to be with you all at these most prestigious of times, in the ever continuing ascending realities, and ever greater opportunities that we indeed all have to further our pursuit of an ever seductive quest for the taming of Eternal life and of being! There are hills and valleys that will always be on the vista of horizons anew, as a Universal heart beat animates and energises the very hearts and souls of each and everyone, who have that inner burning desire to further one's search, and realise one's quest, that is really the truest ascending reality and purest ambition of a seeker of 'ultimate truth' and Being.

We are those termed as The Elohim, and we are perhaps the builders of form in the initiatory times eons of linear years ago. Pleased indeed to be amidst your vital energies, and sure of the surrounding reflections of purest light that radiates from this epicentre of love and light, that bless our sojourn here with you.The veils are of course becoming ever thinner and the vision of 'man' also expands and extends into a clarity that it never before had.The ceremonious manner and crystalline energies of adamantine particles, are indeed vital for these communications, for the best and the zest is realised and utilised by all. We have together forged a pathway of ever expansive light patterns and fine geometric configurations, so greatly requisite during said mutual connections.

Life is blossoming forth into a multi-dimensional expressiveness, and this is the way it surely needs to be; to accommodate your most extensive expansion within your Merkivih fields of expression, thus enabling merging of all your bodies to realign in geometric precision.Life is ever a continuum of grander or energetic pulsation of light, veritable pulses of being, likened surely to the so beautiful and elegant butterfly that regally emerges from the once restricting chrysalis. These now fall away and the truer picture is emerging and growing, as the packets of light frequencies come into play, and growth, yet ever more growth, is the acceptable format to ensue and progress ever onwards/inwards! Life is extensively encountering all old residue's of resistance and they are at their 'end times' in the terms of a duality expression of being.

Everything is gathering a momentum as all things, flora fauna, every creature of land sea or air, elemental friends and devas, all life forms, inanimate or animate, all, in which or whatever form are transitioning, and moving on with their very own ascension processing, therefore paving the way and assisting Mother Earth - and human kind - the greatest ever possibility to ascend at the divine right time and in the divine right vibration of expression. Not a leaf is left nor a bird that falls go unnoticed or unrecognised by the Giver Of All Life, for every atom and molecule, every ant or mighty elephant are all in the same grand dance of life as the combined energies are never lost, never cast aside. All is as precious and as important to the totality of being, for not one thing is better than another, all is equal, all is important, all is created, all is ever part of the Oneness!

The universe is indeed an immense backcloth of cumulative living and being. It is the culmination of many millions of earth years expression, many special and many diverse manners of expression that has afforded it the attention of the surrounding universes that also watch with keen interest. For this mighty blue planet, Earth, the 'Jewel in the Crown,' extends her wings and so earnest intent to embrace her fifth dimensionality of being, thus, leaving behind at the divine right time this duality mode of being. The Solar System as the Universe in like manner, will also adjust and heighten their vibratory pulse enabling a grand universal feast or 'banquet of celebration. And an inward movement that is envisaged will be enjoyed by many and varied stages of lighted beings,now nestled within the multitudes of stars and 'homelands' in the heavens.

The surrounding universes, encompassed in these Sectors of the Omniverse will also come into the equation for when a stone is thrown into the sea of life, will there ever be the rippling effects spiraling outwards in ever smaller or diminishing circles of expression. The overall subsequent universal shifting will surely 'tickle the adjoining eggs in the basket,' as the expansion of life is once again magnified and edged on in ever continuing cycles, spiraling ever outwards, or is it inwards, so tickling those ivory's in the Omniversal horizon. Life is magical and full of wonderment! it is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-dependable, and multi expression. It has no end as it has no beginning, and where Alpha was Omega now is! Where God was, 'we now are'..Life is a magnanimous exercise of collective co-creativity and Ultimate Being maybe never was, yet always IS, so perhaps will ever cease to be...

The one and only stability assuring one of any constant in life, is simply that it is change and IS the only constant in our lives, to a greater or lesser degree. The whole Omniverse is in an articulate discourse with All That Is, spiraling majestically throughout it's trillions of expressions, with an intricacy and an intimacy, enabling perfection to be the normality, for it is.To accept that all is in a state of continual change sounds perhaps both uncomfortable and maybe not an acceptable mode of living, of being! Heavenly change within the many universes, can equate to an age or era of multi earth years of like expression, so need to accept that change comes generally in comfortable periods of time as we know it.

The aligning of these energies that are already peaking during this period of history, which we are apt to call "Ascension," is a culmination of preparations and alignments that have taking literally an age to surface and express, in a manner that is now fast approaching and reaching a fullness of expression. It is now seemingly a fast track period of linear time that we are encountering, and proportionately appears to be quickly occurring. 'Time waits for no man' is perhaps a cliche that best befits the present scenarios as they are beginning to play out on beloved planet earth, affecting all who live upon and within her. The waiting game is now over and the reality is fast becoming a daily routine.

All is in perfect divine order, and yes, this is quite so on the higher expression of life, for it is now down (or up) to us to be those stalwarts and radiant beings of light that we have been awaiting for, so patiently and expectantly.Well, now that wake up time is here, we are here, and yes, we are those special ones that we have been waiting for! We are here, ably aligning our energies and loving intent into the transformation and 'curtain up' on the greatest show on earth, and that time is indeed now! We have all of eternity, we and our special off planet friends accompanying us, and are now adjusting to being somewhat in the driver seat with a universal entourage in fine support and comradeship.

Around this beautiful blue planet that we are blessed to be part of, do we now clearly see the falling away of the old and the obsolete, the now mal-aligned energies, the failing of old misused building blocks. All starting to fade away and show the frailties of errant mankind as numerous signs from dear Mother Nature are emphatically showing the infidelities of man as his aging walls of
Jericho come tumbling down. Nature is showing the way and the clear signs of a dying era..and an amazing opportunity for one and all, to look forward to a new life, built on those new and sure foundations, which are being ably built with eyes and a heart on Mother Earth - and All That God Is.

Respecting and honouring the planet, with LOVE being ever the motivator of humankind, as it prepares the way for an imminent new agreement with its fellow beings. Ensuring the rebirth of a 'green' and Eden like new planet, with her penultimate pristine state to be the 'jewel in her crown,' and Lady Gaia standing ever tall in her magnificence and beauty. Ready to serve, ready to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, ready to live with harmony and balance to be it's dream and co-creativity reality'.Be the change you want to see in the world!' Namaste.

(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Elohim and the Universal Mind in an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share giving due credit as ever to Source. * * * *