Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: May 8-15, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: May 8-15, 2011
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

Your beautiful Lights shine ever brighter upon your Planet. Many of you feel weary and need to do much resting and this is highly recommended as you encounter this situation. We would also like for you to know that your extreme weariness might also mean that you are journeying to multi-dimensional realms for meetings and consultations as your physical body is resting. This is an exciting time and many consultations are taking place to ensure that all is well and continues to be so.

You are each learning to live from the heart and this has required the opening of your heart chakra in a way that leaves you feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. Many of you do not realize this and so there is a feeling of tension that you feel as you go about your day. This feeling comes from no longer having your protective shield around your heart space and also will explain the increased emotional reactions to observations of life that move you to tears. This means that your feelings of empathy are now expanding to include all aspects of life, even those that you shielded yourselves from before.

As your empathy towards all of life expands, greater feelings of compassion, mercy and forgiveness begin to be felt and it becomes second nature to share these with others around you. The Cosmic energies of Love continue to increase in intensity, and creating and expanding your Pillar of Light each day will be of great help, just set the intention and request that your Pillar or Tube of Light now expands to a 12 foot diameter as you go about your daily activities. You have been increasing your energy fields considerably during the last year and this is now possible.

The areas of your solar plexus are being cleansed and adjusted so there can be feelings of anxiety, tension and uncomfortableness during this process. As before, the process of cleansing and purifying continues to greater and greater depths within your physical bodies. Your cells are being cleansed, renewed and bathed with Light and your bodies are becoming luminous. When you perceive yourselves in the darkness, you know that you are Light. Many things are changing slowly, others are transformed quickly. This all depends on each person's path and the work that was previously done to begin this process, so there are no set rules of how this might look. It is a different experience for each of you individually but some occurrences are more universal in their impact.

Continue your steadfast devotion to your chosen roles and know that we are ever with you, more so than ever before. We communicate with you on a regular basis and this is becoming much easier than before, as each of you begin to recognize our Presence when we come to you. Continue to gather together for worldwide meditations to add your Light and your energies of Love to all upon the Planet and to the Earth and all her kingdoms. As you know, it is much needed now.

Until next week...

I Am Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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