Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Manifestation of Light
May 6, 2010

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A new and holy vibration is arriving to the Earth, as the next levels of God's plan for the Earth are now ready to move forward. Divine spiritual light which exists in many realms is now beginning to coalesce and manifest in some areas of the physical Earth.

What this means is that those souls who resonate with the higher frequencies of spiritual light will begin to be empowered to move forward towards the next steps of their divine plan.

The manifestation of light is some areas will also bring much needed support to the physical Earth which is deep in the throes of a profound energetic as well as physical transformation.

The higher frequencies of light will help to relieve the enormous pressure that is building up in different locations on the Earth. Some embodied souls are also involved in helping to relieve this pressure by absorbing and transforming the energies that are being released by the Earth.

Beloved ones, many things that have been waiting and stagnant will now begin to move forward. Although the forward movements of light have been slow, and slower than so many have hoped, the progress will continue forward and will begin to accelerate now.

For some, this forward motion will bring relief from the suffering of contraction and limitation. For others, this forward motion may bring unexpected events, changes of direction and more radical life changes.

For all souls on the Earth, this new manifestation of light will require a more deliberate and conscious choice to anchor consciousness in God's love and light.

The process of purification can be overwhelming and can create within the mind and the heart strong emotional, energetic and physical experiences as negative energies are released from consciousness and from the physical body. There are both individual and group levels of this process happening simultaneously. Some of these experiences may have no rational explanation, and can only be understood by the heart.

Supports for this new time are faith, trust, love, and the willigness to surrender one's personal will to the divine will. Divine will IS the highest manifestation of your beautiful and unique Self. Nothing is lost and all is gained by releasing what is old and embracing the new that is arriving.

Beloved ones, this is a blessed time, and within the very profound changes that are happening, there are ways to anchor your mind, heart, body and energy field in light.

By joining your heart, your mind and your intention with others in light, your own physical and energetic body can transform and can be supported to move into its next level.

At the present time the weekly One World Meditations offer a powerful opportunity to align yourself with the divine frequencies of light that are manifesting on the Earth. You are most welcome to join us and to participate both in meditation and also via the live video connection is available for those who wish.

The new frequencies of light arriving to the Earth continue to create profound changes for all physically embodied beings on the Earth. Many new physical, emotional, vibrational and consciousness changes changes are happening, and there is a continued opportunity for sharing at the New Light Body site.

There are also more private sharing opportunities at the new World Blessings discussion forums which are available to members. These new forums provide flexibility and safety for a wide variety of discussion topics and you are invited to share.

Beloved ones, these messages may arrive with less frequency in the next period of time to accomodate the rapid vibrational changes that are occuring. This is a necessary transitional step to prepare a new vehicle for the next levels of this divine work which will be arriving over the next several months.

It is our wish to offer love, light and support to all during these times of extreme challenge and transformation. New foundations are being built now that will provide support both physically and energetically for greater light to manifest on the Earth and to nourish and support all.

We give great thanks, love, light and blessings to you for your heartfelt commitment and participation in this work. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Love and blessings,

* * *

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