Monday, May 9, 2011

The Masters of Light: Riding the Storms of a Lifetime

The Masters of Light: Riding the Storms of a Lifetime
As Received by Ruth Ryden

Tremendous quakes in Japan, with the attending tsunamis, volcanoes threatening to erupt in Africa and Iceland, tornadoes racing across the U.S., disastrous floods and storms of all kinds, are now a part of life on Earth. Was this all so terribly unexpected? It has been foretold down through the ages through seers and for the last hundred years or so by modern channels with even more definition. The pressures showing up in racial situations, tensions being exaggerated and tempers flaring over small things, even the weather itself with its erratic temperament, are mostly caused by the extremely high energies being created with the faults below by the shifting of the crust over the central form of the planet.

Whenever pressure builds up, the molecules of matter explode into many more and, there being no place for them, redefine themselves into heavy concentrations of raw energy. This "earthquake energy," we will call it, rises rapidly to the surface and affects all life. The planet is surrounded by very high frequencies from the cosmos at this time, and the additional flow from beneath your feet can seriously disturb the emotions and balance of the body in even the most advanced seeker on the Path of Light. Those who have lived under bad conditions and with controlled resentments find themselves exploding with wrath and all the pent-up tensions they have had over a long period of time. Those who live and work under high pressures find it almost impossible to "keep their cool" when confronted with simple problems. No wonder there is so much crime and violence abroad wherever you look. Television is simply reflecting what is actually happening all the time.

Many people react to high energy (or frequencies, if you like) by sleeping many hours. When convenient, that is a good remedy, for, without the resistance of the conscious mind, the energy flows through and out of the body. Others find themselves pacing the floor or working harder than usual to dissipate the overflow of energy. Tempers flare quickly. This is not an easy condition to live with.

Earthquake energy does not end there. It shoots upward with a force that interrupts the normal air currents, whirls them around and spreads out to great distances. Winds and storms are formed that can create havoc on an already-hassled population. It is well to know that many tidal waves and high tides that are created after a quake are not always from movement on the ocean floors, but many times by the intense energy shooting out from beneath them. Sea water is a living organism and reacts immediately and strongly to energy of any kind. When there are multiple aftershocks shaking the land, it is well to stay out of boats. Reactions in the sea can be very localized and very erratic.

Why do people stay in areas that are becoming more unstable every year? Most of them cannot tell you, except that they just cannot leave. It is more than giving up property, leaving good friends and stable jobs, there is an inner anchor that holds them. Before incarnating into this third dimension of matter, many, many soul beings accepted and sought this situation to provide, perhaps, a chance to help others when they did not before - the solving of karmic problems in one, huge traumatic event, etc. The reasons, of course, are many and varied. Their inner being is holding them in the earthquake zones so they may accomplish their purpose for this lifetime. Then, there are others who feel the urge to leave, but refuse to give in to it out of pure stubbornness!

Many are leaving their homes, seeking more stable land and living conditions for themselves and their families. Inner guidance is being given very strongly and some may interpret this guidance as fear. Fear, in this case, is a very healthy thing, being given by the Creator to warn of danger and, when heeded, can be a most helpful companion for a time. This kind of fear can be very directional and push you to safety, if you let it. It can make the mind expand with clarity so that what needs to be done is immediately apparent, giving you the energy to move quickly and the stamina to keep going until the danger has passed. Then, look around and see the reality of the end of the danger; sit down, close your eyes and thank God for the gift of the fear and verbally release it back to the universe, there to wait until it is needed again. Rest awhile until you feel yourself responding to your needs once more. Don't try to mend a broken house until you regain your balance. Only then will you be truly able to cope with what seems to be "impossible" situations.

This is a time for all those who inhabit earthquake zones to reassess their inner needs very honestly - to listen to that inner guidance very carefully. Friends and loved ones may be exerting pressures on you to move to other states because they fear for your safety. Accept that concern, but stand your ground if you feel that inner anchor. For those of you that do, there is no fear, only glad acceptance of what is to be and the exciting challenge of a changing world.

As you are aware by now, the planet is undergoing a cyclic change, motivated by the magnetic pull from other planetary entities in space. The western coasts of the North American Continent are comprised of plates that are under intense pressure at this time and will keep moving for some time. The poles are heating up and increasing amounts of water will be flowing into the seas, which is already raising sea levels along the coasts of the continents. You are living in an era of exciting changes, not only in the Earth and atmosphere, but in yourselves. Compare your children with yourselves as children. They are soul entities of high knowledge and accomplishments, their intelligence and inherent abilities are opening the minds of humanity. Ancient ways which recognized the healing plants and elements given by the Creator to care for humanity are coming back into use because of these awakened memories.

When the body and mind respond to these higher frequencies, the veil between the higher dimensions and matter becomes thinner, making communication between humankind and the Creative Energies easier. When this happens, those to whom it is a new experience will seek out someone to tell them what is happening. It can be frightening to one who believes such communication is satanic! Give your help and knowledge to those seekers, for you will be their guiding light. All who receive knowledge must share the knowledge. It cannot be withheld from those who need it.

There are hard decisions to be made in many areas; the mental upsets and traumas, the confusion, need to be shared with those spiritual beings that surround you very closely now. Whether you consider them Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Teachers, etc., become very near to your Creator and ask that help, comfort and guidance be given by those who look after you.

Prayer is never to be directed to the creations of God, only to the Creator. As All Is One and the Supreme Intelligence resides in every being and every created energy cell; your needs are known to all at once. When the Holy Ones are asked for help through the Father of All, the response is immediate. It may not always seem so, but when looking back after time has passed, it will be very apparent.

Listen to guidance as it is given and you will be able to walk through the hard times with confidence and love for all around you. Think not that all help must come from the Eternal Being directly and solutions will appear as by magic. Most answers to prayer are given through the one asking for help. Strength, abilities and clarity of mind provide most of the answers you need, and you, yourselves, will become the answers and the solutions, not only for yourselves but for all humankind. The Creator works through His Children to create new realities, and you are a part of that, never forget!

Remember that you are surrounded by beings of great love and power - the love and power that are yours for the asking. When grief overcomes you, let it run its natural course, then return to clarity of mind, for others need you. You are spiritual beings encased temporarily in matter and you have the abilities, all of them, that those in spirit have. Make the effort to connect with that inner being that you are (that you term the Higher Self), and life will become, if not easier, one to be lived with clear purpose.

Ruth Ryden

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