Monday, May 24, 2010

New Vortex Forming What a Ride!

New Vortex Forming What a Ride!
by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey
Online Messages May 17, 2010

Greetings to each of you. We have had some serious energy stuff going on. A lot of communications and logistics issues to say the least in addition to dimensional overlays as the star gate systems continue to open and balance.

I am seeing a huge vortex forming in the ethers. This is directly relative to the 2012 alignment and is wreaking havoc on our internal and external energy relations. The reason is that as the vortex forms, it is not yet in a full spin but rather in a state of fluctuation and balancing. The energies begin to rotate then may pull back the other way momentarily, or rise or dip in their movement.

I have been seeing sweeping arc shaped waves of energy lately that seemingly come out of nowhere and change the entirety of energy relationships as they move through. They are silvery blue in color and extremely powerful. There are also some new orange energies that are coming from the earth that occasionally collide with the energy arcs. These collisions are creating a sense of anxiousness in some people as well as some extreme emotional fluctuations.

At the same time all of this is going on, there also appears to be a widening of the gap between those who are embracing higher consciousness and those who have not yet come to those realizations. Because of that, we are in a temporary time when agreements may be hard to come by, particularly those of a nature that can make a large difference. Agreements cannot be formed when two opposing sides have such vast perceptional differences. The point here is to be aware of this and when encountering such huge opposition, to know to give the situation a little space. Doing so may challenge our patience levels a good bit but it is necessary in order to allow the energies and their effects to reside or balance out.

Anther effect of the current energy situation is that many people are feeling apparent need to isolate. In other words, to withdraw from being around many people and to focus on projects or self in a way that is profound. The current energy effects require a great deal of personal wherewithal and sometimes it is easier to stay put and sort things out rather than to remain immersed in people where there is a lot of extraneous input.

At this time, the remnants of old paradigms are fading and coming to a rapid end. We are going to be witnessing new and different states of consciousness and multi-dimensional awareness from what we were accustomed to. It feels as if there is a great wave of higher frequency awareness right now that is widening the chasm between those who do and those who haven't yet found that part of them. There is a set of harmonics currently in place that are pulling us up vibrationally in a way that we have never experienced in human form. Because of that, we will find that our awareness changes to become more clear or sharp, and many of the things we worried about no longer matter. In fact, our values are going to be changing dramatically over the next eight months or so. There also appears to be a new and different paradigm about to occur in how we connect with each other. I have seen a huge shift in how many of us are connecting in groups and I don't yet know what the new face of that is, but it is huge. The kinds of things we will be doing together over the next few years I feel will be dramatically different. I can't explain what I am feeling in relation to this, but I feel like we will be more hands on with each other, more directly communicative and less framed in our gatherings. In any event, the times are definitely changing and I suggest that we all remember to just lean back and enjoy the ride because this one has no seat belts and is moving beyond the speed of light.

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