Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Lightspeakers: The Integration of Learning

The Lightspeakers: The Integration of Learning
Received by Christie Pennington

We come to speak of integration of learning, and desire of interpretation of worldly and unworldly wisdom's divining influence and confluence. The blending of all knowing for extrapolation of and implementation of those concepts that serve you now, in the moments of your lives integrity. Seek to understand that which is pure and good, what is necessary in your now, a resurrection of the importance of what you know of virtues for yourself.

There is much unknown that you may configure to understand it's import, and this is good, for relative understanding of the unraveling of time and dimensions. However it is most valuable to divine your next step within your present understanding. What you do and believe in your "now" moments will predicate much of the wisdom that you will later come to unravel of ineffable concepts, such as time travel, dimensions, unidentified influences and more.

Delve fully and wildly into any and all subjects that intrigue, investigate to discover always more, but do not do so to avoid this moment's wisdom or definition. Avoidance of the infinite moment's understanding and depth of wisdom through procrastination, by asking questions in which the answers are still in formulation, does not serve. Speak to those things that serve you and your brothers in the "now." What enables life and joy, this then reconfigures and redesigns what is within the unknown that you search for. Investigate and play with new ideas, but always with the design of how this better serves yourself and others now.

One concept many search for is the understanding of creation as good or evil based, were physical beings created directly through goodness or indirectly through creatures of evil intent. Wondering if it is right and fair to trust in goodness or to believe in some intangible source of eternal evil that has laid the foundation of humanity's premise. There are also those teachings that abound regarding conspiracies, and reptilian forces inhabiting the earth. Whether it be fear of a simple dark force or an influence of many dark variances, it becomes the focus for many in their security of life.

Some as individuals have personalized it further to include the concept of personal misfortune based upon bad karma or even some-thing as simplistic as bad luck, or a sort of curse. Many become so wrapped up in these questions of life's tendency toward good or evil, they impair their ability to live fully. Wondering about such things can be entertaining but the elusiveness of the unknown will ever beckon some to digress from the in the moment awareness of personal responsibility for joy and acceptance of available grace.

Grace flows whether questioned or not. The good simply is, it cannot be denied. Then come those who say the same of evil, however, it is time and time again transmuted and transformed by the power of good. Much of this is still not known by most physical beings that are not aware of what has been averted and transfigured. A turning to the evidence of good perpetuates it. Believing in it's possibility for yourself continues to elevate it in your life as experience.

There exist many things that are not yet included within the scope of understanding of physical beings, but we come to assure that none of them are aimed for your misfortune or demise. It would be only fear on the part of those actively pursuing and participating in future interaction with these yet unknown entities that would cause the miss-communication that could potentiate what you would perceive as undesired. Only through mis-communication based on fear does any misfortune enter your experience. The negative or evil is never without, but within, born of fear. Fear is based upon doubt of your own worth and goodness, be it as a single physical being, a family, tribe, ethnicity, a nation or a species.

Believe in your divinity, but do not define too closely what this consists of. The full spectrum of the divine cannot yet be understood, but it is enough to trust that it is ever expanding goodness, yet in replicate forms of expansiveness, initiating from the formless. Deeper wisdom does not come from models of knowledge based upon either definitions or predictions. This is merely classification of limitation, it is not wise.

Strive to understand deeply what is yours to know of yourself and this moment's calling, the necessity of expanding in this moment. This then leads you to the further unraveling of what shall best be understood for ongoing enlightenment. It is however truth that enlighten-ment is met in the moments of daily life, for what is abnormal experience you strive to understand, is but normal experience for other dimensional inhabitants. It is also within what you think mundane within your own living.

We say explore , yes, but for purposes of stretching yourselves and for discovery, not for purposes of inhibiting and avoidance of your present moment's experiences.

Honor all that which is, and that which is to come, yet live now. Honor all that which is known and that which is unknown, but fear nothing.
You are sacred beings, no matter what the domino effect of creation may or may not appear to be. The origin of all, the initiation of all, is that of the formless Divine Good. This you are formed from, this is your origin, your beingness. Live it now. Amen

Christie Pennington

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