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Mary Magdalene: Steps to Raising Your Frequency

Mary Magdalene: Steps to Raising Your Frequency
Received April 25, 2011 through Mercedes Kirkel

Greetings Beloved One,

I Am Mary Magdalene, and I am so happy to be with you again. My connection is with you always. Our hearts are joined. Yet these times of direct communication are most wonderful and most special. Thank you for making space for me to be here tonight, and to be with you. For all who hear this message, I offer my greetings, my love, my blessings.

It is well that you are talking about this subject of fear, for this is a very important topic at this time. It is true that the valley you walk through in your ascension process is very much related to your choice and your ability to be in fear or to be in a higher octave, a higher vibration, a higher frequency. These higher frequencies are still emotions. But they are ones that you know, such as peace, calm, joy, balance, harmony, content, ease. These are the frequencies that belong to the higher fourth dimension, what you often associate with holding more Light. There is truth to that. It is one way of seeing it. Whereas fear, anger, grief, depression, and related emotions are lower vibration emotions. They hold the frequency of the lower levels of the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is very much like the realms that you know and frequent in your dreams. These lower vibrations, these darker energies, are what you often call your nightmares. Whereas the higher frequencies, the emotions that you associate with more Light, are the dreams that you enjoy, that you celebrate. When you are going through difficult times and are stuck in a lower frequency, you often say "It's like a nightmare," or "It was a nightmare." There is truth to this, because it is a representation of the state of your consciousness.

As you are in this process of ascension, part of what is involved is navigating and mastering the fourth dimension, so that you understand how you can maintain your frequency at a higher level. Then your reality will be that you will experience the emotions that are associated with that higher level, the emotions of peace, of joy, of love, all the variations and permutations of how you feel when you are filled with light, as opposed to the darker, slower, heavier energies and the emotions associated with those.

The trick in all this is that there is an actual skill, there is an actual ability in staying at these higher frequencies. If you are tending to feel things, whether occasional or whether more regularly, that are associated with the lower frequencies, first of all, do not torture yourself around this. Do not judge yourself for it. You are not bad for that. Everyone is at there own place of growth. Everyone has been at this stage at some point or other and has grown beyond it. If that is where your growth is, then love yourself for that. Embrace that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And there is growth that can help you to move into a higher level, a higher frequency.

The first thing to know always is to not avoid. When you avoid, you actually are holding that in place. There is an expression you have that whatever you avoid, you reinforce - something like that - I don't think I am quite getting your expression. But it is true. So the first thing, always, is to open yourself. If you are having a feeling of fear come up, do not run away from it. Do not try to get out of it. Open yourself to the fear. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it is actually the most direct way. It is a way of loving the fear. You are embracing the fear. The fear is. you could call it a darkness, but you could also call it a shadow. It is actually the avoidance that keeps it from opening to the light, keeps the light from reaching it. So as you turn and open to it, it's like you are opening the doorway to light so that light can come in.

Most of the time when you open to your fear, you have already initiated the process of change. What holds it in place is the avoidance, the running away, the hiding from the fear. It is like a second level of fear. It is fear of fear. When you do this opening to it, you have already counteracted the second level, the fear of the fear. And when you open to the fear, almost inevitably you find that what you feared is not what's there. A shadow is not there when you bring the light to it. It was only a shadow. It was only an absence of light. And when you bring the light of your love to the situation, it will not be the thing that you were afraid of. It does not mean that it will necessarily be easy, it does not mean it will instantly change, but you will be in a different relationship to it. That is the very beginning, and a very important step.

There are other steps that can help you to raise your frequency. One of the most important is to know that whenever you are in a lower frequency, at its base there is always something beautiful. It is always coming from some place of beauty, what I call your inner divinity. It is some quality of your inner divinity that you are longing for, that somehow you have gotten separated from, you have gotten cut off from. When you reconnect with that beauty that the emotion is emanating out of, you will already be reconnecting, because truly you are divine. That beauty lives within you always. So that is the second step.

Once you have opened to the fear or the emotion, the lower frequency that is disturbing you in some way, find where it is coming from. For example, your fear of the tragedy that has happened in Japan. For many of you, this is emanating our of your desire to protect and preserve life, that you value life. You value life for yourself and for others. So there is fear about the loss of life. There is also fear about the diminution, lowering your level of life through injury or through harm such as nuclear fallout. All of these are coming out of your love of life and the fullness of life, wanting life to be preserved, wanting life to be full of vital wellness. That is the beautiful quality that is at the base of your fear.

Once you open to the fear, if you take it to its source, the beautiful quality that it's emanating out of, then you can reconnect with that within yourself, that wonderful divine quality as it lives in you. For truly, life lives in you. Wellness lives in you. The preservation, the ongoingness of life, those qualities are part of who you are. And not just you. They are part of the divine. That is the nature of the divine. The divine is the ultimate aliveness. The divine is the ultimate preserver, sustainer. The divine is the ultimate well-being. In your connection to the divine, you reconnect with those beautiful qualities, that source.

That is what you are really longing for, that reconnection to God, that reconnection to the divine. Let that happen for you, and your frequency is raised into those higher frequencies of light. That is the pathway.

More and more, as you become more and more founded in the fourth dimension, in the higher frequencies, you will more and more resonate naturally with those God-qualities. That will become more and more your home, your domain. You won't fall out of it. You won't be shaken out of it, like a wind that shakes the leaves off of a tree, by the events of life. You will not be separate from those events. You will experience those events. You will be touched by those events. You will have compassion, you will have love arise. But it will not shake you out of your light. You will stay more founded. Eventually, over time, that will become more and more your true state, staying in that.

So these are the tools that can help you. If you find yourself in a lower place, open to it, embrace it, go to its source, the beautiful divine source that it is emanating out of. Reconnect with God through that, and that will very directly take you into the higher frequencies that are connected with those God-qualities. I offer you this and urge all of you to try this out, to practice it, to make use of it. This is one of the things that will be of great, great benefit to you in going through the ascension process. For truly, while all of you are moving into the fifth dimension, it requires your readiness, it requires your being ripe in a certain way to make that shift. And there are skills involved, there are practices that change you, that make this change happen, that stabilize you at these higher frequencies. The more you do this, the more easefully it will happen, the more quickly it will happen, the more directly it will happen, and the more you will be of support to others as they, as well, go through their ascension process.

This is a most wonderful time, a most extraordinary time. And it is a time of great choice. You all have choice. You can choose for this to be a time of immense growth, a beautiful time of bringing in more light than you have been able to in the past, perhaps more than you've even envisioned or imagined or known possible, and to do it with many, many others who are doing this at the same time. It is a tremendous blessing. And it requires your choice. You all have choice. Many people are making many choices. This is a time of individual empowerment, and your choice is more important than ever. So use this time. It is a wonderful, blessed time. You are here because you are making this choice.

You are listening to me right now because you are making this choice. And I thank you for that. I am so grateful to all who make this choice, to you and to everyone who does. Every person who chooses the light, brightens that light, strengthens it for all. It is a wonderful process of immense proportions of bringing in light, through that light opening to love, and the transformation of your world through that light and that love. Thank you all for all that you do and all that you continue to do to make this grand transformation possible.

And I Am Mary Magdalene.

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