Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Beloved: Your Connection to Planet Earth

The Beloved: Your Connection to Planet Earth
Received by Kenton David Bell

When the planet is going through its changes, so are you. When you are going through your changes, so is the planet. As a matter of fact, one cannot change and move, truly, without the other.

The planet can survive without you. It would be different. It would be a different expression for the planet and not one that the planet chooses, by the way. That's right. The planet does choose, to a certain extent, its experiences as well.

There is an intelligence, a consciousness, that is linked with the planet, you see. And that intelligence is also linked to the whole of humanity. There is a place where there is no separation. For it would have to be like this for the true nature of all that is is that there is no separation of all true conscious life.

Just as you are conscious, not in the same form or the same way, but just as you are conscious, so is the planet. And as your awareness comes to this matrix, this interconnectedness of you with humanity on the planet, some new awareness, some new consciousness comes into play, you see.

We are the Beloved. And so are you.

Planet Earth is alive in its experience. Different than you or me, but nonetheless a Being of great magnitude. You and I are linked to this great Being very deeply. When we shift so does the Great Mother. When she shifts, so do we. We are connected.

Heaven is here on the Planet Earth. It is the combination of your Divinity and the Spirit of Mother Earth combined. It is the Oneness of your I AM expression and the intelligence of Mother Earth. Seeing yourself as part of the whole equation is the "key" to this new awareness.

Today's thoughts: I experience my connection to the Great Mother Earth and celebrate our connection. I experience the intelligence of Mother Earth. I recognize its role in my evolution. I "Am" becoming aware of the inner connectedness of all that is.


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