Monday, May 2, 2011

The Energy Patterns of May

The Energy Patterns of May
by Carol Fitzpatrick
May 1, 2011

As the more dramatic energy patterns of April ease up, you will find yourself riding in the wake of your version of the flip in the energy pattern from fear to love and open acceptance of self and others

May is a time of adjustment and re-calibration. You have awakened to the whole or a part of the "new" you, and have let go of the old patterns that had you weighed down by fear of opening to a greater freedom. Take a deep breath. From here forward, you will find yourself in a gentler, kinder emotional and mental terrain--but don't get too settled. This time of quiet adjustment is about to open up to an experience of self-sacrifice, while at the same time celebration, that will likely find you in a new but different kind of spin by early- to mid-summer.

The beliefs, perceptions and spiritual values that have guided you this far are about to fall off the map of your life. You'll begin to realize that any measure of self-sacrifice or discipline you felt you needed to get you to your goal is no longer needed.

It's time to open the windows and doors to your inner-most heart and allow for a "flow" like never before. If ever there will be a time for the light of unconditional love to permeate your life, this will be it.

The forces of nature are in full swing now. Earthbound destruction is stepping up to prompt us to love the self and one another without any kind of attachment or condition, to more deeply anchor to our true source by letting go of anything less than uncondtional self-acceptance.

As you move through these next few months into the fall of the year, you may very well find yourself squarely in your power as you continue to anchor the new grid of light into your heart.

And so shall this shall come to pass.

Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.

Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.

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